Monday, January 18, 2010

Progress Update

What up, peeps? Here we are half-way through January, and there's not a helluva lot to report.

Employment - I burned through my initial award of unemployment insurance, and the State of California was kind enough to process another 3 months of unemployment insurance. I guess I can hold things at bay for a bit longer. I am still applying to jobs across the country (latest ones include: Ventura, LA, DC, Boston, Salt Lake City), but not having much luck. I did get a random email from someone who said she stumbled across The Randomness while Googling her real estate agent, read my last post where I talked about getting into computer/tech work, and told me about an entry-level opening at her company. So hopefully later this week she'll get me in touch with her manager and we can see what's up with that.

Poker - Honestly, I haven't really taken the time to play. DAPGF started a new quarter of teaching, and her school is doing this new hybrid online/in-class learning format. There's a whole lot of online work (discussion boards, online testing, etc.), and she has enlisted my help in figuring out a bunch of it. As such, a good chunk of my time has gone to helping get those things set up. But I do plan to hit the felt occasionally, as the B/R permits. And as always, the high- and low-lights will duly be reported.

Weight loss - My goal was 2 pounds per week. I haven't quite kept up with that, but over the past 2 weeks I was down 2 pounds. The weird thing is I made it to the gym the entire first week of the year, and I gained a pound. Because of DAPGF's school stuff and having to take the dog to a couple of morning vet visits, I didn't make it to the gym at all the 2nd week of the year and lost that one pound plus nearly 2 more. Don't ask me why, I don't know. So I'm trying (made it to the gym this morning), and we'll see what happens. On that note...

Music - The last 5 songs that shuffled up at the gym:

Atreyu - Blow
Pantera - Mouth For War
Authority Zero - Mexican Radio
Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning
Babylon A.D. - Hammer Swings Down

And on a final note, I have no idea just what in the hell happened to my Chargers yesterday. They just seemed lifeless, and Nate Kaeding was anything but automatic on fieldgoals. Sigh. Seeing how past seasons and players have gone, LT will probably get released by the Bolts and picked up by New England (see Junior Seau, Wes Welker, and Rodney Harrison). It's a shame, because this was probably his best shot at a Super Bowl ring with the Bolts. So let's see. Obviously I cannot root for the Jets. I despise all things Manning (click here for why). I've never been a fan of the Vikings, and despite the fact that he can obviously still play, Favre hasn't handled the whole "will I retire, will I sign with someone" drama in the best fashion. Which leaves me with N'awlins. I loved me some Drew Brees when he was in San Diego, when Rivers was drafted, and I was disappointed that they had to let him go. Granted, Rivers has worked out fairly well, but I do like Brees. So I guess I'm rooting for the Saints to go all the way! Go Saints!!

See ya out there!

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