Sunday, March 08, 2009

I was ahead when the money got in...

Yeah, you know you're running crappy when that's the best thing you can say. First 2 SNGs were blanks. I was generally playing ok, but I did make a couple of bad decisions and so it goes. So I jump into a final 6.50 27 player SNG on Tilt. I'm generally running good, top 7 or so for nearly the entire tournament. We get down to the bubble, and I've got about 8BB in 4th, with the top 5 paying. I get dealt K2off in the BB. Naturally, that's a hand I would never consider playing in these circumstances, but 2 other limpers allow me to check my option. Flop comes down K25 with 2 spades (I have none). I want to try and take it down now, so I bet the pot, figuring that nobody else would come along. Unfortunately, UTG does come along. The turn is an ace, so I shove, hoping that anyone playing Ax didn't just hit two pair. UTG calls, and he flips over the Q9 of spades. Please no more spades, please no more spades, please no more spades. Aaaannnndd the river!
Yes! The ever popular river button! And the aptly named death card drops, and Hoff is once again a bubble boy. Back in February, I was running pretty good. Not so much now. Oh well. Das poker.

Last five songs at the gym this morning:

Godsmack - Releasing the Demons
Pantera - Walk
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnite
Death Angel - Seemingly Endless Time
Dokken - Tooth and Nail

See ya out there!