Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Epic Want (non-poker edition)

So, are you bored during the doldrums of winter? Snowed in? Have a spare $200k that you are afraid to put into a bank somewhere? Try this.

Props to Jalopnik for giving me a dose of happy during the lunch break. Cue music: Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Small Victories

Well, after several midrange losses (4th of 9, 6th of 18), I finally found some money. Simple $11+1 9 player, and I finished 2nd. I had a pretty good balance of tight and aggressive, and found that after 3 or 4 folds in a row, I could pop a preflop bluff raise and take it down. I got sucked out a couple of times, including this one during 4 handed play:

Dealt to iamhoff [Ad 6s]
iamhoff calls 600
HotPanda folds
westside115 folds
KYLE49ers checks
*** FLOP *** [Td 9d 2d]
KYLE49ers checks
iamhoff bets 600
KYLE49ers raises to 1,200
iamhoff calls 600
*** TURN *** [Td 9d 2d] [Qc]
KYLE49ers bets 1,895, and is all in
iamhoff calls 1,895
KYLE49ers shows [6h 3d]
iamhoff shows [Ad 6s]
*** RIVER *** [Td 9d 2d Qc] [3s]
KYLE49ers shows a pair of Threes
iamhoff shows Ace Queen high
KYLE49ers wins the pot (7,690) with a pair of Threes

Yes, I shouldn't have limped, but A6 is not bad 4 handed and I'd been active the prior 3 hands, which is why I was in first place. But it happens. I made up for it with this hand:

Dealt to iamhoff [Ac 2h]
HotPanda folds
westside115 folds
KYLE49ers raises to 2,000
iamhoff calls 1,125, and is all in
KYLE49ers shows [As 9s]
iamhoff shows [Ac 2h]
Uncalled bet of 475 returned to KYLE49ers
*** FLOP *** [Qd Ah 2c]
*** TURN *** [Qd Ah 2c] [2s]
*** RIVER *** [Qd Ah 2c 2s] [Ts]
KYLE49ers shows two pair, Aces and Twos
iamhoff shows a full house, Twos full of Aces
iamhoff wins the pot (3,050) with a full house, Twos full of Aces

The poker gods taketh, and then they giveth back (occasionally). And anytime they give back to my bankroll, it's a good day.

Last 5 songs at the gym:

Keep Away - Godsmack
Crashed - Daughtry
Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses (it's actually a pretty decent album, who knew)
Judas Kiss - Metallica (Death Magnetic is fucking awesome!)
The Pretender - Foo Fighters

See ya out there, peeps!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice to see some things never change...

Wassup! This past few months has been very frustrating and non-conducive to poker (among other things). Back in November, the best doggie anywhere (a sample of which can be found here), Ginger, lost her battle with cancer (I HATE that fucking disease!). She's now in doggie heaven chasing bunnehs and kittehs, but life at Casa de Hoff has been way depressing. So depressing that DAPGF couldn't wait until past the holidays and got us a Dobie puppeh in early December, just before I signed up for the PokerStars WBCOOP tournament. Unfortunately, the puppy was a little older and had some serious behavioral problems (mainly aggression, towards both dogs and people). So the weekend of the tournament, I had to drive DAPGF back to the breeder in Paso Robles to return the dog. So we are once again without doggie. We do get the pick of the breeder's next litter, which should be born in March, but it still requires waiting.

So now that things are somewhat stable for the time being, I'm trying to get back into the groove. My morning dog walk and dog feed time is officially allocated to going running in the morning. Officially. Unofficially, I've been fighting off a cold and have been spending most of my time touching the snooze button. Meh. Hopefully I can find the motivation and get back on a track of dropping some of the weight I've gained over the past year. (Check out the progress here). Also in the vein of New Years Resolutions, I'm trying to be more timely in managing my bills, and to not fuck around as much at work. And most importantly, PLAY MORE POKER AND POST MORE BLOGGING STUFF!!

So here we are posting, and I'll talk about 2009 and how poker is treating me thus far. The first SNG I played was a 27 player, $2.25 on Tilt. I freaking won it, doubling my bankroll right there. A few days later, I followed that up with a couple of $6.50s that went nowhere (10th/45, 46th/90, 6th/9). And then tonight I jumped into a $12 18 player SNG. I was playing solid, and I ran in 1st or 2nd most of the way through it. We get to 4 handed, and I'm comfortably in 2nd. Then 4th place busted out, which allowed 3rd place to jump past me to 2nd place. Then came the bad hand. I'm UTG and get KQs...a pretty solid hand 3 handed. So I pop a raise. Big Stack Bully was in the BB, and came over the top. I figured him for a bully move, so I called. Unfortunately when the cards flipped, he had AK, including the s00ted Ace to my KQ. End result, A on the flop and IGH in 3rd. Still, it was a decent cash. I decided to press my luck and try one more...a $12 9 player. I'm running pretty solid through this one also, and we get to the bubble. I'm in 3rd, in the BB, and I find AJs. Fold, fold, and big stack bully in the SB comes over the top, as he's done all night. So I figure I've got a better than decent chance, even if he's got a real hand...strong, s00ted ace, nut flush draw, broadway draw, royal draw, plus, BSB is probably full of crap. And...
Yep. Q5off. I'm feeling pretty damn good until the flop of 2Q5, and Hoff is teh bubble boy. Still, the bankroll is positive for 2009, so I'll hold on to that little bit of goodness. DAPGF is teaching 3 nights this quarter, so I'm actually going to have some opportunities to jump on the felt. Maybe I'll bump into some of you. See ya out there!