Monday, September 21, 2009

Actual Poker Content!

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Well peeps, wazzup? I am still toiling away in the land of the unemployed, and it does suck. If you hear anyone talking about how the recession is over and the economy is turning around, ask yourself why Congress is talking about extending unemployment benefits. Trust me, the job market (at least here in So Cal) really sucks sweaty goat balls. Or Waffles' balls. Either way, it's not good (no offense, Sir Waffles).

But enough of that, because I can make a living playing poker, dammit! I freaking won an SNG! Yeah, it was a lowly $2.25 27 player, but you gotta start somewhere. Besides, after the cold-decking I've been taking on the felt, any kind of boost to the B/R is a good thing. Basically, I played pretty solid ABC poker, with some bluffs where I wound up with some good reads on a weak table. Generally, I got good cards and managed to not donk off my consistently decent stack on the 8-2s. The hand that took us from 3 handed to heads up was particularly nice. 3 handed, AT s00ted is definitely playable, and the BB decided to shove for his remaining chips with KJoff...a not unreasonable play. Flop came down Q99 with two diamonds. I got a little worried when a K dropped on the turn, but the riverbrought a lovely 5 carat diamond, and we are now heads up. Of the 40,500 chips in play, I've got about 34,000 of them. I'm in the BB, and I look down and see rockets, for probably the 5th or 6th time of the tourney. I'm just praying for my opponent to decide to shove into me. And when he wakes up to a s00ted King, he does just that. As the flop comes down, I'm just hoping to avoid the frush.
As it turns out, I didn't need to worry much. I flopped a set and rivered a boat, taking down the tourney and adding some much needed moolah to the B/R. Small stakes I know, but again, you gotta start somewhere. See ya out there, peeps!


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