Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching up on things...

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A couple of weeks ago, me and a group of degenerates participated in the Beer Belly Olympics. As you might have surmised, beer was involved. Lots of beer. All different kinds of beer, from Coors Light and Corona to Blue Moon to Stone's Oaked Arrogant Bastard to my personal favorite, Blackened Voodoo Lager. But it wasn't just beer. We had Bombay. Crown. Goose. Patron. But the drinks weren't the events. Oh, they were events, but the competition events consisted of: basketball free throw contest where it was timed and you had to shag your own ball; bowling; golf; billiards; washers (a demented sort of ring toss thing); horseshoes; darts; and a finale of a massive Hold 'Em tournament. We rented a heavily fortified mountaintop compound in the mountains northeast of San Diego, and lived it up large. I was last place in basketball (hadn't shot hoops in probably 20 years), 2nd to last in horseshoes, 3rd from last in golf, midpack in darts, billiards, and washers, 2nd place in bowling, and I freaking won the poker tourney! And our heavily fortified compound was only locatable by GPS navigation, straight up the mountains. It had a pool table, bbq, 3 or 4 balconies, 2 horseshoe pits, a baby grand piano, and a 60 inch plasma with Dish Network. It. Was. Awesome. We are definitely going to make this a regular event.

And after quite a hiatus, I jumped back into a couple of SNGs on Tilt tonight...specifically a $6.5o 18 player and an $8.70 18 player peep sex token SNG. I was running solidly 3-6 in both SNGs for most of the night. In one, I decided to follow the lemurs and complete my SB 96off. Who doesn't love floppin' da nuts?On another one I decided to slowplay my AQ in the BB, and just checked my option. I think it worked out, don't you? Ahh, but where would I be without a wicked suckout? We're on the bubble for the token SNG, and I'm in 3rd or 4th place. I get dealt spade Big Slick, and UTG I pop a 4x raise. The button decides to call. Flop comes down K-high with 2 spades. I bet the pot, and the butthole shoves. having TPTK and the nut flush draw, I feel confident and call all-in. I actually laughed out loud when I saw his Q9s, thinking I had his punk ass dominated. Except for one circumstance.In addition to the spade draw that he had, he also had floped a gutshot straight draw, which filled on the turn. I screamed at the computer for a spade or a queen, but no such luck. But I was still in the other SNG. After running 3 handed for quite some time, I got dealt ATs UTG (and button), and led out 5x, which was about half my stack. BSB in the BB shoved on me, putting me all in. He flips over AJoff, which made me think that I had a slim chance. Unfortunately, we each flopped our kicker, and I went out in 3rd. Still, I was up $7 or so for the evening, so I'll take it.

Last 5 songs at the gym:

Poison - Valley of Lost Souls
Chevelle - I Get It
Ratt - Nobody Rides for Free
Nickelback - Animals
Foo Fighters - The Pretender

See ya out there!


Smithee said...

Okay, I don't understand a word of the poker stuff, but congrats just the same. And that mountaintop compund sounds amazing. Glad you guys had fun.

Smithee said...

Duh. Compound, not compund, whatever the hell that is. Some English teacher I am.