Thursday, February 19, 2009

Success is where you find it...

Played in a 90 on FT tonight, and it was one of those nights where it seemed like everything was working. 59off in the BB. 5 limp and I check. Flop comes down 595, and I double through the lemur who limped with cowboys. I call a raise with snowmen on the button, and the flop comes down all rags. EP raiser checks, and I bet. He calls. Turn is another brick, check, bet, call. River brings an 8, check, bet, raise, reraise, shove, I call, and double up through another lemur playing rockets. It was that kind of night, until the final table, where JJ was not OK. I'm in first place, and get JJ in MP. It folds to me, so I open for a 4x raise and get one caller. Flop comes down T-high, and the caller, who was one of the shorter stacks, shoved. Having a pair of overs, I called, figuring this guy for either AK or TPTK. I figured if he had QQ - AA, he would've reraised me PF, so I figured he was just making a move. Oops. He had a set of tens, and doubled through me. I fought my way back into first, and then third place doubled through 2nd place, to be way ahead of me. So we get down to five handed, and blinds are at 1500-3000. UTG, who is in first opens for 12000, and I wake up to JJ in the SB. I call, and see a flop of AJx, with two spades. I lead out with a pot bet, not wanting to make it easy for someone to chase the frush. UTG reraises and I shove. He calls, and flips over the spade Big Slick, for TPTK and 4 to the nut frush. The turn is a brick, but the river brings him his flushie, and IGH in 5th, with a $70 payout on a $12 buy-in. I was hoping for more, but positive money is positive money.

Last five songs heard at the gym tonight:

Pantera - Mouth for War
Joe Satriani - Summer Song
Cinderella - Somebody Save Me
Queensryche - Breaking the Silence
Quiet Riot - Slick Black Cadillac

What can I say? Hair metal is an awesome soundtrack for picking up heavy shit and putting it back down. See ya out there, peeps!

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River Driver said...

I know I'm not a cool poker person, because I have NO idea what you just said. But the songs are awesome...