Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you ever have one of those nights...

I'd already played in two 18 player SNGs on Tilt, and done crappy in both. Combination of not getting good cards, getting good cards and crappy flops, and overplaying both situations. But while I was in the 18 players, the 90 player that I first signed up for finally kick started. And it was great. I got cards. I flopped sets, turned flushes, rivered boats, it was going great. Right before the break, I was sitting at 4 of 47 remaining, and blinds were somewhere around 500/1000. 1st place had somewhere around T27000, and I had around T19000. I was UTG and got dealt a couple of rags. I folded, and the whole table folded. As soon as the chips were swept to the BB, I got moved and literally dropped into the break with 4 min remaining. OK, I kinda got screwed out of a minute of the break, but not a major deal. But when we started up, the wheels fell off. The antes kicked in, and I went pretty card dead. T6off. Snowman Taterlegs. 25off. At one point I found T9off and followed 2 limpers, only to have BB pop a 3x raise. I was bleeding chips like a hemophiliac. A couple of times I woke up to real hands that actually held up. Once, I got AJd, flopped TPTK, and wound up doubling up when I rivered the flush. Very next hand, I got QQ on the button, raised it up 4x, and got one caller. Ace on the flop, and he shoves. 2 hands later, my AToff flops TPTK that I'm betting hard, until the J falls on the river. I bet out, and sure enough the lemur who'd been feeding the chip stack with nothing more than 2 overs (he was nice enough to show his KJoff, the jackoff) gets paid off on the river. Finally, we're down to 11 left, the top 9 pay, I've barely got 2 BB, and I wake up to s00ted Big Slick. Big Stack Bully in the SB calls with his K6 off, flops trips, and IGH steaming and out of the money. Das poker.

Last five songs to shuffle up in Media Player:

Slayer - War Ensemble
Erykah Badu - Sometimes
Fighting Gravity - Land of Ska
Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66 - Mas Que Nada
The Blues Brothers - Gimme Some Lovin'

See ya out there.

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