Friday, May 23, 2008

Stuff and more stuff

The windows in my office in Santa Ana face out to an intersection on a fairly major street. Accidents and near misses are common, and somewhat entertaining. But as I was preparing to leave today, I got quite a show. I'm logging some work into the computer, with my back to the window, when I hear the "chirp" siren that a cop will use when he's pulling someone over. I looked out the window and directly in front of me, maybe 10 feet away, a Santa Ana police officer is getting out of his cruiser with his hand near his weapon. As he walks to the driver's door of the ratty, mid-90s Honda Civic he pulled over, his partner is hanging back behind the Civic and another cruiser came tearing up. As the other officers pull up, all of a sudden the first cop takes two steps back and pulls his gun. His partner comes around to the passenger side with his gun drawn. The other two draw their weapons and the first cop pulls the driver out. A gun falls out of his lap onto the street. The passenger is pulled out the passenger side, dropped on his face on the sidewalk, and cuffed. Then another cop car comes tearing up and blocks the street at the intersection. Once both of the guys in the Civic are cuffed, the cops start going thru the interior of the Civic. I left at that point, but I guess it's just another typical day in Santa Ana.

DAPGF went out with some friends tonight, so Hoff figured he'd try his luck at the digital tables. And in case anybody was wondering, the river button is alive and well on Full Tilt. I was playing in a 180 SNG on Full Tilt. I checked my ATs in the BB, with 5 limpers. Flop came down 7s Ks Ah, giving me the nut flush draw, along with TPDK. I thought about leading out, but I figured I'd check my Decent Kicker and see what happened on the turn. Js. Boooooom!! Featherplucking nut frush! I check my monster, and villain leads out with a pot bet. MP reraises all in, for about half of my stack. I smooth called, and villain (who had me covered by 200 chips) shoved over top of me. Again, I called with my monster. MP flipped over A9c, giving him a pair of aces. Villain turned over a K7o, for a limped 2 pair. Not good enough for da nut frush...until the river. 7. Reverse boom, and IGH.

While playing the 180, I was also playing a $3.30 knockout 90 player. We made it to the break, and I was sitting in about 14th out of 37 left. Third hand back, and I get dealt cowboys in the cutoff. Big Stack Bully in EP min-raises, and I reraise him another 5x. He calls. Flop is A 4 5 rainbow. I'm trying to think what he may have here, given his initial min-raise and smooth call of my reraise. Because of his BSB nature, I discounted aces, and figured he would've played Ax or 4s or 5s more aggressively preflop. So I put him on junk. He checked, I bet out the pot, he came over the top and I called all-in. I flip over my cowboys and he turns over 67o. OK. He's got an OESD. Please no 3 or 8. Please no 3 or 8. Turn is actually a K, strengthening my hand. Doubling up thru the BSB would be sweet, and push me into probably the top 5 in the tourney. And the river brings the.................8, completing asshat's str8 and sending me to the fridge for another Blackened Voodoo Lager. River bombed twice in separate tournaments inside of 10 minutes. Meh.

At the gym tonight, last 5 songs to hit the shuffle:

Innerpartysystem - New Transmission
Testament - Electric Crown
Suicidal Tendencies - You Can't Bring Me Down
Atreyu - Blow
Authority Zero - Mexican Radio

On the train, the last 5 songs to hit the shuffle:

The Aquabats - Super Rad
Hed Kandi - Feeling the Night
The Refreshments - Banditos
Bob Mould - Hanging Tree
Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues

Enjoy the extended weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Poker and Non-Poker...that oughta cover it!

So. This work schedule and reduced access to gmail and blogger is a major impediment to keeping up with the brogging. Still, I am trying. So here's a recap for the past week-ish.

Yesterday was actually the 2nd Mother's Day since my mom passed away. Still difficult. But, to celebrate Mother's Day, I took DAPGF (my baby doggy mama) out to the champagne brunch at The Prado at Balboa Park. Phenomenal spread, phenomenal weather, and I needed a phenomenal nap afterwards! Many of my favorite restaurants here in San Diego are Cohn restaurants, and they really seem to have the formula down.

Semi-related topic to my mother; as my parents neared retirement and such, they expected that it would be difficult to continue to live in expensive So Cal. They'd talked about selling the house and moving someplace else (4 seasons climate, mountains, etc.), that would be affordable enough to allow them to enjoy retirement. Since my mom passed away, dad stepped up those thoughts. He's been downsizing all of the crap that has accumulated not only over 40 years of married life in general (my parents' 40th anniversary would've been just over 2 months after my mom passed away), but 25 of those years in the same town, and 19 of those years in the same house. It's good that he's been working on that, because he got a decent offer on the house. He made a reasonable counter-offer, and I expect that this week the house will go into escrow. It's going to be weird. I lived in that house during my senior year in high school, college summers, and spent the majority of weekends in that house after getting jobs that were unfortunately NOT in San Diego. Most of the major holidays have been spent in that house, with my parents (natch) and my little sister. It's going to be difficult on my dad in some ways, but hopefully it will help him to heal and move on after my mom's passing. I'm trying to convince him to find a townhome that a) has enough room for him to watch the doggie when DAPGF and I go out of town, and b) is on a golf course so that he can get resident-tee times at some of the Rancho Bernardo golf courses for me and some of my friends (not that I'm being selfish or anything). It should be interesting.

Friday was one of the fuglier commute days for me. It was a day on the train, but oh what fucked up complications. My train pulled into the Irvine Metrolink station at 9 a.m., and stopped. After a half hour or so, they told us that a construction crew had ruptured a natural gas line adjacent to the tracks between Irvine and Tustin, and nothing was moving north of Irvine. Estimated time to open things up was noon-ish. So we got lucky and convinced an empty OCTA bus to take us to Santa Ana, where some people could catch additional northbound transit and I could simply get a cab to the office. So I got in and did some work. At the end of the day, I called both Amtrak and Metrolink to check track status, and Metrolink (which owns the tracks) said that the tracks were still closed, but that they would run buses from Tustin (where southbound traffic stopped) down to Oceanside (last Metrolink stop in San Diego county). So I walked back to the train station. Caught a ride to Tustin, and got on a bus. Unfortunately the bus only went to Irvine, but they said that we could catch Metrolink charter buses down to Oceanside. So we waited in Irvine. And waited. And waited. Side note, the train and crew I came up on in the morning was still there! Then they announced that a Metrolink train was coming in and would take us to Oceanside. So we climbed the 3 flights of stairs to the bridge to the far tracks. And waited. And waited. And the train finally came in, but wouldn't let anybody board because the crew had no idea what they were supposed to do. Finally, they opened the doors and let us board, telling us that they'd take us to Oceanside. Now mind you, my car was in Solana Beach, 20 miles south of Oceanside, but that's not a critical issue at this point. So we wait for the crew to fire it up and get moving. And they come on the PA and announce that they made a mistake, and that they were only going as far as San Juan Capistrano, and that people going to Oceanside and San Diego should go back over the bridge and wait for charter buses that would take us down there. So we exit the train, climb back over, and wait. And wait. And then they announce that an Amtrak train is coming up from Oceanside to take us south, and that we need to cross over to the far tracks again. So we go back over. And wait. And wait. Finally the Amtrak comes in, but because it's not going any farther north, we have to wait for everybody to get off the train. Then we have to wait for them to clean the train, and more importantly, RESTOCK THE LIQUOR ON THE CAFE CAR!!! Then we finally board and start rolling south. A buddy of mine who was supposed to ride a later train and was still in his office in Irvine texted me wanting to know what the situation was. I told him and he decided to look up the Coaster schedule in Oceanside for me. At that point, I was kind of screwed. We didn't get into Oceanside in time to catch the 6:30 train (not even close), and the next one south was scheduled for 9:30. Fortunately, this very nice girl I'd been chatting with (thanks Courtney!!) had her car in Oceanside, and offered to take me down to Solana Beach. Whew! I finally get to the car, drive home, and get in at 8 p.m. I should've been home by 4:30! Fortunately, DAPGF was out with friends (pre-planned event), so I didn't have to worry about her waiting on me.

So with DAPGF out, I was hoping to play in Kat's donkament, but that plan was obviously out the window. So I started jumping into SNGs, wanting to get as much pokerage in as possible before DAPGF came home. 2 18 player SNGs produced nothing better than a 7th place finish, but then I jumped into a 4 player HU PLO/8 shootout. That was the first 4 player shootout I ever played in, and I'd hoped that with the format it would go fairly quickly. My table did...4th hand I flopped quads, and my opponent hit a boat. Naturally we both shove and I won. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. I put a load of laundry in. I emptied the dishwasher. I didn't want to start another game, because I figured DAPGF would be home soon. I was right. So we bullshitted for a while, watched some stuff off of the DVR, and then all of a sudden the laptop beeped and my match restarted...almost 45 minutes after I won my table! 20 hands and this happens:

Royal Flush, baby! That crippled my opponent and enabled me to finish him off a few hands later. So a decent end to the evening. I would've included some hand histories, but I was playing on my laptop, and the settings on the thumb drive client weren't set to save hand histories. Meh.

My digital cable system (Time Warner) includes the Music Choice digital music channels. While waiting for DAPGF to come home, I was listening to the Arena Rock channel. The last 5 songs before she came home were:

Queensryche - Eyes of a Stranger
Kiss - I Love It Loud
Night Ranger - (You Can Still) Rock in America
Britney Fox - Girl School
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer

Car of the Week

This is a really cool car that I've seen occasionally near the UCSD campus. It is officially known as a Volkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia. It was a limited production model, made between 1961 and 1969, with a total of 45,000 approximately produced world wide. Not sure how many made it into the United States, but here's one of them, and it actually appears to be in decent shape. Any VW lovers out there that have additional details on it, feel free to share.

So our official COTW is the Volkswagen Type 34 Karmann Ghia. Have a great freaking week!