Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maybe it's the heat or...

Kinda weird today. Jumped into a $6.50 18 player SNG. Actually had a decent amount of premium and not quite premium but still playable hands, including AK 4 times, AA 3 times, QQ 2 times, KQs couple of times, AXs several times, snowmen, 99, etc. With the exception of AK once and AA twice, these hands did nothing for me. But I could check snowman tater legs from the BB and flop a set. If I limped my 26 s000ted with the lemurs, the flop hit me 345. Pocket ducks turned quads. Basically, the shitty hands kept me in the game, ultimately getting me heads up, only to have my A8h with 2 pair and a backdoor flush draw run into a set of 4s. IGH in 2nd. That was actually my best finish in a while, so I'll take it.

Took the doggie to the vet today. She had a tooth extracted and a growth on her eyelid removed. She's still a little drugged and groggy, but still thought she should go on one of her epic hour-long walks at 11 pm. Fortunately, I had the written orders from the vet. I read them to the dog, even put them in front of her face so she could read them, but she still wanted to walk. Ultimately, though, the bribery of treats was enough to get her home. Too bad because a) I like the long walks in the late evening...I can just gel and collect my thoughts (well, thought), b) I get some good exercise, and c) it's finally below 70 degrees!

It's early in the season, but hot weather usually brings out the brush fires here in So Cal, and today was no exception. Fortunately there wasn't a whole slew of them to contend with, but there was a decent-sized one northeast of Los Angeles, in the Sierra Madre Foothills. There is a fire station near my office, and as I went rolling by this morning, they had a few CDF (California Dept. of Forestry) fire rigs and support trucks staging outside, along with two of the coolest looking fire rigs I've ever seen. Those of you who know me know that I hold firefighters in the highest reverence, even pre-9/11 I always thought they were the coolest, baddest guys (and gals) out there. And with the two recent huge firestorms to hit San Diego, we tend to show much love and respect to all the departments and crews. Now, being a region that has what is referred to as an "Urban-Wildland Interface" (which in plain-speak means that portions of the city bump up against wilderness area), the San Diego fire department along with most of the other departments here in the region have heavy duty fire rigs designed to go off-road and fight brush fires. They tend to look like this:

These two rigs I saw simply put these rigs to shame. I was driving by and was unable to stop and get a proper picture, but they reminded me of an armored personnel carrier. The closest image I could find that remotely resembles the rigs I saw is this:

I spent over an hour combing the intertubes trying to find the rigs I had seen. This Oshkosh Airport Fire Rig comes the closest, but the ones I saw were even bigger and more badass than this one, painted red and white like the brush rig photo. Over the course of my time in working for several cities in Southern California, I've actually had the opportunity to drive a fire truck for a short distance, and even shoot the water cannon at an actual building that was on fire (it helps to be buddies with both the Chief and the Squad Captain). Coolest. Time. Evar. And as a firefighter fan and a car junkie, I have to say that those fire rigs I saw this morning were some of the coolest vehicles I've ever seen, and despite lacking a photo of the actual vehicle I'm referring to, I'm naming all fire trucks as the Cars of the Week. Godspeed guys, and come home safe.

Everyone else out there, be careful and stay classy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Teh Randomness of Crap

Well, this was not a good evening on the felt. DAPGF called me up at work today to tell me she's going out with friends tonight. Woo hoo! Hoff gets unexpected time on the poker machine! So I fire up a nice 18 player Tier 1 SNG. I go out in 14th. I fire up a 6.50 18 player SNG. I go out in 14th. I fire up a 2.25 18 player SNG. I go out in 12th. A typical hand would see me checking my J6off in the BB, and seeing a flop of A J 2 rainbow. I check, and someone min bets and I decide to call. Turn is a 6, giving me 2 pair. I lead out with a pot bet, and get called. River is another 2, only I don't realize that anybody who paired their ace just counterfeitted my 2 pair. So I bet, someone shoves, I call, and lose 2/3 of my stack. That was typical. But two hands that really present the flavor of the evening are these:

spgmolly19 posts the small blind of 40
iamhoff posts the big blind of 80
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Qs As]
LuckyLadyLuck folds
freddyboy88 raises to 280
hornet3a folds
spgmolly19 folds
iamhoff calls 200
*** FLOP *** [Qd Ac 8h]
iamhoff checks
freddyboy88 bets 560
iamhoff calls 310, and is all in
freddyboy88 shows [Ah Kc]
iamhoff shows [Qs As]
Uncalled bet of 250 returned to freddyboy88
*** TURN *** [Qd Ac 8h] [Jc]
*** RIVER *** [Qd Ac 8h Jc] [Kd]
freddyboy88 shows two pair, Aces and Kings
iamhoff shows two pair, Aces and Queens
freddyboy88 wins the pot (1,220) with two pair, Aces and Kings
iamhoff stands up

I was ahead when all the money went in, so what could I do? The other one was this:

34shortstack34 posts the small blind of 80
iamhoff posts the big blind of 100, and is all in
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Ks 6c]
cassaar folds
success11 folds
arvinjr folds
smendezr folds
shortyw4lgs folds
34shortstack34 calls 20
34shortstack34 shows [5d 4c]
iamhoff shows [Ks 6c]
*** FLOP *** [Ts 8h As]
*** TURN *** [Ts 8h As] [4s]
*** RIVER *** [Ts 8h As 4s] [Ad]
34shortstack34 shows two pair, Aces and Fours
iamhoff shows a pair of Aces
34shortstack34 wins the pot (200) with two pair, Aces and Fours
iamhoff stands up

I'd already been nuked a couple of hands prior, so I was all in on the BB. I figured a K6 would at least give me a chance to not be dominated. And when SB flipped over his 54, I figured I had a shot. Until the turn, and I get busted on a pair of 4s. That's how my night has gone.

Nothing special was said by the DJ, but I assume that they programmed this series of selections on purpose. What I'm calling the Sirius "Innuendo Mega-mix," heard last night while driving home from pet-sitting:

Whitesnake - Slide It In
W.A.S.P. - F**k Like a Beast
Kiss - Love Gun
Warrant - Cherry Pie
Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls

Last 5 songs to hit the shuffle at the gym tonight:

The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
Abandoned Pools - Mercy Kiss
Lost Prophets - The New Transmission
The Police - Synchronicity II

Car of The Week:

This week's Car of The Week was nominated because of a non-factory feature that was "installed" on the exterior of the car, no doubt by a very close friend. This car is a mid-70s Chevrolet Nova. A fine example of what is typically referred to as the "malaise" era of American cars. Back when the first oil crunch hit, combined with the first concerns about vehicle emissions, the 55 MPH speed limit, and newfound desires for crash protection, vehicles were downsized, fitted with huge chrome bumpers, and the mighty V8s of musclecars past were strangled by lower compression ratings and catalytic converters. Corvettes of that era were lucky to hit 160 hp. You can buy a Honda Civic right now that has almost 200 hp, and the top Corvette, the mighty ZR1 comes from the factory with 620 hp. But back then, things weren't good, and this car is a prime example. Old Novas from the late 60s could be had with factory big block V8s that put out simply absurd amounts of horsepower. And if that wasn't enough, special dealerships like Don Yenko (the rough equivalent of a local AMG setup) were selling modified cars fully capable of bypassing Ludicrous Speed and going Plaid. Anyway here's the car:

This fine vehicle was spotted recently at the Solana Beach train station, north of San Diego. On the surface, it looks like a typical redneck vehicle, with the Centerline rims, rally stripes and SS badges, hood pins, and a hole cut for the air cleaner to clear the inevitable Holley 4 bbl carburetor. But the reason it was nominated should be visible along the passenger door, rear quarter panel and rear quarter window.

That slight discoloration just ahead of the door handle is what caught my eye in the setting sunlight. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be barf! Probably beer-based...no doubt Bud or maybe Pabst Blue Ribbon. Either way, that sealed the deal, and the COTW was captured!

Have fun out there!