Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Randomness of Posting

Pretty damn random when posting happens, but those moments I actually have available to post are pretty random themselves. So without further adieu...


Fuck am I running cold. Not that I've had too many games over the past month, but I think I managed one win, in a damn HORSE sng on Tilt. The rest of my luck has been very consistent with past play. I go card zombie, where my cards look to be live preflop (s00ted Ax, KQs, AQ, snowmen, etc.), but go dead when I whiff the flop. And this is usually approaching the bubble, when the blinds are higher. So I've got s00ted A4 in LP. Blinds at 800/1600, and two limpers in front of me. I join the lemmings and limp, only to have the SB min-raise. With a pot like that, I've got crazy pot odds and pretty much have to call and see the flop. And when it misses my suit entirely and consists of K9T with 2 to a different flush, when someone bets I'm going to fold, and just bleed chips all over the screen. Here's another recent example of how my luck is going. This one caused me to bubble out of a 90 player SNG.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5770323198: $10 + $1 KO Sit & Go (43917593), Table 8 - 800/1600 Ante 200 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:47:46 ET - 2008/03/24
Seat 1: iamhoff (3,620)
Seat 4: iufan82559 (46,400)
Seat 5: T_227 (40,025)
Seat 6: MyEntourage (40,096)
Seat 7: PuukerWang (37,641)
iamhoff antes 200
iufan82559 antes 200
T_227 antes 200
MyEntourage antes 200
PuukerWang antes 200
PuukerWang posts the small blind of 800
iamhoff posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Ah 5h]
iamhoff: vn
iufan82559 folds
T_227 folds
MyEntourage folds
PuukerWang raises to 3,200
iamhoff raises to 3,420, and is all in
PuukerWang calls 220
iamhoff shows [Ah 5h]
PuukerWang shows [6s 3s]
*** FLOP *** [5d 8d 4d]
*** TURN *** [5d 8d 4d] [6d]
*** RIVER *** [5d 8d 4d 6d] [Jh]
iamhoff shows a pair of Fives
PuukerWang shows a pair of Sixes
PuukerWang wins the pot (7,840) with a pair of Sixes

Given that it was the bubble, if FuukerWang's raise had dropped before I put chips in, I likely would've just folded, but given that I'd just put half my stack into the BB, I kind of felt committed and figured my s00ted ace had as good a shot as any. As it happens, I was a 61-38 favorite when the money went in. Postflop, having paired my 5 but putting a str8 draw for fucknuts on the board, I was down to a 56-39 favorite. The turn screwed me, but gave me a shot at tying for either a flush or a str8, but no such luck. That's just how I've been running lately. A big fat pile of meh.

Last five songs to come up on the shuffle at the gym this morning:

Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
Atreyu - Blow
Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning
Metallica - Ain't My Bitch
Testament - Electric Crown

Car of the Week

This car was spotted parked on the street in front of an El Torito restaurant near UC San Diego here in La Jolla. Traffic was kind of crappy when I noticed this absurdly amusing ride, so I quickly shoved the cell phone out the sunroof and hoped that I got at least one remotely decent pic of our subject. This particular whip harkens back to my inaugural COTW post, where I noted the usual types of skyjacked vehicles and the absurdity of shoving Dub6s and bigger under front wheel drive unibody sedans. Sadly I'm seeing more and more of them, including this one:

This is a circa 1990 Buick LeSabre that is reaching for the sky. In addition to the ginormous rims, this fine example also has that latest and greatest automotive accessory, the 2008 equivalent to fake cell phone antennas and gold emblem kits back in the 90s: the fake fender vents on the front fenders. These have gotten so bad that even the manufacturers are adding them to vehicles that would have no conceivable need for fender vents, such as the 2008 Ford Focus:

And yes, the Focus vents are simply glued on plasti-chrome bits that fit into a groove molded into the fenders. To our COTWs credit, Buick has a history of including fender vents (portholes or venti-ports in Buick-speak) on their cars, but they didn't really start making a comeback until sometime around 2002, and then only on the Park Avenue. BMW brought them out on the M3 in 2003 or so, and Land Rover (owned at the time by BMW coincidentally) put vertical vents on the then new Range Rover. But to see them on a Focus is bad. To go to the effort to install vents on a car that never had them is worse. But to go to your neighborhood auto accessories store and buy non-functional vents that simply stick on the fenders of your ride tops it all. I'm seeing vents like on our COTW showing up on Dodge Rams, older Mitsu Eclipses, and even an early 90s Toyota Supra turbo. But added to an early 90s American family sedan sitting on Dub6s, just brings an amused smile to my face. So we honor this fine example of GM's former marketplace domination, pimped to the heavens. Too bad it's missing the Landau roof.

Last five songs to come up in the library shuffle while working on this post:

Aquabats - The Cat With Two Heads
Pantera - Mouth For War
Kansas - Play The Game Tonight
Kiss - Rise To It
Prince - Housequake

Back to the grind. See ya out there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hilarious non poker content

Ever been caught in a lie? Ever caught someone in a lie? A member at the Maryland Street Scene forum, Fresh C280 decided that he'd show off a pic of his Mercedes CLS 55, a $90k car. Now, Fresh is apparently 19, and lives in Owings Mills, MD. I know nothing about OM, but several other forum members state that it's nothing special. Everyone, though, questions the kid's story, including the assertion that his pic was taken in New York (as in this week), even though the garage door is open and the weather is obviously nice. It gets even better when the guy who actually owns the Benz (and lives in Miami) gets into the thread and even posts live pics from his garage. It is some of the funniest shit I've read since the Brandi 2+2 threads. Check it out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Still Here, Dammit

For just about the past month, work has been kicking the ever living crap out of me. Working on the train, working on the weekend, working late at night, etc. In fact, until last night, I had managed to log (I think) a total of 3 SNGs in the past month, 1 of which landed me a bubble-boy finish and the other two were pathetically early departures (7th out of 9 and 31st out of 45). I did play last night, but my results were a giant bucket of fail. When I have a chance to put together a real post, I'll include some donkariffic hand histories, some minor musical observations, and some long overdue Car of the Week samples (man, downtown Santa Ana is a goldmine for "interesting" automobiles). In any respect, I'm still here, just trying to find a way to get some time in on the felt. See ya out there. And I'll leave you with this, and yes it really is fur glued onto the car.