Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Actual Poker Content! Plus Bonus Non Poker Content!

Why I live in San Diego: Saturday morning, approximately 10 a.m. I'm in the Pacific Ocean near Blacks Beach, waiting for the next wave. I duck under a wave, surface, and as I'm clearing water off my face I hear the unmistakable wail of a high performance car engine. I glance at the Coast Highway bridge that heads southbound from Del Mar up to Torrey Pines Golf Course. Traveling across the bridge is a procession of three Lamborghinis (looked like Gallardos), two Ferraris (a 360 Modena and an F430), an Aston Martin (probably a DB9), and an older Lotus Esprit. Absolutely beautiful, and they all obliged for the people on the beach by revving the engines so that we could hear the wailing. Total car porn, and I was lucky I was in chest-deep water, so as to hide the monster woodie I was now sporting.

Played a 9 player SNG on FT tonight. Had one sequence of hands that was absolutely sick. The first hand was this:
Pretty standard fare. All-in preflop, QQ vs TT. The only really unusual thing here is that my bitches held up. Who knew? That's one I knocked out.

The second hand was kind of funn-ay. After the last hand, I was the big stack. So when it folded around to me in the cutoff, I look down and find AT s000ted. So I pop a 4x raise. The BB shoved on me. I figured him for a tilt-steal, after watching me take out a player just the hand before, plus a call only cost me another 1000 out of my 5k stack. So I called and groaned when BB flipped over rockets. "C'mon, let's see some diamonds!" And here's how the flop looked:
Sick! Flopping the nuts and just knowing how my table mates must be both hating me and fearing me. A second player knocked out by yours truly.

The third hand was even crazier. A leak in my game is I sometimes loosen up too much when I get a big stack, and play hands I really have no business playing. So I look down and find K5 s000ted. Before the deal I thought about just mucking whatever cards I got, because I figured after those last two hands people would either fold to me or come at me with guns blazing. But UTG and UTG+1 both limped, so I felt completely compelled to join the lemurs and limp. The button decides to make Baby Jebus cry and min-raises. There was no SB because I knocked him out, but all limpers called. The flop came down 3 6 5. I figure there's no way it hit anybody, and it checks around to me. I fire out a 3/4 pot-sized raise with my 2nd pair 2nd kicker. Button raises me 3x my bet. Something about it smells like unpaired paint, so I reraise to put him all in. He calls and here's what happened:
I was right! And my simple pair of 5s would've held up, but the dealer saw fit to make sure I was covered by giving me 2 pair. And the third player is gone.

Sadly, though, I didn't win. HU with the lead, I ran KJ into KQ, and then AQ into AK. End result, second place. Some cash is better than nothing, I suppose.

Last 5 songs heard at the gym on the mp3 player:

Babylon A.D. - Hammer Swings Down
Scorpions - Big City Nights (off of World Wide Live, of course)
High Voltage - AC/DC
High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night) - Def Leppard
Blackened - Metallica

Have I mentioned how much I love my gym? Who doesn't love a gym that is the closest "big" gym to a college campus. Oddly enough, not many college dudes come by, some, but not many. The co-eds on the other hand, sweet jumping Jesus they are freaking hot! Crazy stuff.

DAPGF is teaching, dog is sleeping, You Can't Stop Rock and Roll by Twisted Sister just finished and Eat the Rich by Krokus just shuffled on, and I've got a Captain & Coke sitting on the desk. Life ain't too bad, right now. Guess I'll test my luck and find a SNG to jump into. Good luck out there, peeps!

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