Sunday, July 06, 2008

Assorted Stuff

Well, the new gig at work is keeping me teh busy. No more cushy train ride for it's a 130 mile round trip drive in the gas pig Jeep! Boooo! No train service near the new client, so Hoff is SOL. I've spent the past week and nearly the entire weekend looking at older Accords, Camrys, Eclipses, Preludes, Integras, etc., hoping to find a not too expensive beater that will get me 25-30 mpg that I can drive the wheels off of. So far, no such luck. I know the cars I'm looking at are old and high mileage, but I've owned old and high mileage before...doesn't anybody know how to take care of their cars these days? This week will be more looking, and hopefully purchasing. The Jeep's fuel economy is bad enough, but this is absolutely going to destroy the mileage cap of my lease if I don't do something. Sigh. Anybody out there own a nice 5 speed mid-90s Honda Accord they want to part with? Shoot me an email at iamhoff at the gmail dot commie.

Poker. Due to the aforementioned automotive issues and job issues, it's been a while since I jumped onto the tables. So with DAPGF out with friends tonight and with it too late to call people about their crappy cars on Craigslist and Auto Trader, I decided to jump into some micro-limit ring on FT. Just a little .05/.10 to scratch the itch. I do a min buy-in of $4, and sit down at UTG+1. I thought about waiting until I hit the BB, but I wanted to play, so I posted my BB. And the first hand goes like this:

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [9d 7h]
dredayp5 raises to $0.20
iamhoff calls $0.10
georgiarealtor folds
poeticinterlude folds
MagBoy TNT calls $0.20
chadd17 folds
mpingel1981 folds
conanav calls $0.10
*** FLOP *** [7s 9c Qd]
conanav checks
dredayp5 bets $0.85
iamhoff raises to $3.10
MagBoy TNT calls $1.90, and is all in
conanav folds
dredayp5 raises to $14.65, and is all in
iamhoff calls $0.70, and is all in
dredayp5 shows [Jh Js]
iamhoff shows [9d 7h]
MagBoy TNT shows [Jd Qs]
Uncalled bet of $10.85 returned to dredayp5
*** TURN *** [7s 9c Qd] [4h]
*** RIVER *** [7s 9c Qd 4h] [Kc]
dredayp5 shows a pair of Jacks
iamhoff shows two pair, Nines and Sevens
iamhoff wins the side pot ($3.45) with two pair, Nines and Sevens
MagBoy TNT shows a pair of Queens
iamhoff wins the main pot ($5.90) with two pair, Nines and Sevens

Well hot-freaking-damn! That's the way to start a session. I only hung around for a few hands, saw a couple of flops that went nowhere, and ultimately subscribed to the Pauly rule of "hit it and quit it". And I left with my slightly better than double up inside of 3 minutes. Fun is where you find it, peeps.

Went and saw the movie Hancock on Friday. I wasn't sure what to expect given the deviation from Will Smith's usual good-guy 4th of July fare (see Independence Day, Men in Black, etc.), but I was surprisingly pleased. He's a great actor, and to see him playing what likely amounts to a superhero version of Alcanthang (in reality, we all know that Al is a hero unlike any other...SoCo Man!!!) was actually pretty damn funn-ay! And as a bonus, we got out of the flick just in time to drive up to the top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla (just a short way from Casa de Hoff) where we had nearly a 360 degree view of San Diego, and the finales of 4 or 5 different fireworks shows. Good stuff.

As a slight change of pace, instead of the last 5 songs I heard at the gym this morning, let's go with the first 5 songs...which ones served to pump me up. I added a bunch of tracks to the mp3 player, so I manually created a playlist, started with one particular song, and shuffled the rest. I was not disappointed.

Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie
Pantera - Mouth For War
Testament - Electric Crown
The Vines - Ride

FWIW, the next 5 were equally motivating:

Megadeth - High Speed Dirt
Iron Maiden - Invaders
Iced Earth - Declaration Day
W.A.S.P. - Blind in Texas
Babylon A.D. - Hammer Swings Down

Only made it to the beach once over the weekend (looking at cars most of the time), and the waves kinda sucked. Still, I was at the beach enjoying the San Diego weather (and massively attractive scenery, and yes, that's one of the lifeguards!)

and lots of other people weren't. Life ain't too bad, I suppose. Stay classy, peeps!


River Driver said...

Does DAPGF know you are taking pictures of the scenery?

Sorry you haven't found a vehicle yet. Good luck!

Renee said...

Too bad you haven't been able to get to the tables in a while, let us know when you do!

BrainMc said...

Next time you go to the beach, wear some of these.

That would make for some good posts.

I hope you can get a good little Integra or Prelude. Those are awesome little cars that are fun to drive and still have good fuel economy.

drewspop said...

Yo Hoff. Sounds like things are g00t. You must love the scenery quite a bit. Risky ;)

River Driver said...

Found anything yet? Can you and DAPGF trade vehicles, since she has a shorter drive in a more efficient car? Or am I being silly?