Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Couple of things...

Jericho returns tonight!! 10 pm ET/PT, 9 in flyover country on your local CBS affiliate. Watch it and don't make me have to send more nuts to CBS again. Climb out of the malaise that is Dance Wars, The Biggest Loser, and Wife Swap. Watch a real show!

Actually played some poker last night. 2 45 player NLHE sngs, went out in 13th and 22nd. The 13th place one was a pain because I'd actually been playing some of my best poker in a while. The two hands that hurt me was, following 2 limpers with KTs, I flopped 4 to a flush (4s 6s 4d) and hit two pair on the turn. I bet it up, only to be smooth called by the BB. As it turned out, he checked his 42off BB special and ate half of my stack. My bad (take your pick) for either being in the hand at all with a KTs (following 2 limpers, mind you) or not raising it up PF. The death hand was 2 hands later, when I got all in PF with AQs. It wasn't too much for the BB to call me with his 95off and proceed to hit two pair. IGH. I was also in the mood to play some Stud, but no sngs were spinning up, so I found a 2 table HORSE sng to hit. So I busted out of the NL while still going in the HORSE one, and fired up another 45 player NL. I was just aggro-donkalicious in that one, and went out in 22nd place, after not being able to get away from my 2nd nut flush, knowing that Villain did in fact hold the ace. Yet the HORSE moseyed on. The final table bubble was almost comical, as those of you who regularly play HORSE know. Lots of people get short stacked at the same time. Sure as hell, the other table busted and they merged with our table as it was dealing. We were playing Stud/8 at that point, and the limits were 400/800. I wound up getting 4 people all in against me, and my deuce to six straight scooped the whole pot! I gave a lot back 2 hands later when my 8s full of 4s in Stud/8 lost to quad bitches. So we get down to HU, and Villain has me shaded 60-40 on chips. But I just turned into an aggro-monkey and stole blinds like it was nobody's business. HU, why not play ATC poker? End result, I freaking won and made back most of what I bought into the other sngs for.

A Taxi Cab Company of Orange County (yes, that's the official name) sucks at dispatching cabs on time. Tuesday and Friday I called for a cab 20 minutes or so ahead of when I wanted it, and 35 minutes ahead of when I NEEDED it, so I could catch my train back to San Diego. The first time the dude was just way too late, and picked me up at the time the train was scheduled to leave. No way to make it. The Friday one, the guy picked me up with what would've been enough time had he known where he was going. Unfortunately, I get the only white cab driver in Santa Ana, and he's apparently the only one who doesn't know where the damn train depot is! We pulled into the bus drop off area because it was closer to the train platform, just in time to see my Amtrak Pacific Surfliner pulling out of the station. Yeah. This was the wrong time of the month to explain to DAPGF (who was being neither D nor P at that point) why we were going to be late going out to dinner and so on. She teaches on Thursday night (Valentine's Day, for those who need the reminder) so we're celebrating on Friday. I think I'm going to leave work early enough to walk to the train depot (which is what I normally do), so that the only way I'll miss the train is if I get run over in a crosswalk or shot in a drive-by.

Last night at the gym, the last 5 songs to come up in the shuffle whilst on the elliptical hamster machine:

Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
LA Guns - Rip and Tear
Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.) - Speak English or Die

Have fun out there, and Stay Classy.


BrainMc said...

We're catching up with Jericho on DVD. I thought they were going to show the entire first season again last summer but they didn't. Netflix got them recently so we're watch 4 episodes a week. Since we are about 1/3 through, the new episodes will be patiently waiting on our Tivo when we are ready.

iamhoff said...

Good on ya, brain. I totally dug the show, and helped get it renewed by actually calling the execs at CBS. I never thought that I would actually get put through to Nina Tassler, CBS' Entertainment President. Good stuff.