Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Wish My Company Got Me a Wifi Card

With this new job, 3 days each week I get to spend a total of 3 hours on the train, from San Diego to Santa Ana and back. If my company (who sent me on this annoying assignment in Orange County) really loved me, they'd give me a damn wifi card for my laptop, and then maybe I could actually get some poker time in.

Sadly, my poker time has been kinda minimal. I think I've caught a couple of micro buy-in SNGs, and I just played a little .05/.10 NL just for shits and giggles. No cashes in the SNGs, but in honor of Fuel, I had to show that even here at The Randomness, sometimes Presto really is gold. In the cutoff, I follow two limpers and bring my presto along for the ride. Flop comes down Qh Jd 4h. It checked around to me, and I decided to see a free card. And it is a 5, but unfortunately the 5h, putting a flush on the board. It again checks around to me, and I decide to lead out for a 1/2 pot bet. Everyone folds and I take down a decent little pot.

I did manage a nice little double up in the ring. My table seemed pretty heavy with weak-tight players, and it was pretty easy to make aggression work. And then this happened. I'm dealt AQo UTG+1. I pop a 5x raise preflop and get one caller from LP. Flop comes down TQQ. Boom! I check and LP checks. Turn brings the 6s. I check, and LP makes a pot-size bet of $1.20. I wait until I get the warning beep on the timer, and reraise it to $3.60 to go. LP instacalls. The river brings a worthless 5, and I decide to shove my remaining $1.50 in. For some reason LP calls with this:
It always amazes me when someone calls down a shove while only holding AK. I suppose at least there was a pair on the board, so they weren't just sitting with A-high. So that made up for the couple of SNGs. I failed to cash in two SNGs right after the New Year, so I'm still down for the year (all that time!), but I'm heading in the right direction. Good luck out there, and see ya on the felt!


$mokkee said...

i've taken that train many times. wifi aint gonna do it. you need a verizon or sprint broadband card. that's what i used to use when i was taking the train down to Charger games. i would still get kicked off the internet in some spots tho.

iamhoff said...

Yeah, I meant broadband data card, but either way they ain't gonna get one for me. I'm just stuck with an analog book and a bluetooth mp3 player. And teh glorious surf outside the window (hey, Amtrak calls it the Pacific Surfliner for a reason).