Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Freaking New Year

OK poker peeps, it's 2008. Time to put 2007 behind us. Bad days, bad cards, bad beats, bad governmental agencies, I'm done with 'em. To make sure, I ended 2007 on a losing note (as if you were surprised by that.

First, DAPGF and I went to California's Central Valley to spend time with her family. Like San Diego, there are plenty of Indian Casinos in the area, and mama DAPGF likes to play the slots. So off to Table Mountain we go. Trying to keep the peace, I promised I'd only buy in for $100 at 1/3 NL. And I got nothing. JJ are not ok when two people call your raise and the flop comes down AKx. Lots of smaller pairs that went nowhere, and a few s00ted aces that whiffed the flop as well. The only hand I won was a small pot that my SB J9h hit the J-high flop. I lead out and everyone folded. Big fat pile of meh. After hanging around for 45 minutes or so (when you fold preflop, you don't waste chips...pretty neat, don'tcha think?), I busted and went looking for DAPGF and her mom. DAPGF hadn't won anything, but mama had built $5 on some nickel slot up to $50 while I was doing my donkey impression. Merry Christmas.

And Happy New Year! I'm waiting for DAPGF to get home from a friend's so that we can go out to this 80s party on NYE, so I decided to fire up the machine for some pokery goodness. First thing I jump into is an 18 player SNG on Tilt. Very first hand I get dealt rockets at UTG +1. I bump it to 5x (150) to go. I get reraised 3x to 450 by the cutoff. I say fuggit and shove. CO calls and shows KK. I flopped an ace and doubled on the first hand. Can a brother get a w00t! But that was all she wrote. I just went card zombie. AQc and the flop is all red. TT and the flop is all overs. Just a pile of crap. The only reason I lasted to 10th place was because I doubled on the first hand. But because I was so dead, I looked for another SNG to fire up, just so I'd have something to do. Nothing looked close to filling up, but wait! Red text on a lowly $10 Razz game. So I jump in and find Erik Sidel waiting for it to spin up. Nice guy, he answered questions in the girlie chat, laughed at someone's comments about Helmuth, and generally came off as a fun guy to be at a table with. My cards, on the other hand, were much more suited to a Stud 8 game. A typical hand would be (A2)K, which would obviously give me the bring in. Inevitably someone (half the time, Sidel) would complete and I would call. I'd catch a 3 and 7 which would be enough to keep me chasing, only to brick the last two streets. I bluffed my way into two pots just because I had 4 lows showing, but both times several of them were paired. The best one, though, was (23)A. A couple of us were in this one, and we capped the betting on the first round. My next card was another A. I tried not to raise, but it still got capped. Then I get dealt a 2. Well, let me try to bluff. Again, it got capped. Then I get a 3. Maybe if I lead out on their checks, I can get them to fold. Nope, too much in the pot. Finally, 7th street brings another freaking 2!! So my Razz hand looks like (23)AA23(2). How sick is that? Amazingly, that didn't put me all in. But the next hand with (43)2 did. We capped it on the first round, and after catching a 7 on 4th street I figured I had no choice but to shove. After 4th street, my cards came up (43)27 KK(K). And thus ended Hoff's 2007 poker season. Here's hoping 2008 sees some victory.

Happy New Year everybody! Keep it safe and stay classy everyone.

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