Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Assorted Randomness

I gotta keep telling myself that working is better than being unemployed. That being said, my schedule is hella sucky. It's been over a week since I fired up the poker machine, and even longer since I've set foot into my blog-o-tubes. So something to tide you over until I have some poker content to discuss.

Last five naughty Sirius tunes (taken from both Hair Nation and Buzzsaw, all heard in the space of an hour or so)

Slide It In - Whitesnake
Long Stick Goes Boom - Krokus
Girl's Got Rhythm - AC/DC
Big Bottom - Spinal Tap (FTW!!!)
Love Gun - KISS

Funnay picture of teh day:

You've most likely seen the minivans and SUVs sporting those stickers that show how big the family is. Usually represented by stick figures,
or flip flops

But in the parking lot of the train depot in Santa Ana, California, I saw an older Ford Explorer with a slightly different style of sticker.

If you click to embiggen and look closely, you'll see that the characters resemble those seen on signs throughout the San Diego area, particularly in areas where illegal immigrants from Mexico attempt to cross the freeway to avoid the Border Patrol.
What made it fantastically amusing was not that the vehicle was spotted in Santa Ana, a region with a population of probably 60% or greater Hispanics, but that it was actually being driven by a Hispanic!

On the subject of Santa Ana, with this new assignment, I've gotten to see a lot of Santa Ana up close and personal. I walk almost two miles, 3 days per week through downtown and a part of the ghetto (sadly a lot of Santa Ana is ghetto) on my way to the train depot. (Side note, the cabbies don't give a shit either. I usually catch a cab in the morning to make sure I'm on time, and one day the cab sideswiped the bumper on an older S-class Mercedes as he was pulling up to the curb to let me out. I wasn't going to say anything, and the cabbie tore out of there as soon as I cleared the door of the cab...crazy) There's a coin-op laundromat that actually has a bank of washers that are located outside of the building, under a carport! Lots of cops patrolling the area, which led me to a conclusion. If I was going to partake in some sort of criminal activity like drug dealing, running prostitutes, etc., I wouldn't drive a flashy Escalade or 300c. I wouldn't roll in a Mercedes S-class or Bentley. I wouldn't even roll a new Honda Accord. I would find myself a 5 year old Ford Crown Victoria with no markings on it, maybe a trunk-mounted antenna, and no wheel covers at all. Something like this:

The reason I say this particular vehicle is because there are about a million of them running around Santa Ana, some with "California Exempt" plates and some with normal issue plates. They're not all cop cars, but that adds to the camouflage opportunities. In this area, you've got City of Santa Ana (cops, building inspectors, city engineers, housing inspectors, etc.), County of Orange (same plus health inspectors, transit inspectors), Orange County Transportation Authority managers, assorted State of California court and department of justice officials, and a variety of Federal court, Justice, immigration, and so on. So all you need is a car that blends in, and you can get away with murder!

So as I've noted, I'm working for a large bureaucratic organization. One interesting thing I've noticed is the extreme difference in mindset in the government bureaucracy versus a for profit company. In my office complex, when people go into the bathroom, they tend to do their business and be on their way. Occasionally you hear clicking and beeping from the stalls, because people who have their Treos or Crackberries are texting or playing games while doing their business. Fine. Just about every time I go into the bathroom in the government megaplex I work at, either coming or going I come across some guy (always someone different, too) carrying a coffee mug and a newspaper! Break time!!

Finally, a sign of the coming apocalypse. I give to you, the most pointless, most pathetic, most absurd attempt to create a food that is acceptable to both kids and their parents.

Reduced sugar Frosted Flakes. So would that then be called "Flakes?" The whole friggin point is the "Frosted" part of the name. Without that, it's just Corn Flakes with a better mascot.

Have a great day!

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