Sunday, January 20, 2008

And You Shall Know Them By Their Beer

Patsies vs. My Bolts, the beer edition. Representing the Patsies, Samuel Adams. And in the San Diego corner, Stone Brewing.

Samuel Adams beers are much like the 2007 Patriots. Lots of success (sales), lots of appeal. And here's where we find the disparity.

To appeal to the wimps, the weaklings, and the unwashed masses, they created a freaking light beer!!!

On the other hand, we have Stone Brewing, and their signature beer:

No appealing to the masses here. Just attitude. Pure and simple. I like attitude.

Which beer would you rather drink? Which one asks you whether you are worthy? Which team is going to win?

Go Bolts!!!


River Driver said...

F&%^$*# Patriots. I hope the Packers cream them.

iamhoff said...

Now what do we do? I don't think I can bring myself to root for Eli, but I absolutely hate the Pats. Bummer.

River Driver said...

I think I'd still rather have Eli win the Super Bowl and have to listen to Archie crowing about it than have to listen to everyone talking about how the Patriots' win proves they're the greatest team ever. Ick.