Sunday, December 30, 2007

Could. Not. Resist.

And The Randomness says...

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Shamelessly stolen from St B (and I'm quite sure others). Work has just been hella busy. I've got one client who needs to be baby sat through the entire construction process for some 72 inch water main pipelines. Major project but textbook work. And they still manage to create fires that I need to put out. And to top that, starting this week, I get to take the train from San Diego up into Smokkee's world in Teh OC. 3 days a week. At least I don't have to drive it, I suppose. That's what I get for being stuck with a client in Santa Ana. Uber-meh. Oh well. It beats being unemployed. Happy New Year, and may the felt be with you degenerates!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I Missing Something?

18 player SNG on Tilt. I get dealt Cowboys at UTG+1. I pop it up 5x the BB. The cutoff triples my raise. I flat call, concerned that villain might have rockets. Flop comes down Q93 rainbow. I shove and villain calls. I show my kings and he flips over 66. My Cowboys hold up and I stack the tool. OK. I can understand calling me preflop with a pocket pair. We've all done it, hoping the flop will hit us in the face. And yes, I can see reraising me on a bluff-steal. Except his stack was smaller than mine and he didn't shove preflop. But to call my shove with two overs to his pair on the table, and my preflop raise indicating strength to begin with, I don't get it.

And while typing this post it happened again. I'm dealt Kings again, I bet it up again and get called. Flop comes down 58T with one spade. I bet out, he raises, I reraise, he shoves, I call (I have him covered), and he shows a 3-5 of spades. So BPSK (bottom pair, shitty kicker), and only 3 to a weak flush and he reraises me several times? I know the donkeys are out, but I haven't seen it so blatant all at once in quite a while.

Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Friday! Time for Teh Randomness!

Another week, and more rain here in San Diego. Not as heavy as last week, but it's been pretty steady since midnight-ish. The downside, I was going to the driving range at lunch today, now not so likely. And I really wanted to because a) I haven't swung a golf club in probably a month, and b) next week I get to play a round at Torrey Pines! One of the Top 50 courses, public or private, site of the 2008 US Open, and I'm going to attempt to play a round! I may even bring my camera and attempt to blog the round, you know, for comedy's sake. Fortunately the weather is supposed to clear by then. I just need to speed along a meeting that morning (think that Budweiser commercial set in the TV news room where the anchors race thru the news to go and get plastered).

Haven't had much opportunity to play poker either. Played 2 SNGs this week, one NLHE and one PLO8. The PLO I went out in 7th of 9 when the river made my boat of Ks full of 10s but gave Villain quads. Uber meh. The NLHE I survived to 2nd out of 9, which more than covered both buy-ins. So, minor profit for the night. Better than the losses I took last week. My profit from this has been taking some hits lately, so anything not negative is g000t.

Last 5 tunes on Sirius last night while driving home from the San Diego APA/AEP holiday party:

Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Rush - Fly By Night
Whitesnake - Slide It In
Kiss - Rise To It
Tesla - Edison's Medicine

And now, the return of Car of the Week. The first COTW post was all about the pimpaliciousness. The second one was about the finer things in life. This one is about a survivor. I spotted this in the parking lot of the mall where my gym is located. I'd seen it before and had been previously impressed with the condition it has been maintained in. It's not restored, as there are minor rust bubbles near some of the bolt-on trim. Frankly, I think what impressed me was that I didn't even see many of these at my high school, and they were only 10 years old at the time. Granted, I went to high school in what was, at the time, an upper-middle class neighborhood, and a good number of the cars in the lot were fairly new. Still, for a 30 year old car, it's in great shape. So for this week's Car of the Week, I give you the 1977 Toyota Corolla. A rather basic, mundane car, but a survivor. And let's face it...we've all likely owned a comparable "basic" car at one time or another. Do you think your old basic transportation would still be running at 30, much less looking this good? I know mine wouldn't. Happy Friday, peeps!