Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2003 Revisited

4 years ago to the week, I played witness to a disaster of epic proportions. And here we go again. Interestingly, many of the same areas that were on fire in 2003 are burning again. Lake Arrowhead. Malibu. And my hometown of San Diego. This time is both worse and better. Worse in that the path of destruction is longer, larger, and wider-spread. Better in that injuries and deaths are far lower than 2003. This is mainly due to the implementation of a Reverse-911 phone system. Officials look at the fire's path, figure out what areas should be evacuated, and enter map coordinates into the computer system. It pulls all the addresses in that area, checks all the phone numbers assigned to those addresses, and calls them with a prerecorded "you need to evacuate now" message. If you have watched the show Jericho (one of my favorite shows, season 2 starts on CBS in January, unless some cancellation allows CBS to start it early), they used it to notify the residents after the nuclear blast. Anyway, officials sent out the evac notices and it seemed to give everybody enough time to at least get a few things together and make a run for it. Several people in my office were evacuated, and the area I grew up in (Rancho Penasquitos) is surrounded by Poway and Rancho Bernardo (2 major burn areas) was uniformly evacuated. I don't live there anymore, but my dad does, along with many friends. Dad being dad decided that because he didn't see any flames on the hill at the end of the cul de sac, he was going to stay. This prompted my sister, who lives in the Memphis area to ask what part of mandatory evacuation he didn't understand.

So while there are a lot of homes that burned, injuries and loss of life has been remarkably low. Probably the wildest thing I've seen was a news report that is all over YouTube. I can't access YouTube at work, so I can't give you the link, but search for "Larry Himmel" on YouTube and watch the video. He's a reporter with San Diego's CBS affiliate and he had to evacuate his house in western Rancho Bernardo. After getting his family to safety, he went to work, got a video truck, and went back and did a news update from his driveway, while his house was still smoldering! 25 years in one house, literally up in flames. The fires are now moving into more of the rural areas of the county, and there are still fires burning in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, and LA County, but metro San Diego seems to be winding down. As evidence of this, they've lifted the evac orders for much of the Poway and Rancho Penasquitos areas. Rancho Bernardo is still under evac orders mainly because of the damage and lack of infrastructure (no power, gas, water, debris-clogged streets, etc.), but the metro area seems to be coming back under control. Because of the evac orders, not to mention the safety factor and the fact that I'm not that stupid, I didn't take any pictures of the devastation. All of these pictures were grabbed from the San Diego Union-Tribune website.

This is a shot taken on State Route 67 heading west from Ramona towards Poway, around 10 pm on 10/21/07. East and westbound lanes were opened up to westbound traffic.

This is taken from an upscale neighborhood in East Poway, near Poway Lake.

Another East Poway picture.

Northern Rancho Bernardo.

Interstate 15 (my route to Las Vegas). Looking north at the southbound lanes. This was taken from the Duenda Road overcrossing. This is where the fire jumped into the Westwood community.

This was in Westwood. For the record, those were a circa 1992 Toyota Tercel and a circa 1995 Honda Accord.

Another Westwood home.

Finally, you may have noticed the revised layout of The Randomness. I have hit 200 posts and decided to switch templates. I don't know if I'm going to keep this one, but for now, welcome to The Randomness 2.0.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Assorted Gen-u-wine Poker Content

Random thoughts on some recent poker-riffic action.

In the end, AK is nothing more than Ace-high. 9 player NLHE SNG on Tilt. It's early, but my stack is up around 2000, and I get dealt AK UTG. I pop it 5x and get one caller. Flop comes down tripsnowmen (as opposed to Tripjax), and I check. My caller shoves. Nobody would do that with the case 8, so I put him on 2 high cards. I've got him barely covered, so I decide to call. Nice to know I guessed right as he flipped AQ over. Unfortunately he turns his Q and cripples me. Next hand, I get Big Slick again. 4 limpers, the button makes baby Jebus cry with a min-raise, and I shove over that for my last 300 or so. Button calls and flips over A7s. Aaaand the river is a 7, and IGH.

While that was going on, I was also in a 45 player. I get dealt the powerhouse 93o in the BB. UTG and 3 limpers allow me to check my monster hand. And the flop comes down 9-3-5. SB checks and so do I. UTG bets out the pot. It folds around to me, and I reraise him twice his bet. He shoves and I've got him covered, so I call. He flips over his rockets, and I stack his slowplaying ass. Ya gotta love them big blind specials.

Here's someone to follow on Full Tilt: Panicbet. The dude is a LAGWJ (loose aggressive whackjob), who shoves with almost any two cards, but he loves his s00ted cards. No matter which ones. In the above 45-player, we're at the final table, and I'm sitting at 3 of 9. His stack probably put him at 5th or 6th. UTG, he min-raises preflop. 2 callers come along, giving me easy pot odds for my K9h. Flop comes down 68K rainbow. SB checks, and I lead out with a 3/4 pot bet, figuring that should be enough to protect my TPDK and take it down. Nope. Panicass decides to shove over top of me. He's been shoving all over the place, really bullying the tables, so with a decent hand and decent stack, I decided to call his bullshit. And I was right, when he flipped over 26c for bottom pair, last kicker, and no clubs on the board. And here's what happened:

Yep. He spikes a duck on the river to give him 2 pair and leave me gasping in last place with less than 3K in chips. But I patiently wait for my opportunities. I catch a few hands, and then double up to 7400. Then I catch KK in the BB. He decides to shove preflop, with his 16K stack. I call and laugh when he turns over J3d. No evil happens and I double thru the asshat. Ship it, beeyotch! 2 hands later, he shoves again. The chipleader calls, but this time he has a real hand. QsQd, and he's probably thinking that he just pulled off a great trap. Except that the chipleader got to where he was by playing good cards. He flips over KsKd and felts the asstard. The entire table just flamed him in the girlie chat. Ahh, sweet justice, and he was the money bubble to boot! Does it get any better than that? So after being down to 9th place at the final table, I managed to fight my way back to 3rd in chips, with 5 remaining. Unfortunately I wasn't destined to go any farther. I get dealt QQ, run it into AA, and IGH in 5th.

Also played in a 600 FTP token SNG. And for some reason, the frush was my friend. I honestly hit a flush 5 or 6 times just in this one SNG. I think I decided to take this screenshot just because it was probably the 3rd one I hit, and it was starting to become amusing.

I love it when someone bets into me when I'm holding the nuts. Double me up, beeyotch!

Here's another one, when we were down to heads up.

I knew I wouldn't be able to double through him, because all the clubs on the board were scary, so I bet what I thought I could get away with, just over 2/3 of the pot. He called and mucked his 3 snowmen. Yeah, I would've loved more, but you take what you can get. Ultimately I won my token, and I'm going to start off in the $24k Guarantee this Tuesday. Feel free to find me on the rail or in the girlie chat. DAPGF was kind enough to give me the night off, so it will hopefully be poker non-interruptus.

Finally, everybody's favorite pool hottie was wondering if I was going to make it out to Vegas for the WPBT Winter Classic. I'm not sure. DAPGF is going to have 3 weeks off over the holidays, and is thinking on a Vegas run in between Xmas and New Years. Depending on when the Winter Classic is, it may or may not work. Hopefully the timing will work out so that I can convince DAPGF that the Winter Classic would be a perfect time to go to Vegas. Then she could meet all of my invisible internet friends that she constantly hears about. As things get closer, I'll try to lock up some dates. We shall see...

See ya on the felt!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Return of BBT2

They've done it again. The blogging hooligans that brought us the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments somehow pulled the wool over Full Tilt's eyes and got them to sponsor an amazingly intriguing points structure with an incredible slate of prizes. I have shamelessly stolen from everybody's favorite SoCo - chugging, head-banging freak, and pasted here for your information.

Full Tilt Poker has given us an $18k Aussie Millions package to give away for our next challenge.
$18,000 Prize Package for you and a friend

The 2008 Aussie Millions Main Event begins Monday, January 14th and promises to be bigger than ever. Play for your $18K prize package, including:

* Aussie Millions Main Event entry worth AUD $10,500
* 10 nights stay at the luxurious Crown Casino Resort
* Round-trip airfare for the winner and a guest from Los Angeles to Melbourne
* $3,000 in spending money
* Winner & Pro golf outings, dinners, winery tours, seminars and a bounty tournament
During the original BBT there was some positive and negative comments about the point system plus the number of people awarded points. For the BBTwo you won't have to worry about those points. They will be awarding the Aussie Millions package to the winner of a Tournament of Champions. So if you'd like to win the trip, you have to win one of the events during the eight week run. No worrying about making the points. No worrying about who made the most money during the challenge. Win an event and you are in the TOC and a shot at the Aussie Millions package.

So if you are interested in winning the Aussie Millions package, play them to win them.

But only so many people can win an event during this stretch so what about everyone else? We want everyone to play, enjoy themselves, and have a shot at winning something. Full Tilt Poker has given us the Aussie Millions Package but that's not all they're giving us.

FTP is giving us an entry into their weekly big Sunday guarantee tournaments whic we will reward to the Player of the Week. This is where that pesky point system comes in again. We will be using the same point formula as the last Challenge but this time around only the top 25% of players in each event will receive points. Whoever earns the most points during the week will get a ticket into the FTP Sunday Guarantee Tournament.

The point system will also be used to determine players to qualify for an end of challenge freeroll which is still being worked out.

So there you have it. BBTwo is about to kick off and it's time to reload your FTP account, start firing up those Token Frenzies, and strap in for an 8 week, 27 tournament challenge to see what you are made of.

Things will kick off on Sunday, October 21st with the big prizepool in Miami Don's Big Game. The rest of the Blogger Schedule will go as planned except now the Riverchasers events will also be weekly during the challenge. The challenge will run for 8 weeks ending on Sunday, December 16th with another Big Game.

So there ya have it! The best places to find out additional info are Al, Don, and Hoy, so check them out for detailed schedules and such. DAPGF's schedule doesn't make it easy for me to participate in tournaments, but with these prizes I've got to try. Don't know how much I'll actually get to play, but I will be out there. Hope to see ya on the felt.

Monday, October 08, 2007

We Have Been Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Greetings and salivations, poker peeps. Those one or two of you who actually stop by The Randomness may have noticed some screwy behavior over the weekend. Pictures and widgets going missing, format changes, etc. Well, as I approach the 200th post of this formerly powerhouse blog, I find myself bored with the way it looks and feels. In this Web 2.0/New Blogger world, there's so much that can be done to make it spiffier, with all kinds of new toys and such. Not being an HTML or XML expert, trying to take somebody's template and modify it ain't the easiest thing to do. And I'm not talking about using Blogger's default templates...they're all a little boring and common. So get ready. Cool things are coming, as soon as I can figure out how to install 'em!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's That Time Again!!

Once again, PokerStars is serving up a special treat for the broggers. See below for details

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 4857796

Sunday October 14. 12 PM here in da west, so do the math to figure out what time it is in whatever part of da world you are stuck in. Hope to see you there!