Friday, July 27, 2007

An interesting observation...

So.  As most of you know, I have limited times when I can sit down and get my poker on.   Those nights that DAPGF teaches and if DAPGF is asleep when I get done walking the doggie around midnight.  I hadn't played a hand of poker all week, live or online, and I was eagerly anticipating jumping onto Tilt and firing up a SNG after walking the doggie.   I get home at 11:50 pm pacific time and DAPGF is asleep.  w00t!!  Hoff is hitting the felt!   I login to Tilt and start scanning the lobby.  There's something like 7400 players sitting at 6100 tables, but nobody is signing up for any SNGs.   No matter the game, no matter the buy-in.  There aren't even  any where they're sitting at 1 of 45, 1 of 9, 1 of 6, or even 1 of 2!!   Nothing.  I figure that it's close to midnight and there are probably some MTTs that go off at that point, so I check there.  There are two MTTs that kick off at midnight, the $4k guarantee in Pot Limit Hold 'Em, and a $10 NLHE.   Both are 18 player minimum, and they only have 4 and 3 players signed up respectively.  So despite signing up for them, the tournaments are cancelled.   I really wasn't in the mood to play ring, so I logged off and went to bed.  Yes I know that there is the Riverstars curse (besides, we all know online poker is rigged) and that the action has gotten quite fishy since the Party players came over and the bloggers left for Tilt, but there is always action going on at Stars.   You might have to wait a few minutes for a tournament or SNG to fill up, but there will always be action to be had at Stars.  And with that, I'm going to get me a Visa Debit Card and reload the Stars account.   You know, for just such an emergency.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tournament Pimpage

Nobody hijacks The Randomness! Nobody! Oh wait. I don't know if anybody would notice if it was L. But to help out another Michigan Fan (M Go Blue!), I wanted to help Wolverine Fan pimp the Blogger World War. Normally they're allies, but on the virtual felt it's a battle royale (with cheese!). Brittbloggerment hits PokerStars on Sunday, 1 PM west coast and 4 PM east coast.

Unfortuately I have a prior engagement and will not be able to attend, but all of you good red-blooded 'Muricans out there should stick it to the Limeys. Bring the blogger cup home! $5.50 buy-in. Details can be found here! And God Bless America!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A change of scenery...

Poker remains a hit and miss proposition.  I had $13 sitting in my Stars account last night, and with DAPGF going out to see a movie with some friends Hoff's gonna play some poker.   Given my less than stellar results as of late and my adherence to the idea of "change it up if you get into a rut," I decided to jump into a .10/.25 ring game.   I was pretty card zombie throughout the evening, but I still managed to stay right around par.  And then the Riverstars gods laughed at me.  I'm dealt KQo in LP.  Two limpers, I limp, and both blinds see a flop of KQ2 rainbow.  Well hot damn!  Not wanting to get nuked by slow-playing it, it checks to me and I bet the pot.  One guy in EP called.  The turn is a worthless 7, but Villain shoves.   Now, if he was short-stacked or huge-stacked, I might think that he just hit a set.  But his stack, which had me covered, was deep enough that he could've bet the pot and not quite been pot-committed.   So I didn't place him on a set.  I figured he'd hit two pair (hammer anybody?) and was going to prevent anybody playing TPTK from outdrawing his two pair.   So I call and am all in.  A ten hits the river, giving villain and his J9 a K-high straight and felting me.  And sadly I can't even fault him because I've been dumb enough to chase that same damn draw.  Meh.


But I still had time to play, so to make it that much more different, I changed up a bunch of stuff.  I went over to Tilt, and jumped into a $22 8 player limit HORSE sng.   I'm not a huge fan of playing limit, but I figured it would be a nice change of scenery.  Wouldn't you know it, my favorite game out of all of them, O/8, was my worst game, but it didn't matter.   Well, it wound up mattering.  From the time we were 5 handed, I had a huge chip lead and was running over the table.   Then we got 3 handed as Omaha came back around.  I donked off a bunch of chips, and fortunately one of the others got busted, sending it to HU.   We were about even at that point, and I got on a RAZZ tear.  Villain was getting good hands, but I was getting better ones.  We both have A235 showing, but his low hole is an 8 and mine is a 6.   That kind of thing.  I got him to within 500 of being out and the deck turned to ice as we went to Stud.  I couldn't catch a hand to save my life.  I'd get dealt pocket aces, only to have his last face card give him a visible set of something, and I fold.  That happened a lot.  Eventually we made it back to LHE for one freaking hand.  I've got K3s in the BB.  He raises and I call.  Flop comes down K73.  He bets, I raise, and I wind up all in.  He flips over a pair of 3s, and IGH in 2 nd.  Still, that was a nice $50 win, and anything that adds to the b/r is a good thing.  See ya out there.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Actual Poker Content! Who knew!

Greetings poker peeps!  Get ready for some actual poker content!


This past week was kinda busy and weird.  There were opportunities provided by DAPGF to get my poker on, but for the most part I was unable to.   Dinner with Dad.  Twilight round of golf.  Etc. Etc.  Wednesday I did play a little, but not with a bunch of success.   I hit Stars and placed 2nd in a micro 45 player SNG.  Then I went over to Tilt.  There was a peep sex token SNG spinning up, so I jumped into that while waiting for either a $6 or $11 9 player turbo to open up.   I busted out of two SNGs but won my token.  Now, when in the hell am I going to find time to properly use a token?   When all of a sudden DAPGF comes home and tells me that a friend of hers got tickets to some folksy guitar chick's concert on Saturday night.  Well how about that!   A quick check of things shows that Tilt's $24k guarantee will be jumping off at 5 pm.  Done.  And since I know it's rare that I get time to play a longer MTT, I figured I'd see if anything worthwhile was happening on Stars.   $3 Rebuy Madness with a $30k guarantee!!  What a freaking evening!


So 5 pm rolls around and I get going.  I did the initial rebuy to bump my chips up to 3k, and the $24k Guarantee was a deep stack, so I started with 3k in chips for both.   I chipped up early in both games, and amazingly I wasn't at a pushmonkey table in the rebuy.  So I hovered around 3 to 4k in chips in both, and then my fonkiness reared its ugly head.   About 30 minutes into things, I get dealt A9s in the $24k, just before the CO.  2 limpers ahead of me, I go ahead limp and the blinds call/check.   Flop comes down 269 with 2 spades…no real straight opportunities.  SB checks, BB fires out a pot-sized bet.  Fold fold, and with my TPTK and nut flush draw I min-reraise him (half the pot).  He goes ahead and shoves, and I call.  He had pocket 6s for a set, I didn't improve and busted out as only a fonkey can with only 1 pair.


After that, I tightened up at the Rebuy Madness, not wanting an early exit here, too.  So we make it to the first break, I did the add on, and was sitting with a little over 5k in chips…not great but not bad.   First hand after the break, I get dealt Hiltons at UTG+1.  UTG folds and I fire out a 5x raise (I forget exactly what the blinds were) and the button smooth calls.   I figured if he had KK or AA he would've reraised me, so I figured him for an underpair or a strong ace.  Flop came down low rainbow rags (7 high).   I bet the pot and the button shoved.  I took his move as either he was playing A7 and had TPTK or he was trying to protect 2 overcards (AK, AQ, etc.), but that I was probably ahead, so I called which put me all in.   At least I had my read correct, when he flipped over uns00ted big slick.  Unfortunately the turn brought a K, and no more rebuy madness for Hoff.


I'm disappointed in the results and in my fonkalicious moments, but it was still fun.  Gotta find a way to play those again.   See ya out there.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cancer still sucks

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, we will find a cure for this shitty disease known as cancer.  But for now, here's a person who could use some kind words and thoughts.


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Monday, July 02, 2007

The one in which we breathe a sigh of relief...

Sez me…


This past 2 weeks has been brutally hectic.  Working late several nights, over the weekend, all to get a proposal together for a potentially $1.8 million contract.   We got it done, and now it's a waiting game to see if my company is going to be called for an interview.  I've got more projects to work on this week, but I'm hella relieved to be done with that proposal.   Of course, if we get the project I'm looking at 2 solid years of being busy, but it beats being unemployed.


A side effect of the work situation was that I played practically no poker at all for almost 2 weeks.  My first game of any substance, hell the only game I played recently was a 9 player $11 turbo on Tilt that I got into at about 12:30 in the morning, because I finally had a moment and was itching to play.   I played solid ABC poker.  We went into HU with chip counts me T3000 and villain T10,500.  I managed to get all the way to me T12,000 and villain T1500 and the deck went cold.   Every hand I entered except for maybe 2, it was at worst a race, and at best I should've been a lock.  At that high point, I was in the BB.   Villain shoved and it was only another 700 to call.  I look down at a s00ted 26, and figure what the hell…it's s00ted.  He flips over a 27 and he manages to drag the pot.   From there it just went to hell.  My AK vs AT…he flops a set.  My TT to his 55, he 4 flushes it.   And so on.  The only other hand where I was dominated was the last hand.  I'm back to T3000 and he's fought back to T10,500.   I get a s000ted K7 in the SB and shove.  He calls with his own s00ted K8.  Flop comes down K78, and IGH.   Still, 2nd place…that was my first cash in a while so I'll take it.


Beyond that, not too much happening.  I was supposed to golfing over the weekend, but we had to delay it to next weekend for some reason or other.   Now I've got something to look forward to.  It's nice and warm here in San Diego, so I'm getting back into beach mode.   My office isn't too far from the beach (maybe 2-3 miles), so some nights that DAPGF teaches I'm catching some waves.  My Padres are doing well, and my boy Tony Gwynn is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.   All in all, things are looking good.


See ya on the felt.