Friday, June 22, 2007

Can a brother catch a break?

This is merely an example of how my game has been running lately.


*********** # 28 **************
PokerStars Game #10558454851: Tournament #53485032, $6.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2007/06/22 - 03:40:46 (ET)
Table '53485032 1' 9-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 2: majorcarnag1 (2302 in chips)
Seat 3: coolroocat (3000 in chips)
Seat 4: tybo138 (2878 in chips)
Seat 5: iamhoff (2075 in chips)
Seat 6: Posti (2055 in chips)
Seat 8: BMoneyLess (1190 in chips)
BMoneyLess: posts small blind 50
majorcarnag1: posts big blind 100
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Ks Kh]
coolroocat: folds
tybo138: raises 300 to 400
iamhoff: calls 400
Posti: folds
BMoneyLess: folds
majorcarnag1: calls 300
*** FLOP *** [5h 2s 3s]
majorcarnag1: bets 1902 and is all-in
tybo138: calls 1902
iamhoff: calls 1675 and is all-in
*** TURN *** [5h 2s 3s] [2h]
*** RIVER *** [5h 2s 3s 2h] [9s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
majorcarnag1: shows [2c Ac] (three of a kind, Deuces)
tybo138: shows [Js Jd] (two pair, Jacks and Deuces)
majorcarnag1 collected 454 from side pot
iamhoff: shows [Ks Kh] (two pair, Kings and Deuces)
majorcarnag1 collected 6275 from main pot


I ran the number on Two Dimes, and preflop I was a 53% favorite to the 29% of the A2 and the 18% of the JJ.  JJ was the preflop raiser, I called and the BB called with the A2c.   On the flop, BB shoves.  According to Two Dimes, when the money went in I was a 58% favorite to the 31% of the A2 and the 8% of the JJ.   It's one thing to lose a race, but it's entirely another thing to lose a 2 to 1 contest.  And that's pretty much how this past month has gone.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey! Actual Poker Content! Woo hoo!

Friday evening wound up being kind of a perfect storm of good for Hoff.  As most of you know, DAPGF's thing is going to see movies.   Lots of movies.  Every bloody weekend.  And we don't wait for a movie to be out for a few days, no…we see 'em as soon as they're out.   And Friday night it happened.  The only movies that we hadn't seen were ones DAPGF didn't want to see.  So we're trying to figure out what to do, and a commercial comes on the TV for the Sycuan Casino, one of the many Native American casinos here in San Diego County.  They'd just completed a major expansion, parking garage, yadda yadda yadda.  GF's looking at me and says, we could go but that she doesn't want me spending too much money.   Aha but wait!  Hoff just got an expense reimbursement check from his gracious employers, to the tune of $200!   We're going to the casino!  So we go and hit the buffet.  Decent selection, but the food was very bland.   Meh. 


But they had added another thousand or so slots, and finished up the improvements to their poker room, so with dinner done we head out on the floor.   I gave DAPGF some slot money and I headed for the poker room.  It's very nice, set down at the end of the casino.   Plasmas running poker on FSN and the waiting lists, nice tables, but no alcohol.  It was a good sized room, with probably 30 or more tables.  I promptly bought in for $100 and sat down in the 1 seat for some 1/3 NL.  The table was pretty tight, with one guy thinking he was the next coming of the Unabomber.   He didn't say a word, just sat there in his sunglasses and hoodie.  He was not, however, wearing an iPod, nor was he shuffling his stack of chips.   He WAS reading through the latest issue of Card Player when he wasn't in a hand, so I'm thinking he was trying to learn how to shuffle his chips, like the Asian hottie in Seat 7 with the phenomenal bolt-on's.   She was shuffling her chips very smoothly and was wearing an iPod.  She wasn't as cute as Pauly's favorite, but she was better to look at than any of the guys at the table.  


Anyway, I started off with 3 junk hands, and then in the BB picked up an A4c.  I checked 3 other limpers and saw a rainbow KJ4, but with no clubs.   I decided to open and see where I was, so I bet out just less than half the pot.  2 called.  Turn brought another J.   I decided to see if I could take it down, and bet out 20.  First guy folded, but the other one reraised me to 40.   I still hadn't seen a club, and even if villain didn't have a 3rd J, if he had Kx he still had a better 2 pair so I folded.  Almost one orbit later, I'm UTG and find aces.   I lead out with 15, and get 2 callers.  Flop comes down A94.  w00t!!  Top set.  I am a little concerned about the two cards to a flush, but I'm at least holding the ace.  Anyway, I bet out and my opponent decides to put me all in.   I called before he even had his chips in the middle.  He flips over AK and doubles me up.  Now, if I was smart, I would've just walked away then…hit it and quit it.   Nope, not me.  I kept playing. 


Admittedly, not much happened for about another orbit.  Then DAPGF came in.   She'd burned thru her slot money, and not being a fan of gamb00ling, was ready to go.  We could have, and in obvious hindsight should have, but I wasn't done, dammit.   Now, I don't know whether I changed my play because DAPGF was watching, whether she just brought me bad gamb00ling karma, or whether I just turned into a 'tarded lemur.  Either way I played two back to back hands very unwisely, which brought me back to par (well, $94, down $6).   I got dealt 33 in MP, and decided that I'd limp.  The guy just before me min-raised (and somewhere baby Jebus cried), so I said fukkit and called.   Then the BB min-reraised.  After 2 people called the reraise, I had no choice.  Pot odds were calling.   In hindsight, even if I hit a set, there were enough people that could have been playing their own pairs that I still would have been dominated.  But as I said, fukkit.  I called, whiffed the flop, and folded to a bet.  Then a few hands later I got dealt 24h on the button.   Again, I got a case of the fukkits and decided to limp.  There were several other people in the pot, so again I had the pot odds.  Boom!   Flop comes down 3hJc5h.  Open ended str8 flush draw!  Villain opens for half the pot and I call.   Turn brings the 8s.  Another bet and call.  River brings the 9h.  Well, it's not the card I wanted, but I made my flush.   Villain bets and I just called.  He flips over the A6h for the nut flush and both of my SF cards.  At that point, I got up and left.   But we did stop at a slot machine (a variable Double Diamond machine).  I put in $20, after 5 minutes at $.05 (4 coins per line, 9 lines) I was up to $30.   We cashed out and left.  So all the evening wound up costing me was dinner and fuel.  I won back GF's slot money and felt satisfied.


So to sum up, Sycuan Casino , not a bad place.  The buffet was meh, there's no booze, but the poker room was nice, not too crowded, and pretty loose.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quick Update

In my last post I noted that the All Access Visa debit cards were no longer being accepted by Stars and Tilt. Well, I guess they are. I tried one more time tonight, and sonofabitch it went thru. Not sure why it didn't go thru yesterday, but so be it. Cancel the crisis. We can still feed our degenerate habits.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A concerning development, but first, a car test!

Because I'm a car nut, I check out websites, sign up for promotions, and all that stuff. So back in March I received an offer from Mazda...come test drive something and get a $25 Visa debit card. Oookay. What to try out? The sports car nut in my wanted to hit that RX-8, but the practical side of me said to check out the CX-7 crossover SUV. Sporty, 244 horsepower turbo, and much better mileage ratings than the Jeep. So I take that for a whirl. Not a bad little ride. Starts at around $24k, and loaded just hits $30k. I was really hoping to like it, but there were a few issues I had with it. First, it rode harder than a lot of sports cars I've driven. The test drive route took us over some potholed pavement, and it was a nasty ride. I know the thing is supposed to be sporty, Zoom-Zoom and all that crap, but this was just an ugly ride. C6 (meaning current) Corvettes don't ride that roughly.

Then there was the turbo. Years ago, I had a Mazda 626 GT with a 2 liter turbo 4cylinder engine with a 5 speed. That car was a blast. Turbos are known for an issue commonly called "turbo lag", and that's the delay from when you first step on the gas pedal before the car starts making serious thrust. Not to get all technical, but this is because the turbo makes power by being pressurized by the engine's exhaust gases. And when you first step on the gas pedal, the engine is simply not putting out a lot of exhaust gas (I'm not saying it's not putting out greenhouse gases or anything, just exhaust gas in the sense of what you physically feel coming out of the tailpipe), so it's not making a lot of power. As the revs go up, the amount of exhaust generated increases, and the turbo starts making more power. Anyway, with a stick shift, it's easier to get the revs up before you drop the clutch, thus getting the turbo going earlier. The CX-7 was an automatic, so it had pretty bad turbo lag. I discovered this when I was trying to make a quick left turn across a busy road, and the car didn't accelerate as quickly as I'd hoped.

But the killer was the mileage. Now, it was rated higher than my Jeep (19/24 vs 15/20), but turbos are notorious for getting lower mileage than their estimates (side note, the EPA is finally going a little more "real world" with the way they calculate mileage estimates for new cars. The numbers you'll see on the window stickers of 2008 models will be lower than the 2007 models, even if there are no changes...a 2007 Prius that is rated at 60 mpg will probably be rated around 48 mpg, as an example, and my 15/20 Jeep will probably drop to 14/18 or so). What was worse, though, was the fact that it doesn't take regular takes premium! Our prices have dropped here in the past week, but there was a point where the cheapest stations here in San Diego were selling premium for roughly $3.89 a gallon. Not what I'm looking for, so the CX-7 is off the list. But I did get my $25 debit card from Mazda the other day, which brings me to the ultimate purpose of this post.

As I've mentioned in recent posts, my hot streak from the end of April has long since evaporated. It has been a cold cold world, and I got to the point where reloading was a strong consideration. Tilt had been dropping, and I was dry in Stars. Tilt requires a minimum $50 deposit, but Stars only asks for $10. So why not take my free $25 and load up Stars? I try, and wonder of wonders the card is declined. No big deal. I'll go to the store and use the Mazda card to buy one of the All Access Visa debit cards that Troll and I have used in the past. Unfortunately, Vons is out of the lower denominations, so I have to buy a $100 card. Fine. I'll use $25 on poker and then just use the rest for groceries, fuel, or whatever. So I try it on Stars. It gets denied!!! WTF?!? So a little more concerned, I'll go ahead and try Full Tilt. Denied again!!! Holy shit! Well, I really wanted to play, so hmmm. What the hell, I'll try my Capital One Visa (it's what's in my wallet, dammit). Sunuvabitch, it goes thru! I didn't think the major banks were allowing those transactions! So a no-name preloaded Visa debit card doesn't work, but a major US credit card does. I don't get it. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All your chip are belong to us

How can I not post this?
For more frivolity (poker-related and not), head here.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey! Random Stuff!


Greetings blog world, it's time for another installation in The Randomness.

Poker. Poker has been a cold cold world lately. My once-growing bankroll has dramatically shrunk over the past few weeks. There have been one or two instances where I made plays that were stupid, but by and large I've been playing well. I'm just getting raped on the river, and I don't even live in Mississippi! Seriously, it's been almost funny, how predictable it's been. An example, I follow 2 limpers and limp with my 66 from before the CO. 5 of us see a flop of AK6 rainbow. Couple of bets and 3 of us see a K fall on the turn. Schweet. I've likely got the nuts unless somebody is slowplaying aces, kings, or big slick. UTG bets and MP calls. I call, which puts me all in. The river is a 7, and UTG shoves and MP calls. Cards are flipped and UTG was playing A6 for two pairs. Fine. MP flips over 77 for his rivered 7s full of Ks, sinking my 6s full. It's been that kind of run. Suffice to say I'm taking a minor break to see if I can get out of this funk. I'm doing pointless things like playing billiards and rummy online (and kicking the computer's ass) to see if I can get back into a winning groove.

Movie Review. Knocked Up was very funny. Biggest complaint, not getting to see Katherine Heigel's breasticles. Second biggest complaint, having to see a fake version of her koochie (hey, it's the only word DAPGF finds acceptable, pick your own), in all it's glory in mid birth. It was even shaved, which I presume is just how she rolls. The movie was very well done, and hugely humorous (although not quite up to the 40 Year Old Virgin). It gets a little crude at times (duh) and some of the poopy references get a little old. But the scene in Vegas with Seth and Paul Rudd taking mushrooms at a Cirque du Soleil performance was farking hysterical! It is longer than 2 hours, so be sure to go potty before going in, if you're getting the Exxon-Valdez sized Dr. Pepper.

Last 5 songs I heard on Hair Nation: Def Leppard – Foolin', Van Halen – Panama, Warrant – Uncle Tom's Cabin, Bon Jovi – Runaway, Helix – Deep Cuts the Knife.

Now that I've got my new computer, and can safely install my own software on it (Firefox, etc.), I'm starting to channel my inner geek. I download Firefox, get the Google toolbar, and then start looking at all the ways to improve Firefox. So I add buttons for Digg and, which gets me into joining a bunch of these "social community" sites. And then I read blogs like Wheatie's, and read about some of the cool stuff he's playing with (Netscape, Buzznet, Last.FM, etc.), so I check them out. So now I found the equivalent of an RSS reader for all of the social community sites, Mashable. So when I get home tonight, I get to try and consolidate all of my online crap down into one simple site account. Or theoretically that's how it will work. Time will tell. And when it does, I'll tell you. Are any of you on any of these sites? Let me know and I'll add you. Or don't. I've got lots of new online friends to play with.

Work has been extremely busy, with projects and proposals all coming due at the same time. So when two of my hottie coworkers from our Davis office come in, we take a 3 hour break and go to the brewpub for some grub and beers. Yeah, that's helpful in getting things done. So Hoff is going to be working tonight, just after I finish this blog post. Ok. I'm done. See ya out there, and have fun in Vegas! Wish I was there!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Notes for a Weekend

A few quick notes to those few readers I still have.


As much as I'd love to come to the brogger event in Vegas next week, I will not be able to do so.  Time, $$$$, and other such horrible things conspire against me.   If the gods smile upon me for the rest of the year, I might be persuaded to attend the December gathering.  Have fun, remember Rule #20, and drop a hammer for me.


Some of you may have noticed the contest banner over at the upper right of this here tube in teh intarwebs.  My favorite automotive website, is having a contest where they are giving away a 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T SUV.  It's actually a pretty sweet looking ride, and it's the top 'o the line.   Totally free registration, and you can totally opt out of receiving any spam marketing information.


New favorite useless timewasting website, click here (totally SFW, except for your laughter).


Have a good weekend!