Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I Missing Something?

18 player SNG on Tilt. I get dealt Cowboys at UTG+1. I pop it up 5x the BB. The cutoff triples my raise. I flat call, concerned that villain might have rockets. Flop comes down Q93 rainbow. I shove and villain calls. I show my kings and he flips over 66. My Cowboys hold up and I stack the tool. OK. I can understand calling me preflop with a pocket pair. We've all done it, hoping the flop will hit us in the face. And yes, I can see reraising me on a bluff-steal. Except his stack was smaller than mine and he didn't shove preflop. But to call my shove with two overs to his pair on the table, and my preflop raise indicating strength to begin with, I don't get it.

And while typing this post it happened again. I'm dealt Kings again, I bet it up again and get called. Flop comes down 58T with one spade. I bet out, he raises, I reraise, he shoves, I call (I have him covered), and he shows a 3-5 of spades. So BPSK (bottom pair, shitty kicker), and only 3 to a weak flush and he reraises me several times? I know the donkeys are out, but I haven't seen it so blatant all at once in quite a while.

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