Friday, November 09, 2007

The Randomness of Friday (it's a whole new week!)

Well, it’s been a busy week. The major proposal I’d been working on for the past several weeks was selected as the winning one, so now I get to work on a project that will generate somewhere north of a million dollars for my company. Job security…after 2006, me likey job security. Of course I’ve got one other project that just started up and another proposal that I need to write.

Managed to play a little poker on Monday. Hit the Daily Doubles on Tilt. One of them I busted out somewhere in the 500s, but the other one I survived a field of 1250-something and held on to 54th place. Not a high-dollar finish, but it’s always nice to go deep in these tournaments. That finish was even more impressive given that, approaching the 2nd break I was down to 787 chips. I get dealt A3c UTG and shove. One caller with 89c. I catch an ace on the flop and double. Next hand, I get KQ in the BB. 1 limper, 1 min-raise from MP, and I shove. Limper folds, MP calls and shows KJ. Ship it beeyotch! And the next hand I get dealt AA in the SB. 2 limpers, button raises 3x, I shove over the top. Limpers fold and button calls, showing AK. What do you know! I’m back over 6k in chips! I got lucky several times, and committed a couple of bad suckouts, but by and large I just played solid poker and got cards when I needed them. One hand I was particularly proud of, I got dealt 99 on the button. UTG+1 limps, MP min-raises, I call, SB folds, BB calls, and UTG calls. Flop comes down 4 9 T rainbow. Jackpot! Gotta slowplay this one. BB checks, UTG checks, MP bets just over half the pot. I hesitate for a bit and then call. BB calls and UTG folds. Turn brings a duck. BB checks, MP checks, and I check as well. River brings a ten, giving me 9s full of tens. BB checks, MP bets a little over half the pot. I think and hesitate, and finally min-reraise him, figuring he was on AT. BB folds and MP shoves. I’ve got him covered and I call. As expected, he shows his AT and leaves the table when my 9s full are shown. One of the best hands I’ve played in a while.

Finally, some of the random Friday crap.

Last 5 songs on WMP shuffle:

Survivor – American Heartbeat (back in the Eye of the Tiger days, baby!)
St. Germaine – Alabama Blues (more ambient acid stuff)
Cobra Starship – Bring It (I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!)
The Specials – Pressure Drop
Fates Warning – Through Different Eyes (excellent late 80’s prog metal)

Car of the Week

I still don’t know if this is going to become a regular feature, but I had this one and decided to share. The bank branch for my bank that’s closest to my office happens to be next door to an automotive repair shop. But this isn’t just any repair shop. This is the authorized body shop for Ferrari/Maserati of San Diego and Symbolic Motors of La Jolla, which is the San Diego dealer for Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Lamborghini, Panoz, Spyker, Bugatti, and all those other exotic makes. Those two dealerships are the strip clubs that DAPGF lets me go to occasionally (still haven’t managed to get a lap dance, tho’), with some of the hottest automotive bodies you’ll lay eyes (and other body parts) on. But back to the COTW. I went to the bank, and sitting in the parking lot of the body shop was this:

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. This is one of the sexiest cars on the face of the earth, IMHO. The lines and curves go beyond sensuous, and despite the fact that the best colors for Ferrari’s are Red and Black (with the occasional white Testarossa hold out from Miami Vice), this is the first one ever that I’ve seen in Maroon. And you know, it looks damn good. It dials back the “arrest me now because I’ve obviously done something naughty” look without taking away from the gorgeousness of the car. Frankly, as a car nut of the highest order, I’m lucky to live where I do. We have the population that loves the pimp-mobiles from last week (why do I have this eerie feeling that Smokkee was going to call on that one?), and the high-dollar crowd that rolls around town in the Rolls Royce Phantoms, Lamborghini Gallardos, and those beautiful Ferrari 599 GTBs. Have a great weekend!

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