Thursday, November 29, 2007

Assorted Thoughts and Stuff

Best insult yet: "You suck so hard that you can't even hear it over the sound of you sucking! It's like you drowned in a bucket of fail!"

While my game hasn't been completely sucking, it has been up and down. I just finished up a $33 9 player SNG on Tilt where I basically folded my way to second. I was fourth out of four, sitting on the bubble, and every blind I hit, big and small, my hand was J2, J3, or J4. And being the short stack, they were ganging up on me (as they should), so I rarely had the opportunity to even check an option. Finally, UTG raised and the button shoved. AA vs KK and the bubble bursts! But wait, we're back to the shitty blind hands. 93o, T4o. Finally UTG min-raised me and I called with J4d. Flop comes down 2 diamonds. I bet, hoping to induce a fold. He stays. Turn is a 4. I bet and DH shoves. I fold and he graciously shows his set of 4s. That cost me half my stack. But wait! There's a little more! I picked up Big Slick in the next BB. SB has me covered and shoves. I call and he flips over A5o. I flop a K and double up. Next hand, UTG who doubled me up shoves. I fold and BB thinks about it and calls with a 56c, to UTGs JTo. Flop comes down 565 and I land in 2nd! I'll freaking take it!

Last 5 songs in my WMP shuffle:
The Voices - Street Commander
Abandoned Pools - Mercy Kiss
Queensryche - Eyes of a Stranger
Jeff Kashiwa - Saratoga
SOD - Speak English or Die!

How's that for random? And for slightly less random, the last 5 songs on Sirius Hair Nation while I drove home from work:
Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark
Van Halen - And the Cradle Will Rock
Guns and Roses - You Could Be Mine
Scorpions - Big City Nights
Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom

Peace, love, and goo.

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River Driver said...

Hey, for your Sirius, did it come with your Jeep or did you get it installed?