Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh the carnage! Actual poker content! Be warned, it's ugly!

My worst, most painful beat ever, sadly wasn't even a bad beat.  So I don't owe anybody a dollar!

18 player SNG on Tilt.  Blinds are sitting around 75/150, and we're down to 14 or so.  I get dealt an uns00ted Cheney (As2c) in the SB.  A guy in MP limps, I complete and BB checks.  Flop is 2s 5d 4s.  Nice and raggy, I lead out for about 2/3 the pot.  BB folds and MP calls.  Turn is the 3s, giving me a wheel, the nut flush draw, and a str8 flush draw.  I'm actually hoping for any spade but the 5, because I've just got this eerie feeling.  Of course the 5s hits the river, giving me a str8 flush, Ace to Five.  I bet the pot.  MP, who has me covered, raised enough to put me all in.  I'm hoping that maybe he's playing A5 and thinks his boat is good.  But I've still got a weird feeling about it.  I call, and flip my str8 flush over.  He then flips over 6h 6s, giving him the higher str8 flush, 2 to 6!  To hit a str8 flush is rare enough (I think I've personally hit them 3 times, including this one), but to hit one only to lose to the guy playing the only card in the deck that could beat me was just awful.  And to make matters worse, I ran the numbers on TwoDimes, and I was behind the whole time.  At no time was I any closer than a 70 to 30 dog, and that was preflop.  So there's a good story to start the long weekend with.  May the felt be with you.

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