Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It ain't easy bein' a pimp!

I really do have some poker content to discuss, a couple of cashes in larger MTTs, one horrible beat (not a bad beat because I was behind all the way, but very sucky nonetheless), and a couple of really fun hands.  I'll try to get to those tonight when I get home.  But for right now I wanted to put on my pimp hat and smack some hoes around.  Many of you probably know Nick.  If you don't know Nick the person, then you might know Nick the guru/moderator/operator of  CardsChat is a great poker portal that really covers the full spectrum of poker.  News.  Site Reviews.  Bonus whoring opportunities.  How To tips.  Message Boards.  Bankroll management info.  In short, just about anything you could need that's related to online poker can be found here at  Now go check it out before I gotta bitch-slap you!

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BrainMc said...

I see you know how to speak backhand.