Friday, July 27, 2007

An interesting observation...

So.  As most of you know, I have limited times when I can sit down and get my poker on.   Those nights that DAPGF teaches and if DAPGF is asleep when I get done walking the doggie around midnight.  I hadn't played a hand of poker all week, live or online, and I was eagerly anticipating jumping onto Tilt and firing up a SNG after walking the doggie.   I get home at 11:50 pm pacific time and DAPGF is asleep.  w00t!!  Hoff is hitting the felt!   I login to Tilt and start scanning the lobby.  There's something like 7400 players sitting at 6100 tables, but nobody is signing up for any SNGs.   No matter the game, no matter the buy-in.  There aren't even  any where they're sitting at 1 of 45, 1 of 9, 1 of 6, or even 1 of 2!!   Nothing.  I figure that it's close to midnight and there are probably some MTTs that go off at that point, so I check there.  There are two MTTs that kick off at midnight, the $4k guarantee in Pot Limit Hold 'Em, and a $10 NLHE.   Both are 18 player minimum, and they only have 4 and 3 players signed up respectively.  So despite signing up for them, the tournaments are cancelled.   I really wasn't in the mood to play ring, so I logged off and went to bed.  Yes I know that there is the Riverstars curse (besides, we all know online poker is rigged) and that the action has gotten quite fishy since the Party players came over and the bloggers left for Tilt, but there is always action going on at Stars.   You might have to wait a few minutes for a tournament or SNG to fill up, but there will always be action to be had at Stars.  And with that, I'm going to get me a Visa Debit Card and reload the Stars account.   You know, for just such an emergency.

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