Monday, July 23, 2007

A change of scenery...

Poker remains a hit and miss proposition.  I had $13 sitting in my Stars account last night, and with DAPGF going out to see a movie with some friends Hoff's gonna play some poker.   Given my less than stellar results as of late and my adherence to the idea of "change it up if you get into a rut," I decided to jump into a .10/.25 ring game.   I was pretty card zombie throughout the evening, but I still managed to stay right around par.  And then the Riverstars gods laughed at me.  I'm dealt KQo in LP.  Two limpers, I limp, and both blinds see a flop of KQ2 rainbow.  Well hot damn!  Not wanting to get nuked by slow-playing it, it checks to me and I bet the pot.  One guy in EP called.  The turn is a worthless 7, but Villain shoves.   Now, if he was short-stacked or huge-stacked, I might think that he just hit a set.  But his stack, which had me covered, was deep enough that he could've bet the pot and not quite been pot-committed.   So I didn't place him on a set.  I figured he'd hit two pair (hammer anybody?) and was going to prevent anybody playing TPTK from outdrawing his two pair.   So I call and am all in.  A ten hits the river, giving villain and his J9 a K-high straight and felting me.  And sadly I can't even fault him because I've been dumb enough to chase that same damn draw.  Meh.


But I still had time to play, so to make it that much more different, I changed up a bunch of stuff.  I went over to Tilt, and jumped into a $22 8 player limit HORSE sng.   I'm not a huge fan of playing limit, but I figured it would be a nice change of scenery.  Wouldn't you know it, my favorite game out of all of them, O/8, was my worst game, but it didn't matter.   Well, it wound up mattering.  From the time we were 5 handed, I had a huge chip lead and was running over the table.   Then we got 3 handed as Omaha came back around.  I donked off a bunch of chips, and fortunately one of the others got busted, sending it to HU.   We were about even at that point, and I got on a RAZZ tear.  Villain was getting good hands, but I was getting better ones.  We both have A235 showing, but his low hole is an 8 and mine is a 6.   That kind of thing.  I got him to within 500 of being out and the deck turned to ice as we went to Stud.  I couldn't catch a hand to save my life.  I'd get dealt pocket aces, only to have his last face card give him a visible set of something, and I fold.  That happened a lot.  Eventually we made it back to LHE for one freaking hand.  I've got K3s in the BB.  He raises and I call.  Flop comes down K73.  He bets, I raise, and I wind up all in.  He flips over a pair of 3s, and IGH in 2 nd.  Still, that was a nice $50 win, and anything that adds to the b/r is a good thing.  See ya out there.


Matt Silverthorn said...

I don't know which are more fun, coolers or suckouts.

Wolverine Fan said...

Hope you can turn things around on Stars. Here is one way to turn things around.
I wanted to invite you and anyone else you can round up to play against the Brits on Sunday in a bloggerment tourney on Poker Stars. It is at 4PM EDT which is sometimes difficult for us in the States but I really want to take down this tourney against the Brits. My blog has details on it.

I won't get in the habit of doing this as it is quite impolite for me to hijack your blog like this.