Monday, July 16, 2007

Actual Poker Content! Who knew!

Greetings poker peeps!  Get ready for some actual poker content!


This past week was kinda busy and weird.  There were opportunities provided by DAPGF to get my poker on, but for the most part I was unable to.   Dinner with Dad.  Twilight round of golf.  Etc. Etc.  Wednesday I did play a little, but not with a bunch of success.   I hit Stars and placed 2nd in a micro 45 player SNG.  Then I went over to Tilt.  There was a peep sex token SNG spinning up, so I jumped into that while waiting for either a $6 or $11 9 player turbo to open up.   I busted out of two SNGs but won my token.  Now, when in the hell am I going to find time to properly use a token?   When all of a sudden DAPGF comes home and tells me that a friend of hers got tickets to some folksy guitar chick's concert on Saturday night.  Well how about that!   A quick check of things shows that Tilt's $24k guarantee will be jumping off at 5 pm.  Done.  And since I know it's rare that I get time to play a longer MTT, I figured I'd see if anything worthwhile was happening on Stars.   $3 Rebuy Madness with a $30k guarantee!!  What a freaking evening!


So 5 pm rolls around and I get going.  I did the initial rebuy to bump my chips up to 3k, and the $24k Guarantee was a deep stack, so I started with 3k in chips for both.   I chipped up early in both games, and amazingly I wasn't at a pushmonkey table in the rebuy.  So I hovered around 3 to 4k in chips in both, and then my fonkiness reared its ugly head.   About 30 minutes into things, I get dealt A9s in the $24k, just before the CO.  2 limpers ahead of me, I go ahead limp and the blinds call/check.   Flop comes down 269 with 2 spades…no real straight opportunities.  SB checks, BB fires out a pot-sized bet.  Fold fold, and with my TPTK and nut flush draw I min-reraise him (half the pot).  He goes ahead and shoves, and I call.  He had pocket 6s for a set, I didn't improve and busted out as only a fonkey can with only 1 pair.


After that, I tightened up at the Rebuy Madness, not wanting an early exit here, too.  So we make it to the first break, I did the add on, and was sitting with a little over 5k in chips…not great but not bad.   First hand after the break, I get dealt Hiltons at UTG+1.  UTG folds and I fire out a 5x raise (I forget exactly what the blinds were) and the button smooth calls.   I figured if he had KK or AA he would've reraised me, so I figured him for an underpair or a strong ace.  Flop came down low rainbow rags (7 high).   I bet the pot and the button shoved.  I took his move as either he was playing A7 and had TPTK or he was trying to protect 2 overcards (AK, AQ, etc.), but that I was probably ahead, so I called which put me all in.   At least I had my read correct, when he flipped over uns00ted big slick.  Unfortunately the turn brought a K, and no more rebuy madness for Hoff.


I'm disappointed in the results and in my fonkalicious moments, but it was still fun.  Gotta find a way to play those again.   See ya out there.


Matt Silverthorn said...

Ok, you are starting to freak me out, man. Are you stalking me online? I have come across two comments from you on random unrelated sites: one on the LOLCats site and one on the autoblog about the matchbox cars. The intertubes are smaller thank we think...

iamhoff said...

I am everywhere! I love Autoblog, so much so that I have the widgets for them and AB Green in my sidebar. And how can you not love Icanhascheezburger? I found out about cheezburger from one of Autoblog's sister sites (and Card Squad's), Download Squad. They did a thing on the lolcat builder, and here I am. Buzznet,, Mashable, Netscape, I am every-freaking-where. Except Myspace. I have no desire to be viewed as a child-stalking pedophile. See ya out there!