Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey! Random Stuff!


Greetings blog world, it's time for another installation in The Randomness.

Poker. Poker has been a cold cold world lately. My once-growing bankroll has dramatically shrunk over the past few weeks. There have been one or two instances where I made plays that were stupid, but by and large I've been playing well. I'm just getting raped on the river, and I don't even live in Mississippi! Seriously, it's been almost funny, how predictable it's been. An example, I follow 2 limpers and limp with my 66 from before the CO. 5 of us see a flop of AK6 rainbow. Couple of bets and 3 of us see a K fall on the turn. Schweet. I've likely got the nuts unless somebody is slowplaying aces, kings, or big slick. UTG bets and MP calls. I call, which puts me all in. The river is a 7, and UTG shoves and MP calls. Cards are flipped and UTG was playing A6 for two pairs. Fine. MP flips over 77 for his rivered 7s full of Ks, sinking my 6s full. It's been that kind of run. Suffice to say I'm taking a minor break to see if I can get out of this funk. I'm doing pointless things like playing billiards and rummy online (and kicking the computer's ass) to see if I can get back into a winning groove.

Movie Review. Knocked Up was very funny. Biggest complaint, not getting to see Katherine Heigel's breasticles. Second biggest complaint, having to see a fake version of her koochie (hey, it's the only word DAPGF finds acceptable, pick your own), in all it's glory in mid birth. It was even shaved, which I presume is just how she rolls. The movie was very well done, and hugely humorous (although not quite up to the 40 Year Old Virgin). It gets a little crude at times (duh) and some of the poopy references get a little old. But the scene in Vegas with Seth and Paul Rudd taking mushrooms at a Cirque du Soleil performance was farking hysterical! It is longer than 2 hours, so be sure to go potty before going in, if you're getting the Exxon-Valdez sized Dr. Pepper.

Last 5 songs I heard on Hair Nation: Def Leppard – Foolin', Van Halen – Panama, Warrant – Uncle Tom's Cabin, Bon Jovi – Runaway, Helix – Deep Cuts the Knife.

Now that I've got my new computer, and can safely install my own software on it (Firefox, etc.), I'm starting to channel my inner geek. I download Firefox, get the Google toolbar, and then start looking at all the ways to improve Firefox. So I add buttons for Digg and, which gets me into joining a bunch of these "social community" sites. And then I read blogs like Wheatie's, and read about some of the cool stuff he's playing with (Netscape, Buzznet, Last.FM, etc.), so I check them out. So now I found the equivalent of an RSS reader for all of the social community sites, Mashable. So when I get home tonight, I get to try and consolidate all of my online crap down into one simple site account. Or theoretically that's how it will work. Time will tell. And when it does, I'll tell you. Are any of you on any of these sites? Let me know and I'll add you. Or don't. I've got lots of new online friends to play with.

Work has been extremely busy, with projects and proposals all coming due at the same time. So when two of my hottie coworkers from our Davis office come in, we take a 3 hour break and go to the brewpub for some grub and beers. Yeah, that's helpful in getting things done. So Hoff is going to be working tonight, just after I finish this blog post. Ok. I'm done. See ya out there, and have fun in Vegas! Wish I was there!


River Driver said...

Hey, Mississippi had nothing to do with any of that Deliverance stuff--that was Georgia (and Foxworthy had it wrong--the Ocoee River, where the Olympics were held, is not where Deliverance was filmed; it was filmed on the Tallulah and the Chatooga, neither of which we've kayaked yet). Although I'm sure there are some places along the river where you might not want to tarry, if you've got a real purty mouth.

CarmenSinCity said...

We are going to miss you this weekend. I heard that Knocked up was SO good. I wanna see it.

BrainMc said...

I request more posts about acceptable alternatives to the word "koochie."