Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey! Actual Poker Content! Woo hoo!

Friday evening wound up being kind of a perfect storm of good for Hoff.  As most of you know, DAPGF's thing is going to see movies.   Lots of movies.  Every bloody weekend.  And we don't wait for a movie to be out for a few days, no…we see 'em as soon as they're out.   And Friday night it happened.  The only movies that we hadn't seen were ones DAPGF didn't want to see.  So we're trying to figure out what to do, and a commercial comes on the TV for the Sycuan Casino, one of the many Native American casinos here in San Diego County.  They'd just completed a major expansion, parking garage, yadda yadda yadda.  GF's looking at me and says, we could go but that she doesn't want me spending too much money.   Aha but wait!  Hoff just got an expense reimbursement check from his gracious employers, to the tune of $200!   We're going to the casino!  So we go and hit the buffet.  Decent selection, but the food was very bland.   Meh. 


But they had added another thousand or so slots, and finished up the improvements to their poker room, so with dinner done we head out on the floor.   I gave DAPGF some slot money and I headed for the poker room.  It's very nice, set down at the end of the casino.   Plasmas running poker on FSN and the waiting lists, nice tables, but no alcohol.  It was a good sized room, with probably 30 or more tables.  I promptly bought in for $100 and sat down in the 1 seat for some 1/3 NL.  The table was pretty tight, with one guy thinking he was the next coming of the Unabomber.   He didn't say a word, just sat there in his sunglasses and hoodie.  He was not, however, wearing an iPod, nor was he shuffling his stack of chips.   He WAS reading through the latest issue of Card Player when he wasn't in a hand, so I'm thinking he was trying to learn how to shuffle his chips, like the Asian hottie in Seat 7 with the phenomenal bolt-on's.   She was shuffling her chips very smoothly and was wearing an iPod.  She wasn't as cute as Pauly's favorite, but she was better to look at than any of the guys at the table.  


Anyway, I started off with 3 junk hands, and then in the BB picked up an A4c.  I checked 3 other limpers and saw a rainbow KJ4, but with no clubs.   I decided to open and see where I was, so I bet out just less than half the pot.  2 called.  Turn brought another J.   I decided to see if I could take it down, and bet out 20.  First guy folded, but the other one reraised me to 40.   I still hadn't seen a club, and even if villain didn't have a 3rd J, if he had Kx he still had a better 2 pair so I folded.  Almost one orbit later, I'm UTG and find aces.   I lead out with 15, and get 2 callers.  Flop comes down A94.  w00t!!  Top set.  I am a little concerned about the two cards to a flush, but I'm at least holding the ace.  Anyway, I bet out and my opponent decides to put me all in.   I called before he even had his chips in the middle.  He flips over AK and doubles me up.  Now, if I was smart, I would've just walked away then…hit it and quit it.   Nope, not me.  I kept playing. 


Admittedly, not much happened for about another orbit.  Then DAPGF came in.   She'd burned thru her slot money, and not being a fan of gamb00ling, was ready to go.  We could have, and in obvious hindsight should have, but I wasn't done, dammit.   Now, I don't know whether I changed my play because DAPGF was watching, whether she just brought me bad gamb00ling karma, or whether I just turned into a 'tarded lemur.  Either way I played two back to back hands very unwisely, which brought me back to par (well, $94, down $6).   I got dealt 33 in MP, and decided that I'd limp.  The guy just before me min-raised (and somewhere baby Jebus cried), so I said fukkit and called.   Then the BB min-reraised.  After 2 people called the reraise, I had no choice.  Pot odds were calling.   In hindsight, even if I hit a set, there were enough people that could have been playing their own pairs that I still would have been dominated.  But as I said, fukkit.  I called, whiffed the flop, and folded to a bet.  Then a few hands later I got dealt 24h on the button.   Again, I got a case of the fukkits and decided to limp.  There were several other people in the pot, so again I had the pot odds.  Boom!   Flop comes down 3hJc5h.  Open ended str8 flush draw!  Villain opens for half the pot and I call.   Turn brings the 8s.  Another bet and call.  River brings the 9h.  Well, it's not the card I wanted, but I made my flush.   Villain bets and I just called.  He flips over the A6h for the nut flush and both of my SF cards.  At that point, I got up and left.   But we did stop at a slot machine (a variable Double Diamond machine).  I put in $20, after 5 minutes at $.05 (4 coins per line, 9 lines) I was up to $30.   We cashed out and left.  So all the evening wound up costing me was dinner and fuel.  I won back GF's slot money and felt satisfied.


So to sum up, Sycuan Casino , not a bad place.  The buffet was meh, there's no booze, but the poker room was nice, not too crowded, and pretty loose.

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BrainMc said...

You've obviously been reading my new book, How To Stay At The Table And Not Leave When You're Ahead. At least you didn't drop a buy-in and you got to spend time with DAPGF while gamboooling. That's a winner night.