Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Actual poker content! Plus some sorta poker content! Woo hoo!

And the hot streak seems to be over. And truly I have to say that it's because online poker is rigged (insert LOL here). Actually I really have gone card zombie, which I think is worse than card dead. Card dead, I wouldn't enter any pots, and I might actually fold into the money occasionally. Card zombie, I'm getting solid preflop hands, ones that justify either opening with a solid raise (AQ s000ted) or calling a preflop raise (QQ, JJ, TT). So instead of limping where I've only invested 1 or 2 BBs, I'll invest 3 to 6 BBs preflop, only to completely whiff the flop (AQc, flop comes down K99, all red; UTG opens for 3x preflop, and I call with TT, and the flop comes down AJ8). You all know what I'm talking about. I can point to two particular SNGs where I really shouldn't have been playing (J9h with close pot odds) or where I misread my opponent (my A4 flops 2 pair, I bet, villain shoves, I read him for a shove monkey steal, but he really has a set of aces). So for the most part I'm still comfortable with how I'm playing. I just need to drop down a few levels and see if I can ride out this down streak.

On a completely different (yet sorta related) topic, DAPGF is becoming much more comfortable with the idea of me playing poker. What turned the trick was when she played at my company's casino night back in February and tore the table up. She's given me kitchen passes twice to go play live at local Indian casinos, and actually wants to play heads up some evenings for simple stakes (backrub for her, online time for me). As part of this, she thought that she'd give me something of a poker-related break from the usual chick flick that I'm forced to see (since this, I have seen Georgia Rule and Waitress, so it must have been a one-time thing), DAPGF took me to see Lucky You on its opening night. I must say, it was better than I expected. Yes, there were a ton of clich├ęs and the player stereotypes (the internet guy who was supposed to be Moneymaker), but some of the prop bets were classic (the guy who got breast implants on a bet, bet $50k that he could live for one month in the Bellagio bathroom, etc.), and there were actually a few moments where the poker content was almost useful. There's one period where Drew Barrymore is sitting with Eric Bana at a cash table at Binion's (I believe), and Eric actually takes some time to explain how he's putting other players on certain hands (script, duh), and why he then bets the way he does. It actually sounded like a reasonable analysis. That and there's one or two times when Robert Duvall goes over some hand analysis with Bana and Barrymore. And I must say I was pleased with the ending. It wasn't a stereotypical predictable finish, so that helped. It wasn't Rounders (hell, it wasn't even this) but it was better than expected.

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CarmenSinCity said...

I need to go see Lucky You. I just hate going to the movies. I can't sit still that long.