Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thanks, and I need your help

I can't begin to thank all of you for your support during this time of grief.  We had the memorial service this past Thursday, and the most telling comment came from our Senior Pastor (who has been our family pastor for the past 24 years), "People are lined up outside the doors.   I don't think we're going to start on time."  I thought I knew how special my mom was.  As it turns out, I seriously underestimated it.   Not just the quantity of people who came, but the personal stories that just about everybody shared about her.  Family members are returning to their own homes, and now it's going to be just me and dad ( little sister lives in the Memphis area) (and DAPGF, obviously).  Seeing the outpouring of support here in the blogosphere, I know that we'll be able to make it.


And I wish that this was the end of the grief, but a blog friend of Shane Nickerson (and if I dare, myself) needs prayers of support and comfort far more than I do.  Please click here.


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