Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The one in which we give up, and yet start anew...along with a Wednesday Pimp

I've given up. Yep. I'm done. I can't go any farther. I can't fix my computer problems. What, you thought I was giving up some combo of poker and blogging? I may not be the best at either (hell, I know I'm not that good or consistent at either!), but I enjoy them and occasionally can find the time to do them. No, it's my computer problems I'm giving up on. Lord knows I've tried. New power supply. New motherboard. New power switch. New case. Fugg it. I'll survive on my work laptop and thumb drive (again, thank you Hoyazo for asking whether you could run a poker client off of a thumb drive) for the next couple of weeks, until I can figure out what to get and how to pay for it.

Now, about poker. My game has been decidedly mixed, trending towards crappy. But last night gave me a slim bit of hope. I recently reread Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book and am rereading Harrington. I got onto FT last night, but didn't want to play a $1 SNG. I wanted to have a shot at winning something for my efforts, so I found the 9 player $6.50 SNG. I jumped into it and rolled over the table. At one point, UTG popped a 5x raise preflop. The cutoff, being somewhat shortstacked, shoved. I look down, only to find rockets! Woo hoo! I shove, UTG has me barely covered and calls. I'm up against QQ and KK respectively, and nearly tripled up for my efforts. It was that kind of game, until heads up and I couldn't win a hand to save my life. The final insult was getting Kings, only to have my luckbox opponent wind up with Aces. Still, 2nd place was a good start to the evening. Then I thought I'd play a peep-sex token 18 player SNG. I got bounced out of that in 13 th place, when I woke up to AKc in the BB. MP raised preflop, I reraised to chase out the others in the pot, MP shoves (I've got him barely covered) and I call. He's got A7o, The Tourist, and I'm loving it. Until a 7 spikes on the river. Well, now what to do? The next peep token was taking a while to spin up, so I figured I'd do another $6.50. Again, I freaking pwned the thing. The few races I got into held up, and even when I was a strong underdog, I'd get flops like this:

How could I lose? Exactly. I didn't. I won, and got my bankroll back over my last deposit amount! Over my entire poker career, super in the red, but for now, I'm in the black, baby! Don't forget, The Mookie is tonight, so show up for the donk fest. Hell, you might even see me there!

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