Saturday, March 17, 2007

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...please stand by

I know I haven't posted in a while, or lurked by several of my favorite blogs (many others have not been hyperlinked besides in the sidebar due to a Blogger-imposed link limit...apparently they've decided that I am not allowed to provide that many links in one post). I apologize. Teh Randomness has been experiencing some technical difficulties, and we are attempting to resolve them. Please bear with me...

So. Tuesday evenings, DAPGF teaches. That is my night to do things that don't require (and are frankly better without) the presence of DAPGF. These things involve mainly the gym after work, and various computer activities (blogging, poker, finding crazy/amusing old videos on You Tube and such). I knew I owed posts to you fine folks, as well as wanting to get my poker jones on, so I was looking forward to Tuesday and the expected frivolity. So Monday evening (3/12) I put the computer into sleep mode before I put myself into sleep mode. Because of the internet nazis at work, I try to check my personal email at home before going into work, so I figured a quick boot was preferable. Tuesday morning, I woke up and hit the power switch, waiting for the standby blinks to go solid and my noisy little box to spring to life. Well that didn't happen. The fan made some noise, but that was solid lights, no signal to the monitor, no power/signal to my wireless keyboard and mouse. After powering it off, powering back on a couple of times, I gave up and went to work. By the time I got home, it was completely power lights, no fan, nothing. So I hopped onto my new favorite website, Tech Support Forum (nerd alert!!! These guys rock! Super helpful on any number of different tech/computer related issues!) and dropped a couple of posts. Several people chimed in, all leaning hopefully towards the Power Supply Unit being dead, but expecting my motherboard to be completely fried. Wednesday I bought a new PSU and installed it...nothing. Yep, the board is fried. So I really had minimal computer access this week. I'm only able to blog now because I've got my work laptop tied into my home network. Any port in a storm. I'm missing my many gigs of mp3s, but at least I'm able to hop online.

Tuesday was also DAPGF's birthday, so I spent most of last weekend and Monday getting things ready for that. We went out to dinner on Saturday, and I got her gifts on Tuesday. I won't divulge the details, but it was all good.

I actually did get my poker jones on, Wednesday night, but it was less than satisfying. A 45 player NLHE SNG. Top 7 pay, I went out in 8th. An 18 player NLHE SNG. Top 4 pay...I went out in 6th. A 10 player PLO/8 SNG, top 3 pay. I went out in 4th. I am Bubble Boy! Still, it was good getting to play some. Way back when, I'm glad the question came up about running poker clients off of a USB thumb drive. I've got Stars, Tilt, and Royal Vegas on one (had Party, too, until the pulled out). Our internet/IT nazis at work may be able to prevent me from installing such frivolous things as Winamp and Full Tilt on my work laptop, but my thumb drive lets me beat the system and stick it to the man! Game on!

Anyway, tech issues are an impediment, but I'm still going. Stay tuned for further updates...

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