Monday, March 19, 2007

Teh one in which we quote Jimmy Buffet

"I know it's my own damn fault." I got greedy and it cost me a bubble. PLO/8 10 player SNG, we're 4 handed and I'm in the SB, in 4th place with 1600 in chips. Blinds are at 75/150. UTG and button are both in the 2500 -3500 range, and BB has the rest. I'm dealt TT35. UTG and button call, I complete and the BB checks. Flop comes down T44. w00t! Floppin' da boat! I check, BB min bets, UTG and button fold and I wonder whether I raise, shove or fold. I decide to be greedy and just call BB's bet. Turn comes down J. I check, and BB bets out 450. Instantly my heart sinks, and I just know he's got a pair of jacks. Still, I can't get away from my made boat, so I shove. He calls and flips over his JJTx, and Hoff is the bubble boy once again. I readily accept my donkaliciousness, and admit that it was my own damn fault. Although I don't know whether BB would've folded if I jammed on the flop. Given that he had an overpair to the board, and he was a big stack, I may have been screwed either way. Meh. Das poker.

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