Monday, January 08, 2007

A weekend of missed opportunities and poor decisions, or...Tell me why I play this game again

Yes I shamelessly copied the much-revered style of our boy Iak. Why not steal from the best?

This past weekend had so much potential. DAPGF was going out with friends both Friday AND Saturday evenings...Hoff's got time for pokah!!!! Fresh off making my New Year's Resolutions, I was set to play some winning poker. Why not start off with the riskiest thing I could find...$3 Rebuy Madness on PokerStars. I bought in for $3, did the initial double up (in for $6), and had an above-average stack at the first break. I did the add-on, so I was around 15k in chips and in for only $9. I was feeling good, sitting just outside the money (3800+ players, top 702 paid). At one point before the 2nd break, I was in 715th place and feeling good. 2nd break came and went and then I (finally) got moved to another table. Normally I get moved around a lot in MTTs. I know everybody gets moved, but I seem to get moved a lot. Here, though, I hadn't moved once. Then I moved and wound up 2 seats to the left of the big stack table bully. I watched him pop random raises at any point, any street, with any two cards. They weren't even calculated Hoyazo raises either (i.e. betting 2664 preflop at 400/800), just random tilty raises. I really tried to stay out of pots with this guy, just because who knew if he would hit a flop. As an example, I called a "roughly" 3x raise preflop with AJh, flop was all low and all black. He bets and I fold. That kind of crap. Finally I woke up in the SB with AKc. He fired off a preflop raise of 2500 or so at 400/800. I smooth called, figuring him on a tilt steal. Flop is rainbow rags. I knew he was on nothing, and I knew if I checked, he'd bet out. So I led out, firing out a 2/3 pot bet. He shoved over top of me (had me covered 2 to 1). I called and laughed when he flipped his JTo over. Turn is a brick and I'm grinning at the idea of doubling thru the biggest ass hat at the table. Sure as hell, the Td falls on the river, cracking my Big Slick and sending me home in 1141st place.

Shortly after that disaster, I jumped into a .25/.50 LHE table. Not sure why I was playing that level table, but I did. My first hand should have really told me something, when I posted my BB (in MP) and got dealt K7h. Occasionally I'll play that hand, but very rarely. So I check my BB and see the flop. K74. Noice! Top two pair. SB bets, BB raises, I call, CO raises and button caps it. The blinds fold and I call. Turn is a Q, and I bet out. CO raises and I call, figuring him for AK because of his raise preflop. River is a brick. I check, he bets and I call. He flips over his KQ 2 pair and takes a chunk of my stack. All I could think of was Resolution #4 from my resolution post: stop overvaluing my hands post flop and/or playing marginal hands. I never gained traction on the table, and left down $8. At that point, DAPGF came home, I walked the dog and went to bed.

Saturday. A New Day. A New Hope (much better subtitle than that damn Celine Dion song). Things are gonna be different! So I jump into a $6.50 45 player SNG. In the past, I've pwned these things. Hand 9, I get dealt A9h. UTG fires out a 4x raise preflop. Now, unless the preflop bet is outrageous, I'll play s000ted aces and call preflop raises. So UTG+1, me, and the CO call. Flop is Ad 7h 8h. TP medium kicker, nut flush draw and backdoor str8 flush draw. UTG+1 (aka villain) bets out 300 into a pot of 515 or so. Everyone folds and I call. Turn is a 2d. Villain bets out enough to put me all in. And in violation of one of my Resolutions and two of my self-imposed rules (never go broke with 1 pair, never go broke on a draw), I called. The river is a useless Q and villain flips over his AKo for TPTK, sending me home in 40th. Now, because he didn't do the raising preflop I really wasn't sure what he had. After the flop, I had him on a stronger ace then mine or maybe a flush draw (diamonds or spades). I can't figure out why I called his turn bet. I don't recall being particularly tilted or anything...I guess it was just my donkaliciousness rearing its ugly head again.

Saturday (later). A New, New Hope. A new idea of playing lower buy in tournaments. A $1.75 O/8 2 table was spinning up, so I jumped into it. Level III, I get dealt 7h 4d 9h 9d in the BB. The entire table limped, and I checked. Flop is Kc Qs 9s. SB shoves. There's a str8 draw on the board, but I figured that if he hit it, he wouldn't shoved, so I called. I did get worried when the guy to my left called as well. I'm praying for the board to pair, but the turn is the Ac and the river is the 8c. The guy to my left flips over a JT for the early 9 to K, improving to Broadway. The guy who shoved flipped over Jc 4c, on first the str8 draw and then completing the 2 outer flush, stacking both of us. I think (I can't be certain, but I'd like to think) that if the first yahoo hadn't shoved on the flop, the flop bet would've been reasonable. When the Ac fell on the turn, I'd like to think that would've scared me enough to fold to a bet. My stack would've been cut severely, but I would've still been alive. As it was, I went out in 12th out of 18.

Saturday (later still). A New Desperation. I jumped into a $1.75 18 player NLHE and won the damn thing! Of course that didn't completely erase my losses, but it helped ease the pain.

Let's try something different. Full Tilt Ring. .10/.25. Jump in for $10. In short order I've actually doubled up, thanks to two boats in a row! And then the bottom fell out. The last boat had me at UTG, so the next hand I was in the BB. I forgot to uncheck the "post blinds" button, so I figured I'd just check/fold and call it a day. I was nicely up, making up for some other SNG losses earlier, and figured that there was no way I could do any serious damage to my stack. A couple of people limp, and I get to check my 9h 8h. Flop comes down 7h 6h Kc. Ok. OESFD. I check, and one guy bets out $1. Everyone else folds and I call. Turn brings the Td. Ok, it's not the flush, but I've got a well-hidden straight. I check, villain bets out $2, and I reraise it to $5. He calls. River is the Jh. Misses the SF, but I do make my flush. I put villain on a KT for two pair, and was hoping that he didn't have the heart. I shoved, hoping that representing my flush would cause him to fold. Instead he flipped over the KT of...wait for it...hearts! Yep. His 2nd nut flush stacked me and I promptly took the dog for a walk and went to bed.

From here on out, no more "auto post blinds". No more!

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