Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Villains and Aces and Jack-Booted Thugs Oh My!

My my, so much going on. As most of you have heard (whomever still stops by my little corner of the internets), two of Neteller’s former executives got pinched by the US government. There have been many posts on the topic, but I think the most detailed info on the matter can be found here by Amy Calistri and here on (thanx to Jaxia at Steal The Blinds for that link). As of right now, US customers can still use Neteller for deposits and withdrawals, but the Instacash option has been removed from the US customers’ list of options. A buddy of mine just transferred a couple hundred that he’d had in Neteller as his core online roll, back into his bank, just on fears that Neteller may get shut down and access to funds restricted. It’s getting fugly out there. PayPal settled with the US government back in 2003 (very quietly, I might add, before the online boom really hit) to the tune of $10 million over charges that they assisted in illegal gambling. I had thought that PayPal had been voluntarily not handling funding issues for poker sites, but this adds a new light to things. If PayPal managed to get busted way before the UIGEA was even enacted, and now Neteller is being battered around, I wonder if the other eWallets are going to suspend operations for US customers, voluntarily or otherwise. As of today, PokerStars’ cashier page notes that Neteller’s Instacash option is no longer available to US customers, but most of their other US options (ePassaporte, Instant eChecks, Central Coin) are still good. I would presume that the other poker sites have similar options still available. Keep watching the newswires and stay on top of any other restrictions or shutdowns that come into play. Hopefully this is as far as the persecution of the eWallets goes, but we shall see.

And now on to other crap. Much like San Diego’s weather recently, I have been running oh so cold. I had one tournament where I had JJ (jj are most certainly NOT ok) two hands in a row. The first one I got all in on a ten-high flop against two shorter stacks, AKo and QTh. I was alive until the river (oh riverstars) when the Kh fell, giving the shortest stack (QT) a frush and taking me out of the main pot, and giving Slick his pair of Ks to leave me with 250 chips. Very next hand, I got the other two jacks (first two were black). I was UTG+2 and shoved on one limper. I got called by the guy who had AK last hand. He had KK this time, and IGH very early. The really ugly one was this sequence:

Hand 1, $1 18 player SNG
Villain is UTG, Hero is UTG+1 with KTh

Villain raises from 20 to 40, hero calls
Flop comes down 7c Ah Js
With a nut flush draw, a gutshot to Broadway, and a backdoor str8flush draw, I figure I’ll call a “reasonable” bet and see if I can’t get something to complete.
Villain is first to act and shoves, I fold.

Hand 2
Villain is now BB and Hero is UTG with KcQc

Hero decides that Villain is a maniac and is concerned. Hero limps
3 other limpers and Villain raises from 20 to 40. Everybody calls.
Flop comes down Ac8s4c
Villain is first to act and bets out 120. With again a nut flush draw, a backdoor to Broadway and a backdoor Royal, Hero calls. Everyone else folds.
Turn is 6d. Villain shoves, Hero folds.

Hand 3
Hero is in the BB, but a preflop raise by Villain forces Hero to fold

Hand 4
Hero is in SB, but with 62off, folds. Villain amazingly folds preflop.

Hand 5
Hero is on the button and looks down to find Rockets (AcAd)

It folds to Villain who limps. Hero raises from 20 to 120. Villain calls
Flop comes down 7cTcJd.
Villain is first to act and checks. Hero bets out 100.
Villain reraises to 200. Hero starts giggling nervously and decides fukkit and shoves.
Villain calls, and flips over Th9c for 2nd , a gutshot str8 draw and a flush draw (that I have beat).
Turn is the 3s. Hero is praying for no 8, 9, or T.
River is…the fucking 9d! Villain has 2 pair and cracks Hero’s aces and sanity.

Story of my life. If Neteller hadn’t restricted their operations, I’d send you a dollar for the story. Das poker.

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