Friday, January 05, 2007

Teh Year of Teh Hammer

Welcome to 2 double ought 7, which I am christening Teh Year of Teh Hammer. I don’t know if anybody else has made this connection, but I’ve not seen it. Ergo, I’m claiming Teh Year of Teh Hammer! w0000t!

In my efforts to keep up with the Joneses (or at least the Hoyazo’s), I figured I may as well get some goals for TYOTH. I’m not saying how realistic these may be, but they’re what I’m aiming for.

1. Build the total bankroll to 4 digits (before the decimal). The tail-end of ’06 gave me a good start on things, and even though I stumbled right at the beginning of TYOTH, I think I’ve got a little mo’ to build on. I don’t particularly care if the whole b/r is at just one site, or if it’s spread out over several. I’ve got a small positive balance right now and I don’t want to deposit anything else (unless of course a stupid reload bonus comes along and I don’t have something available to transfer). Right now I’ve got positive balances at PokerStars and Full Tilt. Over the summer, during the darkness, I played freerolls on Pitbull Poker and Royal Vegas. The action at both was suitably fishy, but I’ve heard of some people having difficulties getting money out of them. I did download UB and played some play money Pineapple, but I haven’t funded it. Likewise Full Contact Poker. Obviously I want to have enough depth at Stars or Tilt to keep playing if I pull $50 or so to load up another site, so I’m sure it will be a bit before I start playing elsewhere. Still, it is a goal.
2. Get to the point where my SNG cashes are greater than 50% of the time. Unless I play wildly varying buy-in amounts, even making the min cash 50% of the time is generally +EV. I would love to have it be above 70%, but I am trying to be realistic.
3. Get to the point where I finish in the top payout levels of my SNGs at least 30% of the time. By this I mean 9 player – 1st place; 18 player – 1st or 2nd place; 45 player – 1st thru 3rd place. This is where the ROI really climbs, and that’s where I want to be. If I’m cashing at least 50% of the time (see #2) and more than half of those are top level cashes, that should really help out the b/r.
4. Strengthen my discipline. In studying the hands where I busted out or took a big hit, I was either playing a hand that I never should have seen a flop with, I overvalued whatever preflop value my hand may have had against the actual post-flop value (i.e. 2 overcards on a small flop or 3rd pair decent kicker), or I chased a draw that I really shouldn’t have. Those are the biggest leaks in my game, especially the 2 overcards scenario. You all know the drill, you have something remotely useful like AKo or AQs and bet it up preflop. The flop comes down rainbow rags. You fire out a bet that you hope will just take it down, and it doesn’t. And you bet on every street, and finally fold on the river having bled down your stack against somebody who flopped a set and wasn’t going to let it go for anything. Must stop doing that.
5. Learn to adjust my game to ring play. I mostly play SNGs, or MTTs depending on whether I’ve got the time. I’ve always liked the SNGs, and playing a bunch of freerolls over the summer got me accustomed to large-field MTTs (i.e. 6k players). When I first started cashing in some of the freerolls, I was obviously not winning large amounts. Generally not enough to buy in to a SNG. So I played some microlimit ring games. I did alright, but they play differently than a SNG/MTT does. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it is. Maybe because the blinds don’t increase, you don’t get that added benefit from stealing blinds. Picking up $.15 because you raised preflop and everybody folded does not increase the stack substantially enough to help, the way later rounds in a tournament do. Maybe it’s because you can (subject to b/r limitations) always re-buy if you bust out. Maybe it’s because the low/microlimits just don’t seem big enough to matter. I know they do, but I have found myself playing much more marginal hands than I do in tournaments, because it only cost $.10 to call the BB. I do that with my T7s, and maybe the button pops a 3x raise. Well, he’s on the button, so it could just be a steal. Besides, it’s only another $.30 to call. Fukkit. And I whiff the flop and fold. Or worse, catch part of the flop and bleed myself dry on a lesser flush or an OESD that never completes. I know there’s money to be made at the cash tables. My buddy Troll has been playing microlimit ring for a while and he’s built up a decent b/r. Pauly and Don are always talking about playing ring tables, and doing rather well at it. No reason why I shouldn’t.

So there. Some not completely unreasonable goals for TYOTH, here at Teh Randomness. See ya out there.


BrainMc said...

TYOTH, I like it. Good observation.

Klopzi said...

Good luck with the goals and the job in 2007!

One word of advice: if you want the 4-figure bankroll, cash games and bonuses are the way to go.

Playing 0.50/1 limit poker while clearing bonuses and collecting rakeback, you'd easily clear $1K by the summer.

Mind you, I'm biased against SNGs and MTTs...

Raveen said...

gl on achieving the goals hoff i'm sure u'll do at the tables

Matt Silverthorn said...

Hahaha, year of the hammer. I love it!

JBPowerHour said...

lol!! Teh year of teh hammer.. classic. Hey just curious, what deposit/cashout methods are you using at the various sites you listed? I've taken quite a long time off from poker, and I feel the need to fill the need!!! But it seems like such a horrible time amidst all these FBI shakedowns and legislative follies...