Friday, January 26, 2007

The one in which we should've followed our instincts

So. With all the recent Neteller drama, I'm unsure as to how to replenish the ever-dwindling bankroll. Based on everything I'm reading, ePassporte seems to be the leading candidate. Unfortunately there are reports (unconfirmed) that they have a low Better Business Bureau rating, but I guess it means something if they actually are rated. The other downside to them is the fees. Annual account fees, extra fee if you get the actual ePassporte visa card, transaction fees, and so on. Oh Instacash, how I miss your free instant gratification. Sigh. Anybody with thoughts on the various options out there (off-shore bank accounts, etc.), please share with the rest of the class.

And now the tie in to the title. Given the aforementioned financial issues, I decided to play some freerolls. As I've previously noted, I have PokerStars' client on a thumb drive, and registered for a 10 FPP $250 NLHE MTT freeroll and a .50 NLHE Turbo MTT. One started at 4:40 p.m. and the other started at 5:00, so I registered at work. No big deal, I figured I'd be home by 5:15 or so, and log in then. So at 5:05 or so, I'm shutting things down and went to close out Windows Explorer. As I pulled it up, I saw the PokerStars directory highlighted and decided I'd login and see how things were progressing. The results were this:

and this:

One hand played in the first one (AKs, flopped top two pair, somebody shoves and rivers a flush), and two hands in the second one (one BB that I checked and folded, and the death hand, AKo, again flopped two pair, again put all in, again beat by a river flush). I really thought about it, not logging in and checking. I planned to wait until I got home, but I wanted to see some pokery goodness, and figured I'd catch a quick hit before jumping onto the 5 freeway and crawling home. Must not do that again.


Raveen said...

hey i used to use epassporte when i first started playing and didnt have cash role to supplement it. There solid if u dont care about the fee's as to there EFT deposit times there absurdly slow like 2 weeks for it to drop. Other then that its pretty good site

CarmenSinCity said...


Nice to hear from you. I haven't talked to you in forever. I thought you were gone. I'm gonna have to start checking your blog again.

Where ya been????