Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No, really. I am still here. Really. Hello? Anybody out there?

Apparently, everybody (or at least Carmen) thought I was dead or something. I am still here, and still blogging, so spread the word. For the most part, I’m not blogging as much as I used to, mainly because of my new job. The company is based in Sacramento and is fairly large, but the San Diego office is a relatively “young” expansion branch. As such, the office digs are a little less than stellar. I’m sitting at my desk with my laptop, in a room with 3 other people and a door to the outside, without even a half-height cubicle wall to provide a smidge of privacy. Don’t want to be having blogger open whilst inserting hyperlinks and uploading photos, only to have my boss walk behind me. Supposedly, we will be relocating to much nicer digs in the next few monthis, but until then I don’t want to end up like this poor schlub. So I can’t post quite as frequently as before, but I am still posting. I play when I can find the time and the fundage. The b/r has taken some hits and with the whole Neteller thing, I haven’t been sure of whether I’d be able to reload if necessary, much less how I might accomplish that.

On that note, two interesting ideas have recently surfaced. The first is from everybody’s favorite Hammer Player, Hoyazo. Actually, he got the info 2nd or 3rd hand from a newer blogger, Don Morris (who will be added to the blogroll shortly) who linked to the info from Carmen’s future husband. Or was that Duggles’ future husband? I probably shouldn’t get those two confused. Anyhoo, Walgreens (and probably other retailers) sell prepaid Visa cards called Gift2Go. Apparently because they are preloaded, Visa doesn’t bitch when you use them to fund up the poker sites. And Hoy has verified that they work on both Stars and Tilt. I don’t know whether they can be reloaded, and thus whether the poker sites can do “credits” back to the cards or not. And they have to be purchased in $50 increments to work on the poker sites. Still, there is a ready to go, quick option to feed the poker machine. The second one is a related, yet different idea from my buddy, Troll. Troll is not a high stakes guy. He’s happy to play the microlimit SNGs and ring games, and win a few bucks here and there. He’s actually done fairly well for himself, and had a respectable online roll sitting in Neteller when the Instacash debacle happened. He managed to get most of his money back into Tilt, but was left with a small balance in Neteller that he’s hoping he will see. And like many of you, he’s spoken with very pleasant customer service folks in Canada several times. Apparently the new company line is (which I’ve suspected would be the case) that the delays are being caused by the 3rd party EFT companies that deal with US customers. Supposedly, they don’t want to accept transactions from Neteller, for fear that they’ll get pinched for doing business with accused money launderers or something. Again, I predicted this, so I’m not surprised. Troll’s idea for dealing with that, though, was very interesting and he did offer it to Neteller. Prepaid/preloaded Visa cards. The kind that some companies use for payroll transactions, gifts, and such. Neteller should buy a shitload of them, in amounts corresponding to the respective customer accounts, and send them to the customers. If the Visas are purchased from a 3rd party supplier (Gift2Go, etc.), then banks and other financial institutions shouldn’t even realize who they’re ultimately dealing with. I don’t know if that actually CAN be accomplished, but it seems like it should. Of course that assumes that Neteller really does keep all the players’ money in separate trust accounts, yadda yadda yadda. If Troll hears anything, it will be reported here in Teh Randomness.

As a third note, Hoy has a post on his totally ghey online diary in which he details his success with ePassporte. Short version, it ain’t as quick as Instacash, but the fees are fairly reasonable. He gives it two hammer thumbs up. Go check it out for the nitty gritty. And with that, I gots to get back to work. I have to write an Environmental Impact Report for the construction of an Ethanol plant that is going to intrude on Burrowing Owl habitat. What fun!!

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CarmenSinCity said...

You definitely should come out to Vegas more often. It's not like you live far. I definitely expect to see you here for the Blogger even this summer.

How's it going??