Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Greetings my degenerate friends! Happy New Year! Like many of you, it's been a hectic holiday season. First go out of town, then come back to spend time with other relatives who came into town. Then try to do a little work in the middle of it all. And if I'm lucky, get a little pokerage in the mix.

2006 was a pretty crappy year, with a few highlights. First, I started playing real money poker and actually made a little, including a 45th place finish in a PokerStars Rebuy Madness tournament. Never having the schedule available to play in the WWdN, I was still able to play and girlie chat with so many of you at 3 new tournaments...the MATH, the Mookie, and the DADI. Then The Darkness befell me at the end of May. My game went to shit. My bankroll went to shit. My bank account went to shit. Pretty much my life went to shit. If I hadn't been able to attend the WPBT Summer Classic, there would've been nothing good to write about. Seeing all of you who attended really gave my spirits a boost and helped get me thru a very difficult summer. And because the b/r went in the toilet, I was forced to play freerolls. The upside of that is I really got to hone my game in a hugely fishy enviornment. If you think the $3 Rebuy Madness is a push fest, try a 10,000 player freeroll. Crazy stuff.

But into the fall, I actually cashed in a few on FullTilt. Small cashes to be sure, but enough to hit a few ring tables and build it up. Then enough to hit a few $1 SNGs and build it further. Then early in December I was offered a job!! Good pay, great environment, just a few miles from Casa de Hoff. Just in time for the holidays and just in time for my unemployment insurance to run out! Whew! Cut that one close! And to top it off, I cashed in enough SNGs on Tilt to grow the b/r enough to reload on PokerStars. Right after Christmas I'd managed to grow FullTilt almost back to where it was before I reloaded Stars. And until New Year's Eve, I had almost doubled up the Stars b/r. I hit 3 bubbles or bubble+1 plus a horriffic beat at a .10/.25 table (my boat sunk by a rivered str8 flush by some yahoo playing a 56s000ted thru a 3x preflop raise) to push the Stars balance below my reload. I've still got a bankroll, but it's taken a few hits. Still, I'm in much better shape now than I was thru most of 2006. And I'll take it.

So may your aces hold up, may the deck hit you square in the face, and may you always have a kevlar cup ready to protect your junk from a kicking. Unless I'm at the table! See ya 'round the room in 2007.

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