Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Believe it or not, I'm still here!

And from the never say die department...

Greetings and salivations, anyone who might still be stopping by my little corner of the webbosphere. Wish I had something wonderful to say, but I don't. I am approaching five months of unemployment, and it is really taking a toll. Stress, depression, agitation, conflict with Dear and Patient GF (amazed that she still is patient), and (natch) very limited poker. It's kind of odd, actually. You'd think that being home all day would give me ample time to blog and play pokah. Not so much. I spend the majority of time surfing the job boards (although I am helping a friend's mother paint her house, which isn't much but still helps with the cashola), I'm pretty much limited to playing freerolls (had aces cracked 3 times in one MTT!), and even then, I just don't have a helluva lot to say. And to top it off, the depression aspect of this has just demotivated the hell out of me. No gym and an expanding gut are the lovely side effects of this. The painting seems to be helping, but it's just an ugly set of circumstances all the way around. The couple of promising opportunities that I was looking at back in July and August have evaporated, as the real estate development slow down spreads its way through the San Diego area. Right now I've got one promising opportunity that fell into my lap last week, and I'm waiting for a second interview to be scheduled...probably sometime around the 26th or so. Here's hoping.

Beyond that, not a helluva lot to say. I'm still here, and occasionally I take the time to lurk around a few blogs, but that's about it for now. If this job hits, though, you can all bet your collective asses that I WILL BE BACK!!! Until every poker site pulls out of the US and they somehow force banks to stop dealing with every e-Wallet out there (watch your back Neteller!), once I gots me some financial depth, you will see my donkalicious ass back at the usual haunts...WWDN Not, Mookie, MATH, I really do miss playing them and girlie chatting with all of you degenerates. Save me a seat...I WILL BE BACK!!!