Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Homework Assignment

Someone asked me about nicknames for various poker hands. I know the usual ones (Rockets, Hiltons, Hammer), and I've heard discussions on some other ones like A7-the Tourist, A2-Cheney (bullet and a duck), 62 or 73-Canadian Hammer (depending on the exchange rate), etc. Has anybody put together a solid list of hand nicknames? What are your favorite (names, not necessarily hands)? Let me know. Everybody's got their own little nicknames or pet hands, let's hear 'em!

It's That Time Again...

Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! Mookie! 7 pm for us west coasties, who knows what time it will be where you are. That's your homework...figure out what time it is where you are, AND SIGN UP!!! Don't be a loser, gagging on a big blue veiner. Come to the Mookie *&$%# Rocco tournament and Play Like a Champion!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Assorted randomness. Or is it random assortedness?

So I got hooked up with Statcounter, to see how you degenerates are actually finding my blog. As expected, most of the referrals come from:

The most interesting one, though, is a technorati search on “jello wrestling”. Back when I was blogging my jury duty experience (starting March 1), I commented on setting up a match between this white trash chick and this hot deputy that had to search me as I entered the courthouse. Time for some new keywords to generate hits. Farting porn. Squirrel sex. Screwed by a donkey (oh wait, that sort of happened). C’mon Google. Don’t let me down.

Time for something new. Call me Trump, but I’m taking on an apprentice. Troll will be joining team iamhoff to try out this blogging thing. We’ve known each other since 7th or 8th grade, spent much of high school ditching afternoon classes to head to the beach, going to stealth parties that always seemed to get busted by the cops, or going to Mexico to drink. We’ve had a home game off and on for more than 10 years, and he’s started playing online now. He wants to try doing an occasional post here, to see what people think about his writing, and whether or not he should just start his own blog or not. I’m not sure when his first post will be, but when it hits be sure to give some feedback.

Played in the DADI last night. It was my usual sorry state of affairs. Minimal love on the deal, and no love on the flop. An occasional K3o, 92, 24, etc. I’d get something like 88, call a small raise preflop, and have the flop be all overcards. I tried to drop a hammer once, only to have Falstaff reraise me and force my fold. I finally wound up short stacked, UTG with A9o. My M wasn’t horrible, so I called the blinds. It folded to Blinders on the button, who had me covered 4 to 1 in chips and raised it up from 100 to 500. Blinders had been pushing people around all night, and usually had the cards (lots of AA, KK, etc.). I figured that it was a bluff move on a short stack. So I pushed my last 875 in. Blinders called and showed TT. No improvement for me, and IGH in 53rd. Obviously, in hindsight I should’ve folded. My question is, given the table history and Blinders’ aggressive play, did I play it right? I hadn’t been getting much love from the deck, so A9 looked like a fan-tabulous hand. It’s not, I know, but the night had been pretty donkalicious for me, so I grabbed onto those cards like they were my tournament personal flotation device. So it goes. I hung out in the chat lounge and railed several people who were still in, including Surflexus, Jules, Matt, StB, and Kat. Good times, and congrats to Tony Sopran0, who won it all.

Not being done yet, I jumped into my usual 11+1 45 SNG on Stars. I love these things. The turbo format lets you get the whole thing done in just over an hour, 45 players means that even if you are a complete donkfish, you will still get a decent amount of playing time, and the payoff can be pretty good. I started off sketchy, donked off a good chunk of my stack, got dealt 95o 3 times in the first 10 hands, and finally woke up to AKo in the SB (50/100). UTG+1 (who had been caught stealing before) raises to 300, and it folds to me. Taking that to mean a real hand, and having been burned by AK far too many times, I smooth called. Flop comes down QK9. I bet out 200 on TPTK, and villain makes it 600 to go. I push over the top, and villain flips up 33. 7 and T complete the board, doubling me up. I’m not sure why he was so aggressive with 33, especially given that EVERY card on the board was an overcard. There were obviously no straight draws he could participate in, and there was no flush on the board. Who knows, but thanks . He went out on the next hand when his 99 ran into a Q/J boat. I played fairly solidly after that, but never really chipped up. I wound up at the final table, at 600/1200/75 with an M of around 3. As such, I pushed on every decent hand. Unfortunately, I only got one each orbit, so I would only manage to make back enough for another round of blinds. I hung on for a while, until we were 6 handed at Level XIII (1500/3000/150), and I wound up in the BB with K2o. SB called, and I raised up my last 615. SB had me covered substantially and called, flipping over 48o. Sweet! I’ve got a chance. Flop is 65T rainbow. I’m worried about the 7, but feeling pretty good. Turn is a J, but I tighten up my sphincter in anticipation of the RiverStars ass reaming I sense coming. Sure as hell, the river is the dreaded 7, and IGH in 6th against a rivered straight, 4 to the 8.

After walking the doggie, I go to shut down the pokah machine. I still wanted to play, though, despite the fact that it was after midnight. I was in the mood for something different, so I thought if I could find an Omaha SNG spinning up, I’d jump in. Sure as hell, a PLO8 3+.40 was loading up, and I jumped in. Now, I tend to be quite the donkfish at Omaha…I enjoy playing it, but it is difficult. PLO8 is even more difficult, having to keep an eye out on the low hands, too. Trying to remember what I wanted to look for, I figured out that a hand with A2 in it probably wasn’t bad. Now, I wasn’t trying to play for the low hand, but that hand would give me an excuse to see the flop (yes, a very fishy move). Sure as hell, at hand 4 I wake up to 8cAd2hJh. I know, far from a stellar hand, but I had s00ted cards, AJ on the high end, and A2 connectors on the low end. Flop brings 3dKdTs. 5s on the turn and 7d on the river put a couple of possibilities out there (none mine). The high hand could be a flush or straight. All I knew is that I hit the nut low hand and split the pot for a nice 300 chip profit. Hand 7 was even better. With a hand of As7h6c2s, I managed to make both a nut flush and the nut low to scoop the whole pot. I did have some obvious donkey moves, not believing in the flush draw when I was working a straight, etc. In fact, that was what knocked me out. We’re ITM 3 handed. I’m short stacked and look down at 5hKdJhTh. Not a great hand, but I’ve got KJ and s00ted connectors, AND I’m in the BB. Free flop! The flop brings 9sQd3s, giving me a strong straight draw. Yes, Donkeys Always Draw. I am Donkey. Hee Haw. I’m a little concerned about the spades, but I don’t have time or chips to worry about it. Turn brings the Tc, giving me a K-high straight. Naturally, I shove, and villain calls, showing a gutshot straight draw to the Ace and a flush draw. Being RiverStars, the river brings the Ts, completing villain’s flush, sending me to the rail in 3rd. Disappointing, but I was generally pleased with the way I played. My donkified moves weren’t too outrageous, and I held my own. It was fun. I’ll take it. See ya out there.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Urgent Pimpage

No excuses. Sign your slow-playing, drawing, toe-sucking self up for the DADI. Everyone is welcome. DADI veterans. Dub Dub Dee Enn-o-philes. Mookies. At least one WSOP seat will be on the line! The more who sign up, the more WSOP seats will be awarded! Everyone else is doing it. You know you want to do it. Don't you want to be cool? Don't bite on the big blue veiner...sign up. Now. We know where you blog. Don't make me come after you...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Laugh of the Day

I meant to post this earlier, but work intruded. My family and friends all know that I play poker, so they've tried to get me various poker-related gifts from time to time. Some have been useful, like Harrington Vol. 1 (thanx Jill). Some, on the other hand, are simply sources of amusement. My buddy Troll got me Hellmuth's "Daily Poker Tips" calendar, because somebody got it for him and he figured that he shouldn't have to suffer alone. Occasionally there's something remotely useful (application of pot odds), but these two are classic. April 18 - "At times you're at the mercy of the cards!" (exclamation point his, btw). And April 20 - "Bluffing all your money in a single daring move takes guts!" Wow! The insight that dude has just rattles me to the core. I'm glad I was sitting down when I read those earth-shattering pearls of wisdom. There. I've done my good deed for the day. Now with the record-breaking readership of this here fine inter-webby page thingie, all donkey play should be done. You can now look at your hands and know instantaneously whether you will win or not. Poker made easy. Thanks to the wisdom of a tool named Phil.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mookie Mookie Mookie!!

Played in Mookie's Tournament last night. Well, I tried to play. Basically, I sucked and went out in 33rd. Meh. That's alright, though, because these events are totally fun and have a great list of players. I had two major things go wrong. First, I was card dead. I got an uns00ted Cheney, but after someone raised up 5x the BB, I folded that like an elderly hunter who got shot. That was part of the problem. I might get a remotely decent LOOKING hand (KQ, AXs, etc.) but my table consisted of a bunch of bullies who were walking fine and had no need to limp. I got no love from teh Tourist, and Jules' hand of the tourney (4-2) I didn't even see. The other problem was one completely of my own doing. Chris, Jordan, and Hoyazo got me hooked into the Yahoo voice chat during an SNG we were playing the other night, and convinced me that I needed a totally cool headset so that I could talk to everyone. It wound up working fine, but I was running late so it took about the first 15 minutes before I could get everything working (some freaky conflict between my surround sound and the headphone output). Sample lovely hands included (all uns00ted, btw) T2, 28, T5, 26, etc. I had one instance where I had 88, called a healthy raise from jjok, and saw a flop of 52Q. jj led off with a bet of about 1/2 the pot, around 160. I fold, and he eventually showed KK. That was about the extent of the good hands I saw. End result, I busted in 33rd out of the 42 players that signed up, when my A4h ran into atrain's ATo. Bleah. At least I got the chat thingy times. Katitude and Jules voted Gary as having the sexiest voice, with Garth running a close 2nd. Lots of smack talking about certain players nobody really knew, but were playing like complete tools. Fun stuff. In the end, RoccoBoxer (who punted me out of last week's Mookie) wound up taking the victory, to the chagrin of most of the brogger faithful. Oh well. There's always next week.

Not having completed my evening yet, I jumped into my usual 45 SNG on Stars. I wasn't quite as card dead here, and actually played some decent pokah. Still, I got no traction for the first 19 hands. Then this happened.

*********** # 20 **************
PokerStars Game #4681897754: Tournament #23378313, $11+$1 Hold'em No
Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2006/04/19 - 23:02:00 (ET)
Table '23378313 1' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: FROGOLITO (2695 in chips)
Seat 4: GreenRevival (2575 in chips)
Seat 5: Grizz4Lynn (2750 in chips)
Seat 6: rzanew (1455 in chips)
Seat 7: flanigan (2895 in chips)
Seat 8: iamhoff (1060 in chips)
Seat 9: ppalmer0967 (3590 in chips)
rzanew: posts small blind 75
flanigan: posts big blind 150
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Th Ts]
iamhoff: raises 150 to 300
ppalmer0967: folds
GreenRevival: folds
Grizz4Lynn: folds
rzanew: folds
flanigan: calls 150
*** FLOP *** [Qd 6h 4c]
flanigan: checks
iamhoff: bets 300
flanigan: calls 300
*** TURN *** [Qd 6h 4c] [2s]
flanigan: checks
iamhoff: checks
*** RIVER *** [Qd 6h 4c 2s] [Td]
flanigan: bets 450
iamhoff: raises 10 to 460 and is all-in
flanigan: calls 10
flanigan said, "h"
*** SHOW DOWN ***
iamhoff: shows [Th Ts] (three of a kind, Tens)
flanigan: shows [2d 3d] (a pair of Deuces)
iamhoff collected 2195 from pot

I've got no idea why flanigan stayed in, but I'm glad he did. I wasn't betting huge, with the overcard on the board, but he needed runner runner for both a flush and a gutshot str8, so I'm just happy that he wanted to give me his chips. He wound up busting out 2 hands later when he tried to all in bluff (again) on the river with A6 and ran into AQ. Then I got moved and ran into this bluff-tard push bully named SupaStarr. Watch for him. Sharkscope rates him as a fish with a "Tilt" form. He's lost more than me and has a lower ROI than me (-22%). Go find him and take his money. I was very happy when he got moved off of my table. I actually hung around to the final table, but busted on the bubble when my all-in got busted by a river gutshot straight. Still, I was generally pleased with my play.

At this point, I had to take a break from the poker machine to spend time with dear & patient gf, and then walk the dog. By the time I got done with the doggie, I still wanted to play (it was only 12:30 a.m.). I hadn't been on Tilt in a while, because the bankroll there had taken some hits. I decided to jump into a .10/.25 NL cash game, just for something different. I bought in for $20, posted the .25 BB, and get dealt Qs3h. 2 EP callers, I check, fold fold fold, SB fold, BB checks. Flop is 9c3c2d. So I've got very low pair. It checks around and the Qh falls on the turn. Now I've got 2 pair. BB checks, EP bets $1. I call, putting him on a Qx, and BB folds. River brings the case Q. Villain bets $1, I raise to $2. He reraises me to $4 and I rereaise to $6. He's got me covered and pushes, I call. He flips over the expected QJo and doubles me up. It doesn't happen to me much, but it is hella hawesome when the deck just hits you in the face. And with that, I hit it and quit it (as Pauly would say), and went to bed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't Forget...

It's Wednesday! That means Mookie! Mookie Mookie Mookie! I just love saying it. Anyway, 7 pm west coast and whatever that translates to outside of sunny So Cal, PokerStars, Tournament #23251031, Password: vegas1. Last week, Kat's bid for a 3-peat was upended by the male parent of the man-child named Drew, thus popping his Mookie win cherry. Can he repeat? Will he sell his soul to the devil (or maybe Jordan) to book the 2nd win? Will Garth remember his kevlar cup? I've got a new strategery for tonight. Top secret stuff...I've only entrusted it to trusted members of my cabinet (I keep my collection of trolls there), so keep it on the down low. I'm going to fold bad hands and play only good hands. Radical, I know, but I think I read about it somewhere on a blog, and if it's on the internet it must be true, right? Anyway, see ya at the Mook.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fun Times on Tax Day

So. Filed an extension for my federal taxes. Long story that's not really important. But, because I wasn't putting together the full package for my federal taxes, I didn't think to pull the package together for my California taxes. I'd done them, I just hadn't filed them. And of course I realize this while I'm walking the dog at 11:15 p.m. Hurry the dog thru the routine and then pull all of the necessary forms and such out of the briefcase. Copy the info onto a clean form, make quick copies of everything, and while the gf is snoozing on the couch I jump into the Jeep to race down to the one post office in San Diego that is open for drop offs until midnight. They do this every year, and they've got all lanes on the road coned into drop off lanes, so I don't even need to park. Now, this isn't my first time filing late. I usually owe on my taxes, so dammit, they're going to wait until the last minute before they get my money. But I've never been this late. At 11:53 p.m., I hand my envelope to the postal person as the live version of Dire Straits' Telegraph Road comes blasting out of the stereo (excellent production, especially for a live track, and the Boston Acoustics stereo in the Jeep blows away the Bose that was in the Pathfinder). Knowing my luck, I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope in my hurry to get to the post office. Oh well.

But before that, I got to actually play poker. I was just settling into my usual 11+1 45 sng on Stars, when Chris aka drewspop IM'd me. He was over at River Belle on the cash tables. He railed me for a while. I had some decent cards, but not a lot of love from the deck. I picked up some blinds, and I semi bluffed some pots. My problem is that I'm still chasing draws way too much. I would flop an oesd and stupidly call out a chunk of my stack, hoping to hit my draw. I never did. I don't think I made one drawing hand. I either flopped it, or I hit a real hand TPTK (real, hah!) and it evolved into a straight or flush. In the end, it came down to an M of 2.5 at Level 8 (200/400/25), and I wake up to 55 in the small blind. Now, Seau has not been a good hand for me, but this seemed to be the ideal push situation. Unfortunately, MP had 77, and they held up. I busted out in 18th.

After that, Chris and I started chatting about jumping into another sng. He found Jordan from HighOnPoker and the three of us hopped into an 18 player. That was some fun. Not only is it fun to play with other bloggers, but the deck was finally showing me some love. On the 4th hand, I looked down and found AKh. With only TPTK, I convinced the others to fold. Another one I took pocket 3s, and with a KK24 board, convinced two other people to fold. And the deck continued to work for me. K9h. I flop a straight, but people are calling my bets. By the river, there's 2 pair on the board, hiltons and snowmen, and my bet finally convinces my opponent to fold. And of course, it wouldn't be a game without at least one hammer. Jordan was on the other table, and he went out shortly after that, when his pocket pair ran into a higher pair. Around Level 5, Chris was short stacked and shoved with K9. Unfortunately, he ran into A9. At that point, Chris and Jordan IM'd Hammer Player and jumped into another sng over on Tilt, while I worked on my sng. Once we hit 3 handed I was the big stack, but then I started to get stupid. One guy went all in, and I called with 33, for about 1/3 of my stack. Now it's getting critical, because the blinds are 1000/2000/100, so my M is around 3.5. K4 I pair my 4 on a 9 2 4 board, so the short stack pushes. I call the 1200, only to see him flip over a set of 9s. Oops. Now I'm down to having one BB left and I get A9c. I shove and get called by a guy holding jacks. I don't improve, and IGH in 3rd. I did get stupid at the end, but I made the money and temporarily stopped the bleeding. My key is not drawing and learning to not be stupid. Hmmm. Gotta think about that one.

But, you say, what of your blogger friends and their tournament? Well, I'd been railing them at Tilt, so I was now able to fully jump into the chat. They just made a mess of the whole place. I don't think anybody realized what was happening. Jordan and Hoyazo both busted out somewhere around 5th/6th, but Chris was en fuego. The deck was just coming his way, and he destroyed everybody to book the win.

All in all, quite the time. Got to do the chat room thing. We even did a chat a shot/chat a puff. Now I need to go get a headset so that I can talk with everyone instead of just typing. Should be interesting.

Friday, April 14, 2006

And Texas is Reopened to AlCantHang

And the madness has at least temporarily been suspended! It is now safe for Al, and assorted others to once again be drunk in a bar in Texas. Somehow that sounds like a song. Oh well. Good Friday indeed!

Warning! Bad Beats Ahead

Managed to play a couple of SNGs tonight. Results weren't great, but I suck so that's expected. The highlight of the evening was catching TripJax online. In between hands on my 1st SNG, I railed him. He had a couple of good hands, but busted out on a coinflip similar to what busted him out of Mookie (except me and my ducks weren't in the hand). He had 77 and shoved. One caller with (I think) KTo, just like Mookie. Sure as hell, a ten on the flop and Trip was done. In between chats and railing me, he hooked up with Al for his first dial a shot. Shortly thereafter, I got to do my first blogger dial a shot. My Jack Daniels against his Absolut. The livers won. I'd done a chat a shot before, but not managed to do a dial a shot, so that was cool.

Anyway, my first tourney was so so. I was doing alright until I donkeyed a bunch of my chips into a pot with the ever popular TPTK. Villain had 2 pair and I was short stacked. I fought back when I woke up to 44 on the button. UTG calls, and MP raises up enough to put me all in. SB has me covered but is also forced all in, and BB folds. UTG folds. I'm up against KJc and AKo. Flop comes 2 8 5 rainbow. Then the magic. Turn brings a 4, and I jump from 900 to almost 3500 chips. w00t! Then I looked down and found the hammer at 100/200 UTG. What the hell. I love the hammer (remember these words), so I decide to play it. Very tasty result. After that, I had K9o two hands in a row, and won healthy pots both times. Unfortunately my luck changed. My A8 ran into KQ and I lost a quarter of my big stack. Then I had two instances where I popped a small raise with something like A5s, only to get hit with an all-in, so that cost another 3rd or so of my stack. Then my KQs ran into A9o and I lost another huge chunk. That left me all in on the SB with Q5 against someone with QT, and I'm done.

Then I tried my hand at multitabling. I had an 18 player and a 45 player going. The 18 pretty much sucked. I got few cards and almost no traction. I had one good hand where my K5 outlasted K4 to more than double up my depleted stack. Unfortunately that was pretty much it. J2, 26, T4, you know, quality hands. It finally came down to my short stack in the BB with pocket 3s. May as well, and I get called by 9Th who flops a ten and I'm done again. But, I'm still going in the 45, which is going better. Not great, but better. My stack is above average, and I look down to find AQ in the BB. I can't bring myself to type this, so here's the hand history.

*********** # 24 **************
PokerStars Game #4620361905: Tournament #23047618, $11+$1 Hold'em No
Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2006/04/14 - 03:35:40 (ET)
Table '23047618 2' 9-max Seat #8 is the button
Seat 3: iamhoff (1915 in chips)
Seat 4: bigwadocash (1625 in chips)
Seat 5: elusive69 (1710 in chips)
Seat 6: >>*KsJs*<< (960 in chips)
Seat 7: lvdealer2000 (3675 in chips)
Seat 8: killersponge (1290 in chips)
Seat 9: TheKidJNel15 (1335 in chips)
TheKidJNel15: posts small blind 75
iamhoff: posts big blind 150
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [Ah Qd]
bigwadocash: folds
elusive69: folds
>>*KsJs*<<: folds
lvdealer2000: folds
killersponge: folds
TheKidJNel15: raises 1185 to 1335 and is all-in
iamhoff: calls 1185
*** FLOP *** [Jd 7c 2h]
>>*KsJs*<< said, "lol"
iamhoff said, "wtf"
*** TURN *** [Jd 7c 2h] [5c]
*** RIVER *** [Jd 7c 2h 5c] [3d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
TheKidJNel15: shows [7s 2s] (two pair, Sevens and Deuces)
iamhoff: shows [Ah Qd] (high card Ace)
iamhoff said, "luckbox"
TheKidJNel15 collected 2670 from pot

Remember when I said I loved the hammer? Now look at the very next hand, which I fortunately wasn't involved in.

*********** # 25 **************
PokerStars Game #4620364813: Tournament #23047618, $11+$1 Hold'em No
Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2006/04/14 - 03:36:18 (ET)
Table '23047618 2' 9-max Seat #9 is the button
Seat 3: iamhoff (580 in chips)
Seat 4: bigwadocash (1625 in chips)
Seat 5: elusive69 (1710 in chips)
Seat 6: >>*KsJs*<< (960 in chips)
Seat 7: lvdealer2000 (3675 in chips)
Seat 8: killersponge (1290 in chips)
Seat 9: TheKidJNel15 (2670 in chips)
iamhoff: posts small blind 75
bigwadocash: posts big blind 150
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iamhoff [5s Jh]
elusive69: folds
>>*KsJs*<<: raises 810 to 960 and is all-in
lvdealer2000: folds
Toaster11 is connected
ja deuce is connected
killersponge has timed out
killersponge: folds
killersponge is sitting out
TheKidJNel15: folds
iamhoff: folds
bigwadocash: calls 810
*** FLOP *** [Qh 7c 2h]
killersponge has returned
iamhoff said, "rigged"
*** TURN *** [Qh 7c 2h] [9c]
*** RIVER *** [Qh 7c 2h 9c] [Tc]
>>*KsJs*<< said, "LMFAO"
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bigwadocash: shows [Ad 7s] (a pair of Sevens)
>>*KsJs*<<: shows [2d 7d] (two pair, Sevens and Deuces)
>>*KsJs*<< collected 1995 from pot

Quite the hammer evening. End result, about 5 hands later I was stuck in the BB with J4 and had no choice. I wound up against KQ and A5, and both an A and a K hit on the flop. Meh.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Actual Poker Content!

Great fun at the Mookie last night. It wasn't my best showing, but it was better than my last 2 times. We had a full roster of the blogging faithful, including Mookie (who it turns out I share a birthday with!), TripJax, Chris aka drewspop, hoyazo, katitude, waffle man, jjok, fishymcdonk, GaryC, Garth, Matt, and many others. Play was pretty good, and I was generally satisfied with my own performance. I didn't donkefi things too badly, and got decent cards. In honor of the PokerChamp, I played the Tourist (A7) and won with it. Unfortunately, karma came back at me and wldcat70 got me with the very same hand. I was very shortstacked, but fought back with A8. On flop of 5 8 6, I shove and get called by RoccoBoxer with AQ. A 7 on the turn gave me horrific visions of chopping a pot, but the river was a beautiful 8, giving me a set. About this point, Chris really started to chip up. He took out hammerplayer and slobocop on one hand, when hoyazo's TT and slobo's AQ ran into KK. Shortly after this, I was still fairly short stacked and found ducks in the pocket. I called the blinds, and then Trip went all in with 77. Rocco called and I thought about it. With my stack size, a pocket pair seemed to be my best shot so I called. Trip flipped his 7s and Rocco showed AT. The flop paired his 10 and he turned broadway, just to be sure. IGH in 14th. The play was solid after that. Kat's bid for a 3-peat was denied when her TT ran into Rocco's flush, and she busted out in 7th. The top 4 wound up being Rocco, Matt, Waffles, and Chris. At hand 225, Chris pulled the suckout of the game.

*********** # 225 **************
> PokerStars Game #4609093104: Tournament #22851247, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level X (400/800) - 2006/04/13 - 00:30:06 (ET)
> Table '22851247 3' 9-max Seat #7 is the button
> Seat 1: drewspop (19209 in chips)
> Seat 4: kaellinn18 (7214 in chips)
> Seat 6: RoccoBoxer (11097 in chips)
> Seat 7: SirFWALGMan (10480 in chips)
> drewspop: posts the ante 50
> kaellinn18: posts the ante 50
> RoccoBoxer: posts the ante 50
> SirFWALGMan: posts the ante 50
> drewspop: posts small blind 400
> kaellinn18: posts big blind 800
> *** HOLE CARDS ***
> Dealt to drewspop [9d 8h]
> RoccoBoxer: calls 800
> SirFWALGMan: folds
> drewspop: calls 400
> kaellinn18: checks
> *** FLOP *** [Td Qd Jh]
> RoccoBoxer said, "mook wasn't good to me"
> drewspop: bets 1600
> kaellinn18: folds
> RoccoBoxer: raises 1600 to 3200
> drewspop: raises 1600 to 4800
> RoccoBoxer: raises 5447 to 10247 and is all-in
> drewspop: calls 5447
> kaellinn18 said, "wow"
> *** TURN *** [Td Qd Jh] [8d]
> *** RIVER *** [Td Qd Jh 8d] [Jd]
> *** SHOW DOWN ***
> drewspop: shows [9d 8h] (a straight flush, Eight to Queen)
> RoccoBoxer: shows [9s Kd] (a flush, King high)
> drewspop collected 23094 from pot
> *** SUMMARY ***
> Total pot 23094 | Rake 0
> Gilain [observer] said, "holy carp!"
> kaellinn18 said, "gg"
> mookie99 [observer] said, "wow"
> SirFWALGMan said, "gg"
> SirFWALGMan said, "lol"
> drewspop said, "gg"
> RoccoBoxer [observer] said, "unbelievable"
> Garthmeister [observer] said, "I uh, I uh..."
> mookie99 [observer] said, "one kick to the junk"
> RoccoBoxer [observer] said, "all time worst beat"
> kaellinn18 said, "thank God I laid down A4"
> RoccoBoxer [observer] said, "i need a bucket"
> RoccoBoxer [observer] said, "i feel sick"
> SirFWALGMan said, "lol"
> drewspop said, "sorry dude"

Shortly thereafter, Waffles busted Matt with AQ vs. JT, leaving us heads up with Waffles and Chris. Waffles has been tearing up the 180s, but this was Chris' night and he took it down. Hawesome job!

I didn't get any more pokah in last night, but I jumped into a 15+1 9 turbo at lunch. I was playing pretty well, not too much donkification, and a good aggression level. Until I got dealt AT 5 handed in the BB. I was 3rd in chips and looking to double up. Big stack calls, SB calls, and I thought about raising to take it then, but decided to slow play. Oops. Flop comes down A26. SB checks, I bet out 300 into a pot of 450. Villain raises another 300 and SB folds. I figured villain for a steal or at least a Ax less than AT, so I reraised another 300. Villain shoves and I call. Villain then flips over 66. Oops. The turn added insult to injury with the case 6, and IGH in 5th. Oh well. Stupid is as stupid does. See ya on the felt.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Assorted random stuff

I am NOT Poker Champ.

Tonight is Mookie's Big O Poker Room Back to Back Kat tournament. 7 pm west coast, 10 pm east coast. Pokerstars Tournament 22851247, password: vegas1, $10+1 buy in. Come join the fun! See if Kat can make it a 3 peat. See if Garth remembers his kevlar cup. Other notable past participants include Waffles, Drewspop, hoyazo (and his eyebrows!), Gcox25, and Poison. It will be a good time, and thanks to Mookie for the pic, which I shamelessly stole.

Also, I am going thru the typical blogger thing of updating my blogroll. As I play in more tournaments and run into more of you characters, I find my way over to your sites to check things out. New links include Katitude, Veneno, GaryC, Maigrey the Poker Princess, Jacks R OK, and Fishy McDonk. All of them are great players, and tend to be wicked funny in the chat window. Definitely check out their blogs. I believe most of them have been determined to be Poker Champ, which could mean anything.

So there. I answered the Poker Champ question, I reminded everybody about an upcoming event, and I pimped several bloggers. I guess I have to get back to work now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

How Would You Play This Hand?

OK. It's time for everybody's favorite topic, how would you play this hand! This is not a hand of mine, but rather a friend who asked for my input on it. I already told him how I would've played it, and now I'm asking for the 2 or 3 of you that actually read this pathetic blog to tell me how you'd do it.

You are at Level 2 in a 9 player SNG (15/30). You are down to 7 handed, and you have 1500 in chips. Everyone else is around 1450, except the big stack who had 5900. You are in teh BB, and are dealt 5s 9s. MP, button, and SB all call, and you check. Flop comes down 8d 7d 6h, giving you a straight. SB checks, and you throw out a bet of 150 into a pot of 120. MP and button fold, and SB raises the bet up to 450. You call the 300. Turn brings the 6c. SB bets 600. What do you do?

Think about this, and come up with your thoughts. Then read this hand description.

It's Level 5 (75/150) in a 9 player SNG, and you're 6 handed. You've got 1170 in chips, and there's only one stack smaller than you. Big stack is at 3300. You are on the button and are dealt As 4d. UTG, EP, and LP fold to you. You raise it to 300 to go. SB calls and BB folds. Flop is 2d 5h 3d, giving you the wheel. SB bets out 150, and you raise it up 300 to 450. SB calls. Turn is 2s, and SB bets out 600. You call for your last 420, and the SB flips over Qs 3h, for 2 pair. River is the 3c, giving the villain a boat and cracking your straight and busting you out of the tourney.

Now, assume you went straight from this SNG to the one described earlier. Would you have played the hand I first described any differently, given what happened in this hand? Let me know.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thoughts for a Wednesday

Long day at work. Not because work necessarily sucked, but I really wanted to get out of there. The Big O - Kat's First Dance Tournament hosted by Mookie was tonight, but I had to go down to Midway Jeep and pick up my new wheels. Yup. The Pathfinder (which I loved, btw) survived to more than 154,000 miles in it's exactly (to the day) 5 years of registered life on the highways and byways of So Cal. Unfortunately, all vehicles with advanced miles wind up needing maintenance, and not just on the smaller parts. My Nissan dealer hits me with a $1900 estimate to put it in good running condition, plus another $500 for a new windshield. So do I sink $2400 into a vehicle with a ton of miles, or do I sink it into a new vehicle? Hmmm. Let me think. And Hoff now has a brand new 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This one isn't mine, but it looks exactly the same. The only thing I see different is that I've got the white letter Goodyear Wrangler tires. Leather, sunroof, 276 watt Boston Acoustics stereo, it's all good. I also got Pathie paid off, I have all maintenance paid for during the term of the lease, and I even got a free year of Sirius satellite service! Woo hoo! So yeah, I was very anxious to get the hell out of work and go pick up my new baby.

Back to Mookie-fest. I still suck, but these blogger events are fun. I went out on sucky beat, not a bad beat, but a sucky one. Mowenumdown mowed me down. We both had Big Slick, but his was suited and yup, he made his flush. Oh well. Railing one of these things is almost more fun than playing. Watching (and participating) in some of the back and forth is great fun. It's even better when there are people who have no clue what's going on. After Waffles busted out of Mookie (on an evil bad beat, btw), he jumped into a 1500 FPP satellite to the Stars 1,000,000 guaranteed on Monday. Several bloggers stopped by to rail the Good Sir Waffle Man, and it was fun, especially watching the other players who obviously had no clue that they were becoming fodder for the blogosphere. Ahh, fun. Oh yeah, Waffles won. Go get 'em. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Not done playing pokah yet, I jumped into my standard 11+1 45 player SNG and rode it to 2nd place. I played a lot more aggressively than I normally do, and it really helped. I scared off more people than ever, and really used my big stack. More importantly, I got cards when I needed them, and they held up. AQ vs 2 people with KQ. They pair their kings, but I pair my ace, and I knock two people out. All in JJ vs TT. We both make a boat, but my jacks hold up and I knock another player out. A9. Preflop there's 3 of us who see a flop of 595. I bet out 1600 into a 3600 pot and both fold. Lots of hands like that. Heads up lasted for quite a while. No huge pots, lots of blinds back and forth. The final hand wound up being pretty much a coinflip, and I came out on the wrong side. K8d, and he had me covered with QJo. The flop paired my K, but unfortunately gave tennfro a flopped straight. He played it well, check calling my bets. After a 2 hit on the turn I shoved, figuring that I'd scared him of of all the other pots, why not this one. He flips over his straight, and IGH in 2nd. Despite finishing in 2nd, I was very pleased with my play, and my level of aggression. At that point, I took a screenshot of my stats: I won 36 of the 39 pots I got into. Of course I was only into 36% of the hands, but it worked pretty well. It's amazing how well you can do when you not only get cards, but more importantly, THEY HOLD UP!!! That happens (at least to me) far less than you might think.

And with that, I'm beat. It's 12:46 and I'm gonna crash. See ya on the felt.

Monday, April 03, 2006

DADI-5, iamhoff almost always draws

Quick post before I head to the ballgame. DADI 5 has been announced! Woo hoo! Finally a tournament that highlights my mad skillz! According to the DADI family:

The Winner Receives:
$1500 WSOP Seat for Every 54 Players (Travel Expenses not Included)
Naming Rights to the Next WWdn Tournament
A free Seat in the WWdn Tournament of Champions

Along with the following special prizes for 2nd - 4th, any remaining prize pool after the WSoP seat(s) are secured will be paid out in increments of $100. Example: If prize pool is $2100, payout will be 1st/WSoP Seat, 2nd through 7th/$100 each.

2nd Place Receives:
An iPod shuffle, compliments of

3rd Place Receives:
10,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

4th Place Receives:
5,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

*PSO Points redeemable at at the PSO Points Store.

WPBT Player Of The Year Points will be awarded for this tournament!

In addition, for this week only, DADI has joined forces with the WWdn, thus there will be no WWdn on Tuesday, April 25th. We hope all WWdn regulars will play in DADI 5 to support sending another player to the WSoP through a blogger event.

WSOP Satellite and Other Random Content

First of all, sign up for this tourney:

What: WPBT WSOP Satellite #2
When: Monday, April 3rd @ 9PM EST
Where: Poker Stars
Tournament #: 21868191 (see private tourney tab)
Buy-in: $30 +3
Format: NL freezeout
Password: socoshot
Restrictions: Bloggers only

It's hosted by the blogfather himself, so you know it's a quality event. I was all set to play in this one, but the fates intervened and presented me with tickets to the San Diego Padres home opener. Game time is 4:05, so the game wouldn't likely be over until at least 7:00 and with the horrific traffic in downtown SD following games at Petco Park, I probably won't make it home until 8. As soon as I get home, I'll hop on and railbird, but I'll have to win my seat at an upcoming satellite event!

Not a good weekend for poker. Not because my game sucked, but because I was too busy to get on the poker machine. Friday, me and the gf went out to dinner and drinks with a buddy from Rhode Island, (Zippy). Feeling no pain and pretty sleepy, I skipped poker and crashed out. Saturday, Zippy was coming over to check out Casa de Hoff for the first time. Had to clean a few things, doncha know. By the time the shack was ready for visitors, I only had time to log on for a few hands of .05/.10 PLO. I left the table after 15 minutes, down $1.50. I had one good hand that held (a boat), and several good hands that got busted. My straight loses to a higher one, my flush loses to a higher one, etc. Meh. After dinner, gf not feeling well, so I’ve got time for both brog updates and the poker machine. But wait a minute, I'm connected to my network but I’ve got no internet connection. About this time, the gf calls out from the bedroom that the TV is broken. Quick check of other TVs (both digital cable and not), and everything is down. Quick call to Time-Warner Cable, and it turns out that San Diego Gas & Electric lost a transformer that shut down the cable routing to my neighborhood. Another evening lost. Meh. Sunday, walk the dog, have breakfast, and me and the gf went car shopping. Spent the entire day at the dealerships. Bleh. Decided to reward kind and patient gf with a nice dinner in Del Mar. Home just in time to watch Gray’s Anatomy, walk the dog, and pass out.

Good luck to everybody at the WSOP satellite tonight. See ya around the room.