Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The one in which we're feeling lucky

Well, we’re into the 2nd week of the new job, and things are pretty cool. The office is very laid back (mostly surfer bums…finally people I can work with!) and the work is interesting.

Thanks to a couple of freeroll cashes, I’m back in the world of a positive bankroll. Not that it’s huge or anything, but to go from zero to $30 without any personal infusion of cash is very cool. All built on the back of a freeroll, microlimit ring O/8 and microlimit NLHE SNGs at Full Tilt.

I actually got kind of depressed over the weekend, when I played in 3 separate SNGs and was the bubble boy in all three. The last one was the worst. It was a $1 45 player, so even at the microlimits there was an opportunity to actually make a few bucks. I got down to being short stacked and when I was in the BB, UTG was constantly attacking my blinds. And it wasn’t like I could take a chance and defend them, not with stellar cards like 39o, 26o, and the like. Finally I woke up to JJ. UTG popped a raise and I shoved. He flips over rockets and I’m bubble boy for the 3rd time.

After that, I was itching for some redemption. First opportunity would be Tuesday night, when Dear and Patient GF would be teaching. I still had some Christmas shopping to do, so I figured I’d race home from work, fire up the poker machine, throw some food down my throat, and enjoy some SNG poker-y goodness. I’d had a feeling that Tuesday was going to be good, so I was going to catch as many as I thought I could while still allowing some time to shop. First one spinning up was a $1 9 player turbo on Tilt. Immediately after registering for that, I caught a $2 9 player turbo and registered for it. As soon as I folded the first hand in both SNGs, I found another $2 turbo loading up and I jumped in. That was my first ever experience in 3 tabling, and it was crazy. I don’t know how people like Waffles or Boobs manage to multitable 4 or more tables. At a minimum, I need me a nice 26 inch widescreen monitor or something. Anyway, I had that glorious combination of playing reasonably well, and getting lucky several times. I committed several suckouts, and combined them with solid play to go deep in all three. Probably the worst suckout was the most enjoyable. I’d won the first $2 SNG at this point, so I’m only two-tabling. Play is 3 handed in the $1 SNG, so we’re ITM. I was in the SB with 46c. Short handed, s000ted connectors become more viable, so I min-raised, thinking I could take it down or fold if BB came over the top. He called. Flop was Ks 9d 5c. I checked and BB checked behind me. Next card was the 7c. Now I’ve got an OESFD, so I bet the pot. BB called. The river was the glorious 8c, completing my Str8 Flush. I popped a ½ pot bet, and BB shoved. Schweeeet. I couldn’t click “Call” fast enough. Here’s what happened. Unfortunately, flushie is no g00t, and I drag a fat pot and go heads up. A few hands later, and the game is mine! Two for two. Finally, I’m down to heads up in the final $2 SNG. Back and forth, back and forth, exchanging blinds. Finally, after showing myself willing to fold my blinds, I started attacking. After a few hands of being raised preflop or check-raised post flop, my opponent finally got frustrated. Blinds are 300/600, I've got my opponent covered, 8200 to 5300, and I found A9d in the SB. I popped it to 1200, and villain reraised to 1800. Since she (the avatar was a chick, give me a break) didn't shove, I figured she must have something so I flat called. Flop comes down 4s 9h Jh. Villain bet out 600, and I reraised it to 2400, hoping to avoid a potential flush. Villain called. Turn brought the Ts. Villain bet out 600, and I reraised enough to put her all in. Cards were flipped and villain was holding As 5c against my A9d. River brings the Kc, and her AK high could not stand up to my powerhouse pair of nines. End result, 3 for 3, baby!!! Here's hoping I can keep it going! In any respect, Merry Christmas, Happy Haunakkah, Happy Boxing Day, and may whatever holiday traditions you partake in bring you joy, peace, and a deck that hits you square in the face! See ya out there!

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BrainMc said...

3 for 3 while masterba...I mean multitabling! Very nice and impressive at any limit.