Monday, December 11, 2006

A New Beginning

So. After 194 days of unemployment and directionless drifting, I start my new life tomorrow morning. Thank you one and all, those of you who offered up words of congratulations on my previous post, and all of you who continued to check up on The Randomness...this here group of poker bloggers is the best damn bunch of people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting all fucking rule!!!

It truly is amazing how willing you become to do something that practically everybody hates, after you have been prevented from doing it for a substantial period of time. I am so looking forward to going to work. I feel recharged, refocused, and ready to be a whole new person. I'm gonna kick ass at work. I'm gonna be a better boyfriend to Dear and Patient GF. Getting back into a routine will allow me to better control my eating (won't be home all day, grazing thru the fridge) and get back to the gym consistently. And hopefully it will allow me to better focus when I'm at the tables.

As I've stated previously, I've been pretty much limited to playing freerolls. I've actually had a few cashes and managed to grow my bankroll a bit. Unfortunately, the good vibe didn't seem to stay, and what little I'd managed to win has drifted away. As others have noticed, RiverStars seems to have migrated over to Full Tilt (following the blogger games, no doubt), which would explain the past several horrific river beats I've experienced (besides, we all know online poker is rigged!). Oh well. Here's hoping that my new life, rising from the ashes of despair like the mythical Phoenix, will figure out how to push people off of flush draws while holding a set!!! Among other things, of course. Anyway, good hunting. May your aces hold up, may the deck hit you in the face, and may the river gods not fill some ass-tard's nine-high flush. See ya out there!


Anonymous said...

Congrads man I'm sure u'll be great at your new job...

smokkee said...

welcome back to the grind. GL