Monday, December 11, 2006

And the first day grinds to a close

So. Quite the day. My new boss had emergency angioplasty over the weekend, and won't be medically cleared for work for at least a week (he seems to be doing fine). So the first day was extremely relaxed confusion. None of the other managers had a clue of where I was sitting (they are preparing to relocate offices anyway), what I was going to work on, or what my network login was. I actually had to wait for two hours with the scaldingly hot 22 year old Assistant Planner that started today (my eyes!! my eyes!!) for one of the other managers to come in who knew what was going on (he comes in late because he goes surfing in the morning! What an outstanding place!!). Still, it seems like it's going to be a good gig.

So I took a bit of my freeroll winnings and jumped into an O/8 .05/.10 table on FT. I was actually doing great...I'd doubled my buy-in and got dealt AAK5, double s0000ted. Board comes down AK4K3. Villain bets, I reraise, he shoves and I'm all in, with my aces full. Ass-tard whips over J254, for a straight flush wheel, scooping the entire pot and felting me! So I guess the comeback is going to be a bit postponed. Still, I'm sticking to the idea that RiverStars followed the bloggers to Tilt, because it was the river card that once again fucked me. Oh well. Das poker. See ya out there.


River Driver said...

Your first day sounds very entertaining. We're winding down to our last day, of the semester. We've got finals all week. The usual fun and frolic: last minute cramming, cheat sheets, students absent because they have lice (no, really)...your relaxed chaos sounds nice than our hectic chaos. But come's vacation time, baby! Nothing until Jan. 3! There are reasons I'm a teacher, and dammit if holiday breaks aren't a few of 'em!

Love you!

Lil sis

P.S. Send me a Christmas list!

iamhoff said...

Haven't seen a blog update from you since Thanksgiving...with vacation coming, you better get at it!

River Driver said...

Nothing happens in my life. Except roaches. Expect a post when I finish grading.

This from the guy who didn't post since, um...when? And on your other blog you had one post between July and December?