Monday, September 04, 2006

The one in which we channel George Carlin

To paraphrase, "playing limit stud is like watching flies fuck."

Slow slow slow slow! Get home from the bbq last night. DAPGF is tired so she's heading to bed. I have to walk the dog, but I'm not quite done yet. I sign up for a Stud-8 limit freeroll, just because it's the only thing really spinning up at that point. Now, the tourney was scheduled for 11:30 pm, so I signed up at 11 and took the dog for her walk, figuring that I'd be back before midnight and not miss too much. So I get back just before midnight and click "I'm back", only to realize that I've only bled off 50 or so chips. Now, blinds were just about to jump to 75/150 and I'm sure that I was due for the bring-in soon, but it's hard to believe that the action was that slow as to cost me that little during the time I sat out. So I doubled up on the first two hands I played, with a boat and a flush (no low on the boat and I scooped the low with my near wheel). So I'm back in the thick of things pretty quickly. Then the blinds really started to climb. At 400/800/25 I get dealt what could be a monster. 7s 5s in the pocket and the 4s as the door. Can we say huge woodie? I limp along with half the table. Next card is the 6s. Holy Carp! Visions of dragging a huge pot and tripling up start flashing thru my demented little mind. Here's the problem. Everybody starts betting. 2 players fold out, but I'm left with EP showing a nut flush draw in diamonds (A8d) on the board and EP's left showing two aces (the spade hasn't been seen on the board). I absolutely hate chasing draws, but with three cards to come, how can I get away from this. I've got several different outs. With 3 to come, I could theoretically make a set or quads, plenty of 2 pair options, outs for an OESD and for any flush, plus the mortal nuts of the straight flush draw. 5th street is a brick, and adds 1 diamond to EP and nothing obvious to EP+1. Betting gets capped. 6th street pairs my 7 (still no other 7s have been seen) and does nothing obvious to either of the other players. And betting gets capped and I'm all-in. The final card is yet another useless rag (Q if I remember correctly) and the cards flip. EP shows his nut flush and my 3s for his river card. EP+1 shows two pair with his aces and snowmen in the pocket, including my 8s. And to top it off, with 5th street being an offsuit 9, I didn't even qualify for the low!

Now, if I take the time, I can figure out exactly how many outs I've got, but I've not yet gotten into calculating explicit pot odds, so I have no real idea of what my pot odds were in this hand. Still, by 5th street I was definitely pot committed and wasn't going to back down then. With my opponents both showing aces for their door cards, I didn't think it likely that I was going to push them off their hands while only showing low cards, so I just called each bet instead of raising it, hoping to see the next card cheaply. Any thoughts on what I should've or could've done differently? Should I have just folded on the bring-in? 5th street? I haven't played a lot of stud, but I think I could've done a better job of defending my hand in a pot limit or NL situation, but that wasn't where I was. Any thoughts or insight from stud players would be greatly appreciated.

And with that, Happy Labor Day to the Americans! And Happy Monday to everybody else! I know it's a day off, but I've had enough fucking days off. I'd RATHER be laboring today! Tuesday brings a whole new set of opportunities. Here's hoping...


Klopzi said...

Canadians have Labour Day too; however, our's has a "u" thrown in, just to be different.

iamhoff said...

We'll forgive you.