Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yes I Am Lame

Wish I had something really insightful, interesting, or impressive to say. Sadly, not the case. The job hunt continues, as I enter my third month of searching. I've had a few interviews recently, and I'm waiting to hear on 2nd interviews on all three. The most promising one is a sort of deputy director position in the planning department of a urban planning and environmental consulting firm here in San Diego. The money should be good (not what I was earning but workable) and the location is less than 10 miles from Casa de Hoff. Even better, they've got a fleet of vehicles (including several 4x4s to go out to remote locations) so I wouldn't have to put miles on the Jeep.

I am being contacted regularly by recruiters who are pushing positions in Joe Speaker's neck of the woods (Riverside County - Inland Empire), that offer even more stupid big money than I was making previously, but that becomes a logistical nightmare. Were I to accept one of those positions, here's the possible scenarios: 1. I have a daily one-way commute over several different Southern California freeways of approximately 90 miles one-way (see example). So I could get up at 4 a.m. to make the commute to Riverside, spend the day there, and make another 2 to 2 and a half hour commute home. F. U. N. Not! or 2. Do #1 while trying to find Dear And Patient GF a job in the I.E. and sell a condo in the extreeeeeemely soft San Diego real estate market. This of course presumes that I could convince DAPGF that living in Riverside is just as good as living in La Jolla (it's not). Or 3. Use a portion of my salary to rent a place in Riverside, furnish it etc., and live there during the week. All while still paying half of the mortgage on Casa de Hoff. Technically, with the salaries being discussed, it's possible. But let's look at this. GF works two jobs, so there would be several days that she would not be able to take care of the dog until extremely late. And that would be extremely depressing to the dog. And then there's our relationship itself. For the first year we dated, I was living in the OC, actually very close to Smokkee's neck of the woods, and I commuted down to San Diego on the weekends. It sucked, but I did it because that was how things were. Neither of us want to go back to that, so that's extremely unlikely. So anybody out there wanting to help a brother out, send good juju for one of my San Diego opportunities.

Poker has been close to non-existent. The bankroll has been severely depleted, relegating me to using FPPs and playing freerolls. That being said, I have played a few recently. Full Tilt has been running their .com and .net freeroll satellites to their Red Rock challenge. These are 90 player freeroll SNGs, and they play just like the $3 rebuy madness tourneys on Stars. Here's the first hand of the last one I played in.
Unfortunately, I busted out just short of the bubble. If I remember correctly, my M was pretty low (4 I think) and I woke up to TT UTG. I shove and get called by Ace-Rag. Yup, he pairs his ace on the flop and IGH. Still, it was pretty fun. You have to be pretty quick to get into these tourneys, as they fill up in nothing flat. You have to wait for the server you're logged into to get one sent there, and then you've got to be ready. I first open up a random tourney lobby window, and postion the "register now" button over the "tourney lobby" button in the main lobby. Close that window, and highlight the first FTP SNG listed. Place the cursor over the "tourney lobby" button and place a finger over the up cursor button. As soon as it pops up in the list, up cursor, tourney lobby, register now, click the buy-in button and click "register now". Whole process, 2 seconds. 90 players filled up, 4 seconds. No bullshit. Last one I played in

Stars has the Moneymaker Millions challenge going. I've played in a few Round 1s so far, and have done no better than 2200 out of 8500. Not a bad showing necessarily, but nowhere near the payouts. The first one I played, I saw a miracle. AK held up! I was short stack and shoved preflop, and got called by a pair of ducks. Never have I seen a more beautiful flop.
The turn brought me a beautiful bullet, eliminating any chance of ass-tard sucking out on me with a 3rd 2, making him a boat over my set of cowboys. A different round 1 saw me in LP with an unopened pot with AJo. With the blinds at 400/800/50 and my stack around $3000, I shove and get called by Mr. Big Stack Bully and his crabs.
Once again the flop hits me square in the face, and the turn again gives me a beautiful boat. Finally, yet a 3rd Moneymaker Round 1. This was that most horrible of scenarios. TT in the cutoff. I pop a 3x raise and everyone folds but one. I flop top set. Unfortunately I'm in the wrong position to generate action, and the flop checks around. Turn is a rag. Again, it checks around. River brings the case ten, for a little DQB. It checks to me. I bet out 40 into a pot of 250, hoping to get even a crying call. Nope.
Don't you hate it when you have an absolute monster and nobody is willing to play? Arrgh.

Finally, I love when people get to complaining about online poker being rigged. I take every chance I get to jump into the girlie chat box and stoke the fires. This was a tourney on Tilt, and poor rich7557 just got sucked out on at the river. He of course jumps into the chat box and starts (digitally) frothing at the mouth. I of course had to offer up this tidbit.
I figured I was either going to send him to Hoyazo, Iakaris, or Waffles if he asked me what blog I read it in, but he didn't bite. Oh well.

For those few of you still stopping by here, thanks for your continued, if somewhat confusing interest in all things Hoff. May your aces hold up, may your money get all-in on the best hand, and may you never have to worry about Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane!


drewspop said...

Hang in there bro. Good juju sent from this coast. I am sure something will pop for you soon.

Thanks for the comment too. Sometimes it is hard to juggle everything and you gotta keep everything in perspective I guess.

GL in the freerolls.

Klopzi said...

Keep fightin' the good fight.

Don't let the man get you down, and don't mind the donkeys walking all over you in the freerolls.

You're time for revenge is at hand on both fronts, I think.

Joe Speaker said...

I would characterize moving from La Jolla to Riverside as "A Very Fucking Last Fucking Resort."

Then again, you can stay with me on non-AJ nights. I think you'll fit in his twin bed.

brett jungblut said...

I lived in temecula. I work in temecula. There's no Sushi on the Rock in temecula. Stay there.

But, we got hooters now!

Matt Silverthorn said...

Continued best wishes in your job hunt, man. I know it can't be easy. I hope that something comes up for you really soon.

Raveen said...

just stay positve once u lose ur confident your game is done

iamhoff said...

Thanx everyone for the good thoughts, and Speaker for the lodging. Is it ok if my girlfriend comes over? *grins*

I haven't lost confidence yet, but things is getting mighty sketchy these days. The San Diego job market is a naturally tight one, and with the real estate market slowing down, more and more people are looking. I did talk to the director at that firm I mentioned, and he said that I should probably hear something (presumably a 2nd round interview) sometime next week. Here's hoping...

Again, thanx one and all for the continued support and good thoughts. Hopefully one of my next couple of posts will be to talk about my new job.

smokkee said...

hope you find somethin soon down south. you definitely don't wanna end up in the 909. you think we got traffic problems, go hop on the 91 or the 15 for a good time.

by the way, i played over 50hrs of live poker this past week. i saw two straight flushes hit (1 wuz a gutshot), one Royal Flush and i caught quads three (3) times.

live poker is rigged.

Jules said...

You are an are sharing a life at the moment..job hunt, play poker, repeat as required.

Don't let it get you down..I know how hard it is, but I'm sure you'll find something perfect.