Saturday, August 26, 2006

When is a bluff not a bluff, and other random thoughts

Finished up my latest round of searching the job boards and posting resumes, and went to the beach Friday afternoon. It's been warmer here lately, but not as bad as it was back in mid-July. Still, the beach seemed like the thing to do. Waves were firing, crappy form, but enough power to get some decent bodysurfing in. And the water temp, woo! Normally, summer in San Diego brings ocean temps of mid to upper mid 60s. Yes I know you people along the gulf and southern Atlantic regularly bask in 70s and 80s, but our current comes north to south, so it is warming up as it goes past So Cal. Friday was different. My abilities as a water thermometer are pretty accurate, and despite what you may think with air temps, a 1 or 2 degree difference in the water is noticeable. My thermokinetic abilities placed the temp right around 71 or felt like I was in a swimming pool. A quick check with the lifeguards
confirmed that the official temp was 70. And yes, that is a pic of one of the lifeguards. I had to be somewhat subtle in getting the shot (don't want to get arrested for sexual harrassment or something), hence the distance. Still, we get the hotties out here.

Been playing on a couple of different sites, due to bankroll issues (meaning not having much of one). Royal Vegas is not a bad place to play (check it out, but if you want to sign up, contact me for the referral code). Obviously, they don't have the volume of players that PokerStars or Full Tilt do, but they have a decent number and spread a variety of games. 5 and 7 Stud/Stud 8, Omaha/O-8, and Hold 'Em, from .05/.10 to 100/200. They also run some great freerolls and have a progressive bad beat jackpot. They seem to be a skin of the Prima/Ladbroke network so they are PokerTracker compatible, and I presume the BBJ is spread over all of the network. As with most freerolls, they are definitely looser than a normal (non-rebuy) MTT, but unlike most other sites, Royal Vegas offers a fat payout that makes it worth the time and effort. Most sites have a $40/$50 guarantee, and Party typically offers $300 guarantees. Royal Vegas' main freerolls (3x/day, typically) have $1000 guaranteed, so it will pay out to the top 260 or so spots. Yeah, you still have to fight thru 11000 other morons to get there, but because of the rebuy madness effect, you shed 3/4 of the field in the first half hour. They also run satellites to EPT tournaments and the Aussie Millions, so maybe this is a smoother path to a major tournament as opposed to fighting through thousands at a time on Stars or Tilt. The interface is pretty decent, not too cluttered, and the tables are easy to use. Here are shots of the main lobby and a tournament lobby:

No avatars, for those of you who are interested. The entire sidebar of the table is the chat history, so you can look up past hands pretty easily. The downside of this is that the tables take up a lot of room on the monitor, and you unfortunately cannot resize them. Oh well. Here's what they look like (at least some of the time):
Nothing like quad rockets to make your day. Thinking about it, I've gotten a fair number of DQB moments on this site. Just a thought. Anyway, email me at for a referral code (why can't they just set up a nice affiliate link?) and give it a try.

Pitbull Poker is another site I've been playing on. What makes this site unique is that it's a flash don't download any software. This does present some problems in occasional jerky movements or hesitating screens, but by and large it works pretty well. The window gets a little cluttered looking, but for those of you that multi-table the tables are set to do tabbed browsing like on Firefox. See the following shots of the main lobby, tournament lobby, and table.

They spread a decent number of games (see Royal Vegas list), but they don't have a lot of players so it may take a while for SNGs to spin up. On the plus side, the NLHE freerolls only get 200-400 people depending on time and day, so even tho the guarantee is only $50 (still better than Full Tilt), you actually have a chance to money in them. Hand history only seems to be accessible thru the chat window, and I'm not aware if it's Poker Office compatible (prolly not). Still, it's not a bad time. Check it out, and please note the referral code as "iamhoff". My bankroll thanks you.

Finally, the first part of the title is the last part of the post (how's that for randomness?). Thinking about this, it seems so logical, but I'd never gotten to experience it until I was in this freeroll Thursday night. We're at 600/1200/50, and I've got about an average stack (10k maybe). I've crafted an image of solid but aggressive, but I showed a successful hammer bluff and I've bluffed into pots and folded to reraises, so the table respects my bets but knows I'm not above stealing a pot. So I wake up to rockets on the button. UTG calls, fold, fold, MP pops it to 3000 to go, it folds around to me and I pop it up to 6000 to go. BB figures I'm trying to steal the pot and shoves (has me covered). Being the short stack, I guess UTG figured this was as good an area to make a stand and calls (I've got him covered by 6k or so), and MP calls (has me covered by a big margin). Cards are flipped and UTG had a s00000ted Tourist (A7), MP had Hiltons, and BB had AKo. My rockets held up and I dragged a huge pot. I ultimately made the money, but didn't go as deep as I hoped. Oh well. The interesting thing I learned, though was getting a monster on the button is a bitchin' thing. When you can bluff at bluffing and make people think you're bluffing, then you're playing good poker. See ya out there.


smokkee said...

nice pic Hoff. So Cal chicks are the hottest. hope sumthin comes your way in the job hunt.

Klopzi said...

If you want to resize the Royal Vegas window, look under menu options for resize table.

One of the sizes places the chat within the 800x600 window (like on other sites).

Good to see you're still banging away at the tables. Here's hoping you go on a heater and get a working bankroll again.

drewspop said...

I need to get out to So Cal and check it out. I have never been out there and the sights look awful nice.

GL at the tables and in your search.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

If I haven't said it before, I love Pennypacker's icon.

Also congrats on the ITM. And yeah, that guard looks sweet. You west coast boyz have it all figured out. Nice.

TripJax said...

mmmm mmmm, thanks for the pic.

Fishing said...

man have you tried to cashout yet at pitbull?